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Hon. lieut. gen. Philip Sherard. fon, born September 4th, 1786: the He commanded as major-general in marchioness died fourteen days afthe campaign of 1762, and ac- ter she was delivered, and the child quired great credit in the affair of died April 23d, 1787; and the marBrucker Muhl, where he was at the quis married, secondly, July, 1990, head of the ift regiment of British lady Caroline Maria Montagu," guards.

eldest daughter of the late, and firAt his house in Pall-mall, his ter to the present duke of Manchesroyal highness prince Henry-Fre- ter) ;-2. Lucy, born July, 1751, derick, duke of Cumberland and and married June, 1771, to ArchiStrathern, earl of Dublin, in Ire- bald Douglas, esq. now lord Douland, knight of the most honourable glas of Douglas, and heir to the låtë order of the garter, one of his ma duke of Douglas, by whom she has jesty's most honourable privy coun iffue. His grace had lost his eyecil, an admiral of the white, and fight many years before his death. ranger of Windsor Great Park. His He is succeeded in his titles and royal highness was born Nov. 7th, eftates by his only fon James, inar1745; and was created an admiral quis Graham. in 1788. He married the honour Sir John Moore, bart. He is åble Anne Horton, widow of Chris- succeeded in citle and estate by his topher Horton, esq. daughter of the only brother, now fir Thomas Moore, late, and sister of the present earl of bart. Carhampton, by whom he has left Honourable Mrs. Eliza Gran no issue.--After laying in state two ville, daughter of the late celebratdays, the body was deposited, with ed viscount Lansdowne, aunt to the great solemnity and pomp, in the marquis of Bath. vault of the chapel of Henry the Odober. In his 65th year, Ed. VIIth, in Westminster-abbey, on ward Harley earl of Oxford and the 28th inftant, at ten o'clock at earl Mortimer, lord Harley, a lord night.

of the bed-chamber to his majesty, 23. At his seat at Twickenham, lord-lieutenant of the county of Radafter a long and painful illness, the nor, one of the curators of the Brimost noble William Graham, duke, tish Museum, LL.D. and F.R.S. marquis, and earl of Montrose, mar- He was born September 2d, 1726; quis and baron Graham, Dundaff, and was married, in 17.51, to Miss Kincarn, Mindock, and Kinabor, in Susannah Archer, who is now liv. Scotland, and earl and baron Gra- ing: Not having any issue, his ham of Belford, county of Northa' lordship will be succeeded in titles umberland, in England. --His grace and estates by his nephew Edward married, in October, 1742, Lucy Harley, esq. eldest son of his lordManners, daughter of John second ship's late brother, the bishop of duke of Rutland, by whom (who Hereford. died June 18th, '1780) he had issue, Sir James Wemyss, bart. of Boone, James, marquis Graham, born gie. .February 8th, 1755 (married, first, Sir Tho. Barnewell, bart. March 5th, 1785, Jemima Eliza The right honourable dowager beth, daughter of the earl of Anh- viscountess Wallingford, aunt to the burnham, by whom he had iffue a present earl of Banbury, and daugh


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ter of John Law, esq. (who was ried Mary, daughter of the right comptroller-general of the finances honourable Joseph Deane, lord chief of France in 1719) by lady Ca- baron of the exchequer, and by her, therine Knollys, daughter of Nicho- who died in 1774, had seven daughdas earl of Banbury. Her late hus- ters, now all deceased, and three band William viscount Wallingford, fons; the eldest and three youngest was her cousin-german, being the daughters died young; the second, eldest son of Charles the fourth earl John, viscount Naas, lucceeds to his of Banbury, and major in the first title and estate ; and the third, Jotroop of horse-guards, M. P. for the feph Deane, bishop of Leighlin and borough of Banbury, and at the Ferns, 1772, was translated to the time of his decease a patent was archbishoprick of Tuam, 1782. making out to call him up to the The most noble Jane duchess of house of peers, his father, the earl of Athol. She was fifter to lord CathBanbury, being then living. She cart, and married to the duke of furvived her hulband (by whom the Athol Dec. 26th, 1774, by whom had no issue) fifty years.

the has had issue four fons and four Novemb. In his 71st year, right daughters, honourable lord James Manners, The lady of fir Nigel Bowyer youngest brother to the late John Gresley, bart. of Drakelow, county duke of Rutland, uncle to the ce- of Derby. She was the only daugh" lebrated marquis of Granby, and ter and heiress of the late sir Thogreat uncle to the last duke. mas Gresley, bart. of that place,

Sir Hildebrand Jacob, bart. and was married to his nephew, the

Aged 90, Mrs. Barbara Slingsby, present baronet, about the year a maiden lady, aunt to fir Thomas 1776, Turner Slingsby, bart.

Sir Samuel Hannay, bart. M.P. The honourable John George in the last and present parliaments Montagu, eldelt son of lord viscount for Camelford, Wilts. He was for.. Hinchinbrook, and M.P. for the merly an eminent chemift in Lonborough of Huntingdon.

don, and succeeded to the baronetDorothy viscountess Lisburne, re age on the death of the last baronet, lict of John second viscount, by of Mochrum, in Scotland, so creatwhose death a large property in that ed in 1630. county devolves to his nephew Wilmot, the present viscount. She was daughter of Richard Hill, esq. of SHERIFFS appointed by his Henblas, county of Montgomery, Majesty in Council, for the Year married 1725, and had one daugh- . !790; viz. . ter, born 1727, and since deceafed.

Decemb. In his gift year, right Berks. Al. Cobham, of Shinfield honourable John Bourke, earl of Place, esq. Mayo. He was son of Richard Bucks. John Hicks, of BraddenBourke, LL.D. who died in 1727, ham, efq. and was created baron Naas, of Cambridge and Huntingdon. T. Naas, county of Kildare, 1776, vif- Ground, of Wittlesea, efq. count Mayo, 1781, and earl of the Cumberl. W. Browne, of Tal. county of Mayo, 1785. He mar+ lentire-hall, efq.



Cubire. John Arden, of Arden, Surrey. S. Long, of Carshalton, efg.

esq. Devonsh. Peter Perring, of Hal

Sufex. H. Manning, of Southberton, esq.

over, esq. Dorfeth. H. W. Fitch, of High Warwickshire. H. Clay, of BirHall, esq.

mirgham, esq. Derbyn. T. Wilson, of Derby, Worcestersh. Ph. Gresley, of Salesq.

warpe Court, eiq. Elsex. T. Nottage, of Bocking, Wiltshire. Gifford Warrener, of efq.

Conock, esq.
Gloucestersh. J. Blagdon Hale, of
Alderley, esq.

Herts. S. R. Gaussen, of North
Mims, efq.

Caerm. W. Paxton, of MiddleHerefordshire. John Cotterell, of

ton-nall, esq. Garnons, efq.

Pemb. W. Philips, of Hill, efq. Kent. Leo. Bartholomew, of Ad

Cardig. Matt. Davies, of Widington, esq.

leirog, enq. Lice terjh. E. Hartop Wigley, of Little Dalby, eiq.

Glam. W. Lewis, of Greenmea

dow esq. Lincolnsh. Sir T. Whichcote, of

Brecon. S. Hughes, of TregunAswarby, bart.

ter, efq. Monmouthshire. W. Dinwoody, of

Radn. F. Garbet, of Knill, esq. · Abergavenny, eiq.

Northumberland. J. Lowes, of Ridley-hall, elq.

NORTH WALES. Northampton/h. J. Ereke Willes, of Aitrop, efq.

Anglesey. T. Williams, of LaniNorfolk. James Pell, of Snare-hill, dan, esq. erg.

Carnarv. R. Lloyd, of GeffelgyNottinghamsh. G. Chawo th, of farch, efq. Annesley, esg

Merioneth. J. Wynn Pugh, of Uxford. David Fell, of Caver- Garthmaelen, efq. sham, esq.

Montgomery/h. Maurice Stephens, Rutlandh. H. O'Brien, of Tix- of Birthdw, efq. over, erq,

Denbigh. E. Lloyd, of Cefn, esq. Salop. St. J. Charlton, of Charl Flintshire. C. Brown, of Llwyneton, elu.

grin, efq. Somerseth. J. Stephenson, of Bay

Staffordsh. J. Sparrow, of Bish- SHERIFF appointed by his Royal ton, esq.

Highness the Prince of Wales in Suffolk. Miles Barne, of Satter Council, for the Year 1790. ley, efq.

Co. Southampton. G. Dacre, jun. County of Cornwall. R. Hichens, of Marwell, elg.

of Poltair, esq.

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ford, eiq




Dr. Johnson's Monument. persons as may be thought likely to

aid an patronize this undertaking. T a meeting of the friends to

IV. That the following fix genthe memory of the late Dr. tlemen, in conjunction with Dr. Samuel Johnson, held at Thomas's Joinson's two surviving executors, tavern, in Dover-street, pursuant to be the committee: public advertisement, on Tuesday, SIR JOSEPH Banks, bart. January 5th, 1790.

The Rt. Hon. W. WINDHAM,

'I he kit. Hon. ED. BURKE, Sir Joseph Banks, bart. in the chair, EDMOND MALONE, esq.

The following resolutions were PHILIP Mercalf, etc. and, entered into;

JAMES BOSWELL, esq. 1. That a sum of six hundred guineas will be requisite to erect a

V. That the foregoing resolumonument, in Weitminster-Abbey, tions be published in the newsto the memory of Dr. Samuel Jonn

papers. fon; confiiting of a single itatue, V. That the thanks of this meetaccording to the plan and estimate ing be given to the chairmia . made by Mr. Bacon, sculptor, and

Joseph BANKS. approved of by fir Joshua Reynolds.

II. That the measures which have hitherto been taken to procure


Report of perjons appointed a Coma fcriptions for this purpose have prova

mittee of the sense of Commoizsg. ed ineffectual; the total amount of

to infi ei the jeveral Houses and the sums already received not ex. other Dialing immediate jong ceeding two hundred pounds.

to Westminit: hui. and the two III. That a committee of eight

Hore of Parliament, a lette Uj- persons be appointed (of which fir William Scott and Sir Joshua Rey

fices there.o belonging, &c. nolds, the surviving executors of Nobedience to your resolution Dr. Johnfon, shall be two), to con of the 17th inilait, that we wild. lider of the most proper measures to inspect all the buildings oi the house be taken to procure contributions of lords, the house of commons, of to effectuate lo desirable an object; fice of exchequer, the different of and that the said committee be re fices belonging to the same, and the quested to apply, by letter, in the other buildings contiguous to Weitnames of any four of them, to such minder-fill, and to report our opi-,



nion of the present state of the same, cidental fire happen in any one of and their security from fire and other them. , accidents; we beg leave to make The dwelling-house in Cottonthe following report, in which we garden, belonging to the principal are unanimous, after having inspect- clerk of the house of commons, comed the fame with care and atten- municating therewith, erected withtion.

in thirty years past, is defective in The house of lords, prince's cham- several places, from the insecurity ber, and painted chamber, are build- of the foundations. ings of great antiquity, in many The buildings east of Westminparts defedive; and have been al- ster-hall, between it and the river, tered and repaired fo very much, are the pell-orlice and chambers over from time to time, that, though it in the east tower, and the offices they may stand many years, are in of the exchequer, contiguous and capable of useful repair and im- connected with the hall, and situate provement; and there are cellars between New Palace-yard and St, under the whole, variously occupied, Stephen's court; those of the four enly one of which is secured by tellers are most inconveniently ararches from the communication of ranged, and liable to immediate de-fire. All the buildings east of the struction in case of fire, being placed house of lords are in lo bad a state, in the upper story, without any walls that many of them are in immediate of division, or arched floors; are se danger of falling down, and are parated only by timber partitions, therefore unoccupied and shut up; surrounded by combustible buildand the others would cost more to ings, ftables, coach-houses, hay-lofts, repair than rebuild them. The build. fervants lodging-rooms, and kite ing west of the house of lords, con chens : the dutchy court of Lana taining the entrance thereto, and the caster, a flight building of one room, staircase and committee room, is and over it the dutchy chamber, substantial modern building; and the with garrets above; the kitchen of other buildings adjoining, comprif- the clerk to the deputy usher of the ing the paffages, black rod and exchequer, a low thed, between these privy seal rooms, are part built with rooms and the easternmost tower, timber, liable to rapid decay, and and immediately connected with accidents from fire; and the re them. The house inhabited by the mainder extremely old and ruin- usher of the exchequer, in New Pa.

lace-yard, eastward of the dutchy The house of commons, though court of Lancaster, has a brick front, an ancient building, has been so and its rear is entirely of timber, continually repaired, that it is in a lathed and plaistered, forming two state to remain a great many years ; fides of a narrow court, from which but is fo connected with the auditor it receives light, and which commuof the exchequer's house and offices, nicates with the windows of the and furrounded by a great number tellers office, cash rooms, and of the of other buildings, applied to va- dutchy court; and most of the rious purposes, and in various oçcue kitchen offices belonging to the de. pations, as to expose the whole to a puty-ulher and his clerk, are im general conflagrațion, should an ac-mediately under those offices, and




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