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World's Greatest Collection of Strange & Secret Photographs Ndaring adventurers. You can see with your own

you can travel round the world with the most

eyes, the weirdest peoples on earth. You witness the strangest customs of the red, white, brown, black and yellow races. You attend their startling rites, their mysterious practices. They are all assembled for you in these five great volumes of the SECRET MUSEUM OF MANKIND.


Here is the World's Greatest Collection of Strange and Secret Photographs. Here are Exotic Photos from Europe, Primitive Photos from Africa. Torture Photos from Asia, Female Photos from Oceania and America, and hundreds of others. There are almost 600 LARGE PAGES OF Strange & Secret PHOTOGRAPHS, each page 57 square inches!


You see actual courtship practiced in every quarter of the world. You see magic and mystery in queer lands where the foot of a white man has rarely trod. You see Oriental modes of marriage and female slavery in China, Japan, India, etc. Through the intimacy of the camera you witness the exotic habits of every continent and the strangest customs of life and love in America, Europe, etc. You are bewildered by these large pages of ONE THOUSAND PHOTOGRAPHS, including 130 full-page photographs, and thrilled by the hundreds of short stories that describe them.

The Secret Album of Africa

The Secret Album of Europe

The Secret Album of Asia

The Secret Album of America

The Secret Album of Oceania

5 PICTURE-PACKED VOLUMES The SECRET MUSEUM OF MANKIND consists of five picture-packed volumes (solidly bound together for convenient reading). Dip into any one of these volumes, and as you turn its pages, you find it difficult to tear yourself away. Here, in story and unusual photo, is the WORLD'S GREATEST COLLECTION OF STRANGE AND SECRET PHOTOGRAPHS, containing everything from Female Beauty Round the World to the most Mys. terious Cults and Customs. These hundreds and hundreds of large pages will give you days and nights of thrilling instruction.


Simply sign and mail the coupon. Remember, each of the 5 Volumes is 91/4 inches high, and opened over a foot wide! Remember also that this 5-Volume Set formerly sold for $10. And it is bound in expensive "life-time" cloth. Don't put this off. Fill out the coupon, drop it in the next mail, and receive this huge work at once.

70 5th Ave.,

Dept. 604





70 Fifth Ave., Dept. 604, New York

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How Sun's Rays
Will Give You
Health and Beauty

1204 Dictionary of Musical BEST LITERATURE 1562 How to Live Long


1340 How to Get a Job
1351 How to Get Ahead
1358 How to Acquire
Good Taste
1364 How to Use a Dic-

1365 Vocabulary Building
1366 How to Write Little
Blue Books

1367 How to Use Prepò-

1375 Meaning of Success

in Life

1395 Personal Magnetism
1431 How to Read Proof
1432 How to Hyphen and
Divide Words

1433 Fascinating Pastimes
with Words

1444 Making Words Work

for You

1473 How to Find What
You Want in a

1503 How to Use Effective

English in Speech

and Writing

1504 How to Overcome

1555 Rules for Success in


1726 How to Think Crea-



215 Miraculous Revenge,

Bernard Shaw

223 Wife of a King

375 Love Story of An
Old Maid

1017 Without Benefit of

Clergy. Kipling

1457 Sketches of Naughty

1458 Princess and Tiger

1605 Girl in Snappy


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