Transactions During the Reign of Queen Anne;: From the Union, to the Death of that Princess

William Creech, and P. Hill;--and for A. Strahan, and T. Cadell, London., 1790 - 342页

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第335页 - ... unless you show the same regard for my just prerogative, and for the honour of my government, as I have always expressed for the rights of my people.
第280页 - Tis grief to name him whom we mourn in vain : No warmth of verfe repairs the vital flame, For verfe can only grant a life in fame, Yet cou'd my praife like fpicy odours fbed In everlafting fong embalm the dead, To realms that weeping heard the lofs I'd tell, What courage, fenfe, and faith, with BRANDON fell.
第323页 - ... duke of Bolton and lord Cobham from their respective regiments. He was seconded by Mr. Pulteney and sir William Wyndham : but the ministry foreseeing another tedious dispute, called for the question, and the motion was carried in the negative. The next source of contention was a bill for securing the freedom of parliament, by limiting the number of officers in the house of commons. It was read a first and second time : but, when a motion was made for its being committed, it met with a powerful...
第216页 - That notwithftanding the Arts of thofe who delight in War, both Place and Time are appointed for opening the Treaty of a General Peace.
第300页 - Portuguese minister presented a memorial, declaring, that should the duties on French wines be lowered to the same level with those that were laid on the wines of Portugal, his master would renew the prohibition of the woollen manufactures, and other...
第339页 - August in the morning, when she expired in the fiftieth year of her age, and in the thirteenth of her reign. Anne Stuart, queen of Great Britain, was in her person of the middle size, well proportioned. Her hair was of the dark...
第280页 - With wifhful heart, attends the promis'd joy. For this prepares the Duke— ah, fadly flain, 'Tis grief to name him whom we mourn in vain...
第298页 - I depend upon the loyalty and affection of my people, I want no other guarantee." She recommended to their protection those brave men who had exposed their lives in the service of their country, and could not be employed in time of peace. She desired they would concert proper measures for...
第333页 - Spain, with the names of the persons who advised her majesty to that treaty. To this address she replied, that understanding the three explanatory articles of the treaty were not detrimental to the trade of her subjects, she had consented to their being ratified with the treaty.