Abaellino, the Bravo of Venice: A Romance

Booksellers, 1829 - 215页


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第213页 - Why did you promise love to me, And not that promise keep? Why did you swear my eyes were bright, Yet leave those eyes to weep? "How could you say my face was fair, And yet that face forsake? How could you win my virgin heart, Yet leave that heart to break?
第213页 - So shall the fairest face appear When youth and years are flown; Such is the robe that kings must wear When death has reft their crown.
第212页 - So shall the fairest face appear, When youth and years are flown : Such is the robe that kings must wear, When death has reft their crown.
第210页 - tis to die ? And canst thou without pity hear A child's expiring cry ? " How horrible it is to sink Beneath the closing stream, To stretch the powerless arms in vain, In vain for help to scream ! " The shriek again was heard : it came More deep, more piercing loud ; That instant o'er the flood the moon Shone through a broken cloud ; And near them they beheld a child ; Upon a crag he stood, A little crag, and all around Was spread the rising flood. The boatman plied the oar, the boat Approach'd his...
第207页 - He grasp'd his brother's hand; Such, and so pale his face, as when With faint and faltering tongue, To William's care, a dying charge, He left his orphan son.
第206页 - And often the way-faring man Would love to linger there, Forgetful of his onward road, To gaze on scenes so fair. But never could Lord William dare To gaze on Severn's stream ; In every wind that swept its waves He heard young Edmund scream.
第207页 - Young Edmund's dying day. A fearful day was that : the rains Fell fast, with tempest roar ; And the swoln tide of Severn spread Far on the level shore. In vain Lord William sought the feast, In vain he quaffed the bowl, And strove with noisy mirth to drown The anguish of his soul.
第208页 - With agonizing fear : He only heard the storm of night, . . 'Twas music to his ear. When lo ! the voice of loud alarm His inmost soul appals ; " What ho ! Lord William, rise in haste ! The water saps thy walls !" He rose in haste, beneath the walls He saw the flood appear ; It hemm'd him round, 'twas midnight now, No human aid was near.
第205页 - No eye beheld when William plunged Young Edmund in the stream, No human ear but William's heard Young Edmund's drowning scream. Submissive all the vassals own'd The murderer for their lord, And he, the rightful heir, possessed The house of Erlingford.
第214页 - I wear : And cold and weary lasts our night, Till that last morn appear. " But hark ! the cock has warn'd me hence ! A long and last adieu ! Come, see, false man, how low she lies, Who died for love of you.