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The Frontier Press Co., Dept. W42,
Lafayette Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y.

Kindly send me, without obligation on my part,

your descriptive leaflet.

BUCKRAM Street.....

BINDING City.......


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Read this authentic new book


by Cloyd Clevenger

Only $2.95, Postpaid
• This big new book explains in simple, easy-to-
understand language, all there is to know about
flying & plane, from the elementary and solo stage
right on through the acrobatic stage. Profusely
illustrated with brilliant drawings and helpful
diagrams by Clayton Knight.
• This book contains complete information on
how to get FREE FLIGHT TRAINING at govern-
ment expense!

One man knew what a woman goes
through with a sticking, pulling, drag-
ging, rumpling iron. He invented this
complete, ready-made hot starching
powder. Works fine. Makes ironing easy.
Needs no boiling, no stove-cooking. Gives
a fine, sweet-smelling hot starch in just
30 seconds. Has everything, including
glider, for wonderful ironings. Get Quick
Elastic, “that quick kind" 10c at gro-
cers. Little does lots. For FREE try-
it pack, send your name
and address to Quick Elas-
tic, Hot Starch in 30 Sec-
onds. W.A., Keokuk, Iowa.

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antee. Send for free descriptive folder WF

Noble & Noble. Publishers, Inc., 100 5th Av., N. Y.C



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M AYBE you didn't go to col.

M lege. Maybe you did, but missed the courses that give cul. tural background. In either case, this announcement is of vital impor. tanæ to you? A LIBERAL EDUCATION

Dr. Charles W.Eltot sata:"Inthese books are the essentials of a Mberal education." Dr. Charles W. Eliot, president of Harvard Uni. OF BOOKS! Every'word, every line, every para. versity for forty years, made it a vital part of his graph is here! life's work to assemble The Harvard Classics. As


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Harvard Classics. It gives Dr. Eliot's own plan of Brentano's, one of the largest firms of retail book. reading-is packed with helpful, practical inforsellers in the world, recently stated that FOR mation! It also contains dramatic biographies of ONLY THE PARTIAL CONTENTS OF THE

men whose immortal writings appear in The HARVARD CLASSICS IN ORDINARY

Harvard Classics. It will be sent you free, postCLOTHBOUND EDITIONS, THE COST paid and without obligation. Simply fill out and WOULD BE $402:00! Yet you can have this mail the coupon. marvelous set, beautifully printed, handsomely and uniformly bound, for a small fraction of

DR. ELIOT'S FIVE-FOOT that cost!

SHELF OF BOOKS This handsome edition contains the complete contents of DR. ELIOT'S FIVE-FOOT SHELF



LUSED Correspondence


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NELSON COMPANY FREE!"500 Sherman St...

Dept. 252, CHICAGO

Asthma Mucus Loosened First Day

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SHORT MEN Many Doctors Advise You . , New, Safe, Quick and Inexpensive

Choking, gasping, wheezing spasms of Bronchial Asthma ruin sleep and energy. Ingredients in the prescription Mendaco quickly circulate through the blood and commonly help loosen the thick strangling mucus the first day. thus aiding nature in palliating the terrible recurring choking spasms, and in promoting freer breathing and restful sleep. Mendaco is not a smoke, dope, or injection. Just pleasant, tasteless palliating tablets that have helped thousands of sufferers. Printed guarantee with each package-money back unless completely satisfactory. Ask your druggist for Mendaco today. Only 60c.

A Scratching Dog

May Be in Torment

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Banish the craving for to-
bacco as thousands have.
Make yourself tree and happy
with Tobacco Redeemer. Not
a substitute, not habit forming.
Write for free booklet telling
of injurious effect
of tobacco and of a
treatment which has

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A great, new guide for the deafened is now available.
Recommended for all deafened people by many doctors. For over thirty-five years, folks suffering from
All over America newspapers, medical journals, maga -

anguish of simple piles (hemorrhoids) have found zines and scientific periodicals are acclaiming it enthusiastically. It shows you how to hear conversa

that Poslam, a concentrated oint. tion, the radio, novies, etc. And tells you what to do ment, quickly brings relief! You can about your impaired hearing. head noises, catarrhal sit and walk comfortably without

POSTAM dealness, etc. Write name and address in margin and

embarrassment - try soothing Pos. receive FREE prospectus, illustrated literature, etc., in confidential plain wrapper. No agent will call.

lam — costs only 50¢ at druggists. HARVEST HOUSE

Sample Free: Write Poslam, Desk 70 Fifth Avenue, Dept. B-505. New York, N. Y.

JW.A. Station G, New York, N. Y.


No previous knowledge of mathematics is needed. No study is required. The specific information you want is easy to find, by looking it up in the index. This book

takes up every trade and gives you practical methods, easily worked formulas for solving every problem. Thousands of specific examples show you just how to make your calculations. If your work involves mathematics in any way, this complete reference handbook is an indispensable part of your equipment. It is an amazing time-saver for anyone concerned with engineering, architecture, electricity, mechanics, construction, automobiles, machinery, printing, or any other industrial work; or with accounting. auditing, manufacturing costs, taxes, or any other business mathematics. No practical man, no house-owner who makes an occasional repair, no one who has a home workshop can afford to be without the valuable information quickly found in this book. Over 1000 pages. Save Time - Be Sure of Your Facts Simplified, Dependable Methods by Experts *

The author of this book, Mr. Martin E. One quick turn to the index in this complete reference Jansson, has had the widest experience in volume and you find at once all the facts about your practical work. As a civil engineer, he has subject the best methods of doing the work, the easiest built tunnels and dams, roads and houses; formula for making the calculations, completely worked

has had years of experience in railway and out sample problems that show you just what to do. You

industrial construction work and as in.

structor at New York University. Two avoid the expensive errors that handicap the man who

other well-known authorities contributing merely guesses. Think what an advantage it is to have

to this book were H. D. Harper of the all this information gathered into one handy book that

Murray Hill Vocational School, and Peter you can carry in your pocket. Act today and take ad- Agnew of N. Y. U. vantage of your opportunity to examine this book for five days free.


SEND NO MONEY – MAIL THIS COUPON See How Thoroughly It Covers the Needs of YOUR Work

Painting, Paper

250 Fourth Ave., New York.
Hanging and

Send me on approval The Handbook of Applied MatheAlgebra Glazing

matics. Within 5 days after I receive the book, I can return Geometry Heating

it and owe nothing. If I keep it I will send you $2.00 as Trigonometry Machine Shop

Arst payment and I will pay $2.00 monthly thereafter for 2

months until the total price of $6.00, plus a few cents postage, Work Mechanics

is paid. Automobile Shop Weights and

(If you send $6.00 payment in full with this order,

we will pay postage. Same return privilege.),
Excavation and

Sheet Metal

Work Foundations

Name Concrete

Electricity Brickwork Radio

Address Carpentry and

Business Mathe. Building matics ty.......

........... State............. Lathing and


Using the Slide
Reference ........

Pulleys and Gears
| Address


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