Parley's present for boys and girls

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第57页 - Yes, yes, father abbot, thy fault it is highe, And now for the same thou needest must dye; For except thou canst answer me questions three, Thy head shall be smitten from thy bodie. And first, quo...
第58页 - Away rode the abbot all sad at that word, And he rode to Cambridge, and Oxenford ; But never a doctor there was so wise, That could with his learning an answer devise.
第58页 - O, these are hard questions for my shallow witt, Nor I cannot answer your grace as yet : But if you will give me but three weeks' space, He do my endeavour to answer your grace. Now three weeks...
第59页 - With my crowne of golde so fair on my head, Among all my liege-men so noble of birthe, Tell me to one penny what I am worth.
第78页 - Not to spoil their hose. As soon as he rose, To make him strong and mighty, He drank by the tale, six pots of ale, And a quart of aqua-vitae.
第60页 - The king he laughed, and swore "by St. Jone, I did not think it could be gone so soone ! — Now from the third question thou must not shrinke, But tell me here truly what I do thinke.
第141页 - Eche foole, quoth Richard, full well may know that: Never are wee without two or three in the roof, Very well fleshed, and excellent fat: 100 But, prythee, say nothing wherever thou goe; We would not, for two pence, the king should it knowe.
第60页 - And tell the old abbot when thou comest home, Thou hast brought him a pardon from good King John.
第277页 - The poor fellow admiring how he came there, was served in state all day long : after supper he saw them dance, heard musicke, and all the rest of those courtlike pleasures ; but late at night, when he was well tipled, and again fast asleepe, they put on his old robes, and so conveyed him to the place where they first found him.
第59页 - The seconde, to tell him, without any doubt, How soone he may ride this whole world about ; And at the third question I must not shrinke, But tell him there truly what he does thinke.