Transatlantic Sketches, Comprising Visits to the Most Interesting Scenes in North and South America, and the West Indies, 第 2 卷


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第89页 - Narrow is thy dwelling now ! dark the place of thine abode! With three steps I compass thy grave, O thou who wast so great before. Four stones with their heads of moss are the only memorial of thee. A tree with scarce a leaf, long grass which whistles in the wind, mark to the hunter's eye the grave of the mighty Morar.
第162页 - That age or injury has hollow'd deep, Where, on his bed of wool and matted leaves, He has outslept the winter, ventures forth To frisk awhile, and bask in the warm sun, The squirrel, — flippant, pert and full of play : He sees me, and, at once, swift as a bird, Ascends the neighbouring beech ; there whisks his brush, And perks his ears, and stamps, and cries aloud, With all the prettiness of feigned alarm, And anger insignificantly fierce.
第221页 - Look now abroad — another race has filled These populous borders — wide the wood recedes, And towns shoot up, and fertile realms are tilled : The land is full of harvests and green meads ; Streams numberless that many a fountain feeds.
第188页 - The cheerful haunts of man ; to wield the axe, And drive the wedge, in yonder forest drear, From morn to eve his solitary task...
第315页 - ... not already gone; and that no structure which shall not outlive the duration of letters and knowledge among men, can prolong the memorial.
第306页 - Thou who poured the patriotic tide That streamed through Wallace's undaunted heart; Who dared to nobly stem tyrannic pride, Or nobly die, the second glorious part, (The patriot's God, peculiarly thou art, His friend, inspirer, guardian, and reward !) O never, never Scotia's realm desert : But still the patriot, and the patriot bard, In bright succession raise, her ornament and guard I TAM O
第315页 - They left the ploughshare in the mould, Their flocks and herds without a fold, The sickle in the unshorn grain, The corn, half-garnered, on the plain, And mustered, in their simple dress, For wrongs to seek a stern redress, To right those wrongs, come weal, come woe, To perish, or o'ercome their foe.
第283页 - ... And dulls the tooth of pain. Ay — but within its glowing deeps A stinging serpent, unseen, sleeps. Its rosy lights will turn to fire, Its coolness change to thirst ; And, by its mirth, within the brain A sleepless worm is nursed. There's not a bubble at the brim That does not carry food for him. Then dash the brimming cup aside, And spill its purple wine : Take not its madness to thy lip — Let not its curse be thine. 'Tis red and rich — but grief and wo Are hid those rosy depths below.
第2页 - How gallantly, how merrily, We ride along the sea ! The morning is all sunshine, The wind is blowing free : The billows are all sparkling, And bounding in the light, Like creatures in whose sunny veins The blood is running bright.
第251页 - A modification of the tariff which shall produce a reduction of our revenue to the wants of the Government and an adjustment of the duties on imports with a view to equal justice in relation to all our national interests and to the counteraction of foreign policy so far as it may be injurious to those interests, is deemed to be one of the principal objects which demand the consideration of the present Congress.