An Inquiry, Historical and Critical, Into the Evidence Against Mary, Queen of Scots: And an Examination of the Histories of Dr. Robertson and Mr. Hume, with Respect to that Evidence, 第 2 卷

T. Cadell, 1790 - 422 頁

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第 i 頁 - An inquiry, historical and critical, into the evidence against Mary, queen of Scots, and an examination of the histories of Dr. Robertson and Mr. Hume, with respect to that evidence.
第 322 頁 - After our hearty commendations ; we find by speech lately uttered by her Majesty, that she doth note in you both a lack of that care and zeal for her service, that she looketh for at your hands ; in that you have not in all this time (of yourselves without other provocation) found out some way to shorten the [life of *] that Queen ; considering the great peril she is hourly subject to, so long as the said Queen shall live.
第 379 頁 - And thus he said : Ze ask me quhat I mene be the crueltie contenit in my letter ? it is of zow alone that will not accept my offeris and repentance. I confess that I 1 nine f ailit, bot not into that quhilk I ever denyit ; and siclyke hes failit to sindrie of zour subjectis, quhilk ze haue forgeuin.
第 23 頁 - BECAUSE the custume of my adversaris is, and has bene, rather to calumpniat and backbite me in my absence, than befoir my face ; and that it may happen thame, quhen I am departit furth of this realme, sclanderouslie and untrewlie to report untreuthis of me, and namelie, towardis sum...
第 403 頁 - Let repentance take place, and let not the fiend possess her, so as her better part may not be lost, for which I pray, with hands lifted up to Him that may both save and spill. " With my most loving adieu and prayer for thy long life, your most assured and loving sovereign, as thereby by good deserts induced.
第 24 頁 - God, unconceilling ony part- to my remembrance, as hir Hienes I traist will report. And farther, in cais ony man will say and affirm that ever I was present quhen ony purposis wer haldin at Craigmillar in my audience, tending to ony unlauchful or...
第 394 頁 - He sayis this far, yat his faultis wer publeist, bot yair is that committis faultis that belevis thay will never be spokin of, and zit thay will speik of greit and small. As towart the Lady Reres he said, I pray God that scho may serve zow for your honour; and said, it is thocht, and he belevis it to be trew, that I have not the power of myself into myself, and that becaus of the refuse I maid of his offeris.
第 398 頁 - Of his mother. Of the Erie of Argyle. Of the Erie of Bothwell. Of the ludgeing in Edinburgh.
第 395 頁 - ... myself into myself, and that becaus of the refuse I maid of his offeris. Summa, for certanetie he suspectis of the thing ze knaw, and of his lyfe. Bot as to the last, how sone yat I spak twa or thre gude wordis unto him, he rejoysis, and is out of dout. 22. I saw him not this evening for to end your bracelet, to the quhilk I can get na lokkis.
第 322 頁 - I pray you, let both this and the enclosed be committed to the fire ; as your answer shall be, after it has been communicated to her Majesty, for her satisfaction. ' In a subsequent letter: * I pray you let me know what you have done with my letters, because they are not fit to be kept, that I may satisfy her Majesty therein, who might otherwise take offence thereat.