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Francis Drake, efq. appointed Francis Stanhope, esq. groom of secretary of legation at the court the chambers to her majesty. of Copenhagen.

Geo. Darby, efq. rear-admiral of George Augustus Frederick Lake, England, and an elder brother of esq. appointed one of the pages of the Trinity-house, in which he is honour to the prince of Wales. fucceeded by the right hon. William

Alex. Shaw, esg. appointed lieut. Pitt. governor of the Inc of Man, vice

March. Aged near 60, of a feDawson, refigned.

ver and stone in his bladder, Dr. His royal highress prince Wil- Samuel Hallifax, bishop and archliam Henry duke of Clarence, pro- deacon of St. Asaph, to which fee moted to the rank of rear-admiral he was translated from Gloucester, of the blue.

in Mareb, 1789:-He was a prelate of great knowledge, and of

great a

bility; an incomparable civilian, and DEATHS for the Year 1790.

an extremely acute public speaker,

His sermons at bishop Warburton's Jan. At Lyons, fir Wm. Mere- lectures and other writings are much dith, bart. He was elected a repre- esteemed, and are written with great sentative in parliament for Wigan elegance of style, as well as with in 1755, and for Liverpool in 1762. much profundity of thinking. In 1764 he was appointed a lord Sir John Coghill, bart. of Cog

commissioner of the admiralty, which hill-hall, in the county of York. - he resigned the year following, on In his 19th year, Mr. Richard

the dismission of the marquis of Green, of Minsterley. Roekingham. In 1768, he was At Cambro, in Scotland, fir again elected for Liverpool, and Charles Erskine, bart. was afterwards appointed comp

At Leinster-house, Dublin, lady troller of the household, from Augufta Fitzgerald, youngest daugha which office he was dismisied seve ter of the duke of Leinster. mal years before his death.

Right Rev. Dr. Ch. Jackson, Át his seat at Killrudery, county lord bishop of Kildare. of Wicklow, the right hon. Anthony April. Charlotte Countess of Brabazon, earl of Meath. He was Fauconberg. She was daughter of born in February, 1721; married, the late fir Matthew Lambe, bart. 1758, Grace, daughter of Jn. Leigh, and sister of the present lord Melefq. of Ross Garland, county of bourne ; and was married, May 29, Wexford, and had iflue four fons 1766, to Henry earl Fauconberg, and fix daughters. His third fur- by whom he had four daughviving fon, William, lord Ardee, ters. born 1769, lately elected knight of Sidi Mahomet, emperor of Mothe shire for the county of Dublin, rocco. Whilst taking the air on succeeds him in his honours and horseback, he was leized with a estates.

pain near his heart; and a storm Feb. In her 32d year, lady Hof- suddenly arising, he called, with kyns, wife of fir Hungerford Hof- some exertion, for his coach; was kyns, bạrt. only daughter of Edwin placed in it, and instantly expired.


His remains have been deposited in May. At his houfe in St. James'sone of the towers of Rabat. His square, the right hon. Philip Yorke, fon Muli el Zezid was, on the 15th, earl of Hardwicke, viscount Royston, proclaimed emperor in his room; and lord Hardwicke, one of the tel. and, as it is said, began his reign lers of his majesty's exchequer, lord with wreaking his vengeance on the lieutenant and custos rotulorum of Spanish consul, to whom he has be- the county of Cambridge, and high haved with unexampled severity. Iteward of that university, a trustee

The hon. Mrs. Walsingham, re. of the British Museum, LL. D. liet of the late hon. commodore F.R.S. London, and F.S.A. of Robert Boyle Walfingham, who was Scotland. His lordship was born Dec. lost in the Thunderer man of war, 20, N.S. 1720, and succeeded his fome years ago.

She was the father, the late lord chancellor Harddaughter and coheiress of fir Charles' wicke, in March 1764. The titles, Hanbury Williams, K. B. and of the and such parts of the estate as delady Frances, daughter of the late scended from the chancellor, are earl Coningsby:

devolved on Philip Yorke, efq. At Munich, in her 68th year, after eldest son of the late Mr. Charles two days illness, her serene highness Yorke. During his residence in the duchess dowager of Bavaria, Bennet college, a work was underwidow of duke Clement.

taken by his lordship, assisted by Right hon. Hugh lord Massey, some of his contemporaries, intifon of Hugh, created lord Massey tuled, “ The Athenian Letters ;" 1776. He married Catherine, eld- and though it has not hitherto been est daughter of Edw. Taylor, esq. printed with a view to publication, of Ballynort, 1760, by whom he yet it has been circulated amongst had issue three sons and four daugh- so many of his lordship's friends ters, and fucceeded his father in and acquaintance, that it is well » 1788. known as a work of considerable

» At, Roftellan, county of Corke, merit. He published the Correthe countess of Orkney and Inchi- fpondence of Sir Dudley Carletong quin. She was the grand-daughter embassador to the states general of George the first earl, who was during the reign of James 1. and the fifth Ton of William and Anne prefixed to it an historical preface,

G duke and duchess of Hamilton, and containing an account of the many field-marshal of his majesty's forces. important negociations that were Both this lady and her mother mar- carried on during that interesting ried earls of Inchiquin. Neither period. In 1779 he published two of them having male issue, the titles volumes of state papers, selected of Orkney have ever gone to fe- from the collections at the Papermales. The present countess is office and the British Museum, as married to Mr. Fitzmaurice (bro- well as from his own valuable colther to the marquis of Lansdowne), lection. His lordship was married, who has a son, now viscount Kirk. in May 1741, to Jemima, daughter wall, and the first heir male of the of the late earl of Breadalbane, who family.

inherited from her grandfather, the At Bristol, the hon. Miss Elizab. latè duke of Kent, estates in the Hewitt, youngeft daughter of the counties of Bedford, Eflex, and late lord chancellor of Ireland. Wiltshire, and the ancient baronies


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of Lucas and Crudwell. The title nell. The barony of Montagu of of marquis of Grey, which was con- Boughton comes to lord Henry ferred upon the duke of Kent, with Montagu Scott, second son of the remainder to his eldest grand-daugh- duke of Buccleugh; who is married ter, and her heirs-male, will now to the late duke's only daughter. become extinct; but the barony of His grace was born July 26, 1712, Lucas (being limited to heirs gine- and fucceeded his father, 'tile' late tal) will descend, upon the death of earl of Cardigan, in 1723. He was the inarchioness Grey, to her eldest created duke of Montagu, and daughter, lady Amabell Polwarth, marquis Monthermer, in 1763. On widow of lord Polwarth. His lord- July 7, 1730, he married a daughThip's personal property, and the ter of the late duke of Montag ù; eftates of the duke of Kent, will who died in 1775, by whom he devolve upon his immediate de- had issue John marquis of Montherscendants.

mer, who was created baron Min-
Lately, the right hon. Stephen tagu of Boughton in 1762, and died
Moore, earl and viscount Mountca- April 11, 1770, unmarried, and
Mell, baron Kilworth, and one of his Elizabeth, the present duchess of
majesty's most honourable privy Buccleugh.
council. His lord hip married, in the June. In his 66th year, right
month of June, 1769, lady Helen hon. J. Pomeroy, lieutenant-general
Rawdon, fecond daughter of the of his majesty's forces, colonel of
earl of Moira, by whom he had the 64th regiment of foot, of which
illue Stephen lord Kilworth (now he was commander 24 years, M.P.
earl of Mountcashell), born March in the present Irith parliament for
9, 1770, at present on his travels; the borough of Trim, and one of

as also two other sons, John and his majesty's most honourable privy
William, born in 1772 and 1775, council.
and a daughter, lady Helen, born At his house in Portman-square,

of a pleurify in his fide, his excelAt his house in privy-gardens, lency the count de Lucchesi, envoy George Montagu duke of Montà- extraordinary from the king of Ni. gu, marquis Monthermer, earl of ples to our court, which office he Cardigan, baron Bredenell of Stan had filled some years. His reton Wivil, and baron Montagu of mains were interred in the buryingBoughton, master of the horie to ground at Pancras, with the usual the king, governor and captain of Roman Catholic ceremonies. All Windfor Calle, lord lieutenant of the foreign ambassadors, minifters, the county of Huntingdon, prefi- and envoys, went in proceffion; the dent of St. Luke's Hoipital, vice- duke of Leeds's coach and servants president of St. George's Hospital, followed the hearse, the former in and president of the iociety for the their full livery; but his grace was encouragement of arts, F. R. S. ba

not there, on account of public búronet, and knight of the most noble siness. orders of the garter and bath. Maria Theresa, countess of ll. Dying without male issue, the duke chefter. dom and marquisate become ex July. At Calcutta, the son of tinct. The earldom of Cardigan fir Ed. Alley, bart. descends to his brother, lord Brude In Dublin, Mrs. Molyneux, filter VOL. XXXII.



in 1773:

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of the right hon. fir Capel Moly- portant fortress; where he, by a coot Reux, bart.

and temperate demeanour, mainHon. Miss Fitzgibbon, eldest tained his station for three years of daughter of the lord chancellor. conftant investment, in which all the

Ač his chateau at Aix-la-Chapelle, powers of Spain were employed, of a second stroke of the pally, in and where he never spent his amhis 73d year, the right hon. G20. munition in useless parade, but seizAuguftus Eliott, lord Heathfield, ed on the proper moment, with the K. 8. governor of Gibraltar, and keenest perspection, to make his atcolonel of the 15th regiment of tack with success, which ever crownlight dragoons. He was born in ed his endeavours. All the eyes of 1918; and received the first rudi- Europe were on this gárrison; and ments of his education under a pri- his conduct as justly exalted him to vate tutor, and at an early time of the molt elevated rank in the mililife was sent to the university of tary annals of the day. On his reLeyden, where he made confider turn to England, the gratitude of able progress in clasical learning, the British fenate was as forward as and spoke with fluency and elegance the public voice in giving him that the German and French langnages. distinguished mark his merit deBeing designed for a military life, served, to which his majesty wa's he was sent from thence to the cele- pleafed to add that of the peerage, brated Ecole Royale du Genie Mi- by the title of lord Heathfield, baron litaire, at La Fere in P cardy, Gibraltar, on June 14, 1787, and where he laid the foundation of permitting his lord'hip to take alsa, what he so conspicuously exhibited the arms of the fortress he had so at the defence of Gibraltar. In bravely defended, to perpetuate to 1735, he became a volunteer in the futurity his noble conduct. He 23d regiment of foot, or Royal married Anne, daughter of fir FranWelch Fuzileers, and soon after 'cis Drake, of Devonshire, and had was admitted into the engineer by her (who died in 1769) Francis corps at Woolwich; from whence Auguitus, now lord Heathfield, lieuhe purchased the adjutaney of the tenant-colonel of the 6th regiment 2d troop of horse - grenadiers, in of horle. which he became a captain and Lady Anne Paterson, relict of major, as well as lieutenant-colonel, fir John Paterson, bart. of Eccles, when he resigned his commission as near Kelso, and daughter of the an engineer. In 1759 he quitted earl of Marchmont. the horse-guards, and was selected Sir Tho. Geo. Shipwith, bart, the to raise, form, and discipline the itt title is fupposed to descend to a regiment of light-horse, which bore relation in Virginia. his name.' Having gone through Sir Peter Heyman, bart. of Sovarious departments in different fer- merfield, Kent. He was formerly in vices with the greateit

' marks of the navy; and at the age of 17 bravery and military knowledge, in married Miss Kempe, daughter and 1775 he was appointed commander fole heiress of Kempe, esq. of in chief in Ireland, which he foon Plymouth, by whom he had three relinquished,' and was appointed to children, who, as well as his lady, the command of Gibraltar, in a for are long since dead; and he leaving tugate hour for the safety of that im no iffure, the title devo ves to the



Rev. Henry Pixe Heyman, M. A. of Mawbey, bart. She was the daughCanterbury, fellow of Emanuel col- ter, and (on the death of her broledge, Cambridge, grandion of his ther, Joseph Pratt, efq. in 1766) father's second brother.

heiress of Richard Pratt, efq. of August 4. In the 87th year of Vauxhall, in the county of Surrey. his

age, the right honourable Fran In Dublin, lady Blaney, mother cis North, earl of Guildford, lord of the countess of Clermont. North and Guildford, treasurer to Sept. The countífs of Claren. the queen's household, high steward dor: of Banbury, and a vice-president of Archibald lord viscount Gosford, St. George's hospital. His lordship baron Gosford, of Market will, bawas born April 13th, 1704, and íuc ronet of Nova Scotia, and one of ceeded his father in 1729, as lord his majesty's molt honouwable privy Guildford: October 3iit, 1734, he council

. His lordship was born in succeeded to the title of lord North, the year. 1718, and chosen M.P. by the death of William lord North for the university of Dublin in 1741. and Grey; and on March 8th, 1752, He succeeded his father, the late fir was created earl of Guildford. His Arthur Acheson, in title and estate lord ship married, June 16th, 1728, in 1748. In 1761, he was chosen Lucy, daughter of George earl of to represent the county of Armagh; Halifax, by which, lady, who died and in 1770, during the adminiMay 7th, 1734, he had issue Fre- {tration of lord Townsend, he was derick, the present lord North (now made a privy counsellor. On July earl of Guildford), who was born 20, 1776, he was advanced to the April 13th, 1732. By his second peerage, by the title of baron Goslady, relict of George lord viscount ford, of Market-hill; and in the Lewisham, and only daughter of fir year 1785 was created viscount Arthur Kaye, of Woodsome in York- Gosford. - In 1740 he married fhire, bart: he had three daughters, Mary; youngest daughter of John whom he survived, and a son, Brown- Richardson, eiq. of Richill, county low, born in July, 1741, the present of Armagh; and by her ladyfhip, bishop of Winchester. His second who is still living, he has left the lady died April 21st, 1745; and in following surviving iffue: one fon, June, 1751, his lordship married the hon. Arthur Acheson, member Anne, relict of Lewis Watson, earl in the present parliament for the of Rockingham, who died without borough of Old Leighlin, and now issue in December, 1776.

lord viscount Gostord; and fix Katherine, countess dowager of daughters : Anna-Maria, married Plymouth, relict of Other Lewis, to the Rev. Henry Maxwell; Ni4th earl, to whom she was married cola, to Micha 1 Obins, esq. of Portin 1750. She was eldest daughter adown; Julia-Henrietta, to Alex. of Thomas lord Archer, by whom Mac Aulay, esq of Glenville; LuThe had twelve children.

cinda, to Jeremiah French, efq. 13. At Kirklees, the seat of fir Mary, to Hugh Montgomery, eiq. George Armitage, bart. his lady, of Castle Hume; and Sophia, uneldest daughter of lord Suffield. married. Lady Mawbey, wife of fir Joseph The lady of fir John Orde, bart.



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