ePub 版

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (Continued) ment Stations-James T. Jardine (Ore., $9,000); Manager-Federal Crop Insurance CorporationMarketing-Roy F. Hendrickson (Ia.),


Leroy K. Smith (Nebr., $8,000). Information-Morse Salisbury (Wisc., $8,000)

Bureau Chiefs-Arthur B. Thatcher (Vt., $5,800); Extension Work-M. L. Wilson (Mont., $9,000); Foreign Agricultural Relations-Leslie A. Wheeler

Agricultural Chemistry and Engineering--H. G. (D. C., $8,000); Agricultural Defense Relations

Knight (W. Va., $8,500); Agricultural Economics M, Clifford Townsend (Ind., $9,000).

-Howard R. Tolley (Calif., $10,000); Agricul

tural Marketing-Clarence Kitchen (Ore., Solicitor-Mastin G. White (Tex., $9,000). Librarian-Ralph R. Shaw (Ind., $5,600).

$8,000); Animal Industry-John R. Mohler (Pa., Land

$9,000); Commodity Exchange AdministrationUse

Coordinator-Milton S.

Joseph M. Mehl, (Ia., $8,000); Dairy Industry(Kan., $9.000).

Ollie E. Reed (Mich., $8,500); Entomology and Administrators-Agricultural Adjustment Administration-R. M. Evans (Ia., $10,000); Farm Se

Plant Quarantine Percy N. Annand (Idaho,

$8,000); Forest Service-Earle H. Clapp (acting) curity Administration C. B. Baldwin (Va.,

(N. Y., $7,500): Home Economics-Louise Stan$10,000); Rural Electrification Administration

ley (Mo., $7,500); Soil Conservation Service Harry Slattery (S. C., $10,000); Northeastern

Hugh H. Bennett (N, C., $9.000); Plant Industry Timber Salvage Administration Earl Pierce

-Eugene C. Auchter (Md., $8,000). (acting) (N, Y., $5,800); Surplus Marketing Ad

ministration-Roy F. Hendrickson (Ia., $10,000). Chief CCC Activities-Fred Morrell (Colo., $7,000); President-Commodity Credit Corporation-John Plant and Operations---Arthur B. Thatcher, B. Hutson (Ky., $9,500).

(Mass., $5,800). Governor-Farm Credit Administration-A.

G. (a) Receives compensation ($10,000), as AdBlack (Iowa, $10,000).

ministrator, Surplus Marketing Administration.

Department of Commerce

(Salaries Fluctuate) Under Secretary of Commerce-Wayne C. Taylor, Tex.; Foregin and Domestic Commerce III.; Asst. Secretary-Robert H. Hinckley, Utah;

Carroll L. Wilson, Mass.; Coast and Geodetic Solicitor South Trimble, Jr., Ky.; Administra

Survey-Leo 0. Colbert, Mass.; Marine Inspection

and Navigation Richard S. Field, Miss., Standards tive Asst. to Secretary-Malcolm Kerlin, N. J.;

--Lyman Briggs, Mich.; Commissioner of Patents Assistants-Norman W. Baxter, D. C., and

-Conway P. Coe, Md.; President and Chairman, Eugene W. Burgess, Ill.; Chief Clerk and Inland Waterways Corporation-Chester C. Superintendent-E. W. Libbey, D. C.; Director of Thompson, Ill. ; Chief of Weather BureauPersonnel Oliver C. Short, Md.

Francis W. Reichelderfer, Ind.; Administrator, Directors of Bureaus-Census-James C. Capt, Civil Aeronautics--Donald H, Connolly, Ariz.

Department of Labor

Assistant Secretary--Daniel W. Tracy (Texas, $9,000);

2nd Assistant Secretary-Vacancy: Special Assistant to the Secretary-Mary L4Dame ($7,500); Chief Clerk-Vacancy; Director of Personnel Robert C. Smith ($6,400); Li

brarian-Laura A. Thompson ($5,000). Commissioner of Labor Statistics-Isador Lubin

($9,000); Director, Women's Bureau --- Mary Anderson ($7,500); Chief, Children's Bureau Katherine P. Lenroot ($9,000); Director Conciliation Service --John R. Steelman ($8.500); Director, Labor Standards-A. Zimmer ($8,500): Administrator, Public Contracts Division - L. Metcalfe Walling ($9,000); Administrator, Wage and Hour Division-Philip B. Fleming ($10,000).

United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Source: An Official of the Bureau The Bureau of Engraving and Printing of the other stamps. In the year, approximately 3,295 Treasury Department manufactures all paper tons of stamps were manufactured, or about 82 money of the Government, all stamps, including carloads of them. revenue stamps, all official checks, drafts, war

The other miscellaneous forms manufactured at

this plant consumed 41, 106,750 sheets, weighing rants,

commissions, certificates, transportation about 410 tons, and would have made approxirequests, and food and cotton order stamps.

mately 10 carloads. The expenditures for the fiscal year ending June

The major task of the Bureau is the production 30, 1941, aggregated $13,203,911.53, an increase of

of paper money. The face value of all the notes 8.14 per cent compared with the previous year. printed aggregated $3,994,860,000. The paper money

The work is measured in the number of printed is all printed from steel engraved plates. Since sheets delivered. The total number of sheets de

steel engravings are now little used except in printlivered for the fiscal year was 460,614,558. Of these ing money, practically all of the steel engravers in sheets 91,787,983 were of currency of which the country work here and for one private agency 3,650,004 were U. S. notes, 76,775,012 were of silver engaged in the manufacture of money for other certificates, and 11,362,961 were of Federal reserve nations. notes.

The engravings are transferred to flat plates The total weight of this paper currency manu- which now print 12 notes at an impression, Four factured during the fiscal year would be about of these plates are placed on a flat-bed power 1,030 tons. It would have loaded about 26 40-ton press. freight cars. of these notes 64,275,004 sheets were Infinite care is taken that every note shall be $1 bills. Of bonds, notes and certificates there perfect and that none of the distinctive paper is were delivered 13,424,214 sheets. Of the total num- lost in the process of manufacture. Each note is ber of sheets, 314,295,611 were of postage and subjected to a score of examinations.

Comptroller General of the United States

Source: United States Government Records The Comptroller General of the United States United States, and the preservation of all acas head of the General Accounting Office, (created counts, with their vouchers, etc., which have been June 10, 1921) is charged by law with the settlement finally adjusted, and countersigns all warrants and adjustment, independently of the executive de- authorized by law to be signed by the Secretary

of the Treasury. partments, of all claims and demands whatever by

It is the duty of the Comptroller General to inthe Government or against it, and all accounts

vestigate at the seat of government or elsewhere whatever in which the Government is concerned, either as debtor or creditor, and is vested with all and application of public funds.

all matters relating to the receipt, disbursement, powers and duties previously conferred or imposed The Comptroller General and the Assistant hold by law upon the former Comptroller of the Treasury office for fifteen years and the Comptroller General and the six Auditors of the Treasury Department is not eligible for reappointment. The salary is

He superintends the recovery of all debts finally $10,000 a year. The Comptroller General is Lindsay certified by audited settlements to be due the C. Warren, of North Carolina.

Supreme Court of the United States

(Dates in parentheses show when born and when appointed. These lists of judges are as of Nov., 1941)

Chief Justice ($20,500)-Harlan Piske Stone, of Frank Murphy, of Michigan (1893-Jan. 4, 1940): New York (1872June 12, 1941). Associate Justices James F. Byrnes, of South Carolina (1879 June ($20,000)-Owen J. Roberts, of Pennsylvania (1875 12, 1941); Robert H. Jackson, of New York (1892– --May 9, 1930); Hugo L. Black, of Alabama | June 12, 1941). Clerk-Charles Elmore Cropiey, of (1886-Aug. 9, 1937); Stanley Forman Reed, of Washington, D. C. ($6,000). Marshal-Thomas E. Kentucky (1884-Jan. 15, 1938); Felix Frankfurter, Waggaman,

of Virginia ($5,000). Reporterof Massachusetts (1882-Jan. 5, 1939); William O. Ernest Knaebel, of Colorado ($8,000). Douglas, of Connecticut (1898--Mar. 20, 1939);

UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURTS OF APPEALS District of Columbia-Chief Justice, D. Lawrence Sixth (Ky., Mich., Ohio, Tenn.)-Xen Hicks, Groner, Va. Associate Justices: Harold M. Ste- Knoxville, Tenn.; Charles C. Simons, Detroit: phens, Utah; Justin Miller, Calif.; Henry_W. Florence E. Allen, Cleveland; Elwood Hamilton, Edgerton, N. Y.; Fred M. Vinson, Ky.; Wiley Rut- Louisville; John D. Martin, Sr., Memphis, Tenn.; ledge, Iowa. Clerk-Joseph W. Stewart, D. C.

Thomas F. McAllister, Grand Rapids, Mich. First (Me., Mass., N, H., R. I., Puerto Rico)- Seventh (III., Ind., Wis.)-Evan A. Evans, MadiCalvert Magruder, Boston; John C. Mahoney, Prov- son, Wis., William M. Sparks, Indianapolis, Ind., idence; Peter Woodbury, Concord, N. H.

J. Earl Major, Springfield, III.; Otto Kerner, Second (Conn., N.Y., Vt.)-Learned Hand, Chicago; Sherman Minton, New Albany, Ind. N. Y. City; Thomas W. Swan, New Haven; Augus

Eighth (Ark., Iowa, Minn., Mo., Neb., N D.. tus N. Hand, N. Y. City; Harrie Brigham Chase,

S. D.)-Kimbrough Stone, Kansas City, Mo., John Brattleboro, Vt.; Charles E. Clark, New Haven,

B. Sanborn, St. Paul; Archibald K. Gardner, Conn., Jerome N. Frank, N. Y. City.

Aberdeen, So. Dak. (P. O., Huron, So. Dak.), Third (Del., N. J.. Penn., Virgin Islands) ---John

Joseph W. Woodrough, Omaha; Seth Thomas, Biggs, Jr., Wilmington, Del.; William Clark, Tren

Fort Dodge, Iowa; Harvey W. Johnsen, Kansas ton, N. 3.; Albert Branson Maris, Philadelphia; City, Mo., (Vacancy). Charles Alvin Jones, Pittsburgh; Herbert F. Goodrich, Philadelphia.

Ninth (Ariz., Cal., Idaho, Mont., Nev., Ore..

Wash., Alaska, Hawaii, China)-Curtis D. Wilbur. Fourth (Md., N, O., S. C., Va., W. Va.)-John J. Parker, Charlotte, N. Car.; Morris A. Soper,

San Francisco; Francis A. Garrecht, Spokane, Baltimore, Md.; Armistead M. Dobie, Charlottes

Wash.; William Denman, San Francisco; Clifton ville. Va.

Mathews, San Francisco; Bert E. Haney, Portland. Fifth (Ala, Fla., Ga., La., Miss., Tex., Canal Ore,; Albert Lee Stephens, Los Angeles; William Zone). Rufus E. Foster. New Orleans; Samuel H.

Healy, Boise, Idaho. Sibley, Atlanta, Ga.; Joseph C. Hutcheson, Jr., Tenth (Colo., Kan., N. M., Okla., Utah, Wyo.)Houston, Tex.; Edwin R. Holmes, New Orleans, Orie L. Phillips, Denver, Colo.; Sam Gilbert Brat. La. (P. O., Yazoo City, Miss.); Leon McCord, ton, Albuquerque, N. M.; Walter A. Huxman, ToMontgomery, Ala.

peka, Kan.; Alfred P, Murrah, Oklahoma City.

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT JUDGES Alabama-Charles B. Kennamer (1931). Mont- | Iowa-George C. Scott (1922), Sioux City: Charles

gomery; Thomas S. Murphree (1938). Birming- A. Dewey (1928), Des Moines. ham; John McDuffe (1935), Mobile.

Kansas-Richard J, Hopkins (1929), Kansas City. Alaska-George F. Alexander (1938), Juneau; Kentucky-Hiram C. Ford (1935), Lexington:

Mac Swinford (1937), Lexington (both Dists.); J. H. S. Morison (1939), Nome; Harry E. Pratt (1939), Fairbanks; Simon Hellenthal (1939),

Shackelford Miller, Jr. (1939), Louisville.

Louisia na-Wayne G. Borah (1928) and Adrian J. Valdez.

Callouet (1940), New Orleans; Benjamin C. Arizona-David W. Ling (1936), Phoenix; Albert

Dawkins (1924), Monroe, Gaston L. Porterie M. Sames (1931), Tucson. Arkansas-Thomas C. Trimble (1937), Little Rock;

(1939), Alexandria.

Maine John A. Peters (1921), Bangor. Harry J. Lemley (1939), Texarkana; John E.

Maryland William C. Coleman (1927), and W. Miller (1941), Fort Smith.

Calvin Chesnut (1931), Baltimore. California--Adolphus F. St. Sure (1925), Harold

Massachusetts-Elisha H. Brewster (1922), SpringLouderback (1928), and Michael J. Roche (1935),

field; George C. Sweeney (1935), Boston: Francis San Francisco; Martin I. Welsh (1939), Sacra

J. W. Ford (1938), Boston. mento; Paul J. McCormick (1924), Harry A. Holl

Michigan-Arthur J. Tuttle (1912), Edward J. zer, (1931), Leon R. Yankwich (1935), Benjamin

Moinet (1927), Ernest A. O'Brien (1931), Arthur Harrison (1940) and J. F. T. O'Connor (1940),

F. Lederle (1936) and Frank A. Picard (1939). Los Angeles; Ralph J. Jenney (1939), San Diego,

Detroit; Fred M. Raymond (1925), Grand Rapids. Campbell E. Beaumont (1939), Fresno; (Va

Minnesota-Gunnar H. Nordbye (1931) and Matcancy).

thew M. Joyce (1932), Minneapolis; Robert c. Canal Zone-Bunk Gardner (1938), Ancon.

Bell (1933) and George F. Sullivan (1937). St. Colorado-John F. Symes (1922), Denver,

Paul. Connecticut-Carroll C. Hincks (1931), New Haven; Mississippi-Allen Cox (1929), Aberdeen, and Sid(Vacancy).

ney C. Mize (1937), Biloxi. Delaware-(Vacancy).

Missouri George H. 1oore (1935), and Charles B. District of Columbia-Chief Justice, Alfred A.

Davis (1924), St. Louis; Merrill E. Otis (1925) Wheat (1930), of N Y Associates --Thomas

and Albert L. Reeves (1923), Kansas City: John Jennings Bailey (1918), Tenn.; Jesse C. Adkins Caskie Collet (1937), Jefferson City, (apptd. for (1930). D, C.; Oscar R. Luhring (1930), Ind.;

all Dists.). James M. Proctor (1931), D. C.; F. Dickinson

Montana-James H. Baldwin (1935), Butte; Letts (1931), Iowa, Daniel W. O'Donoghue Charles N. Pray (1924), Great Falls. (1931), D. C.; Bolitha J. Laws (1938), D. C.; Nebraska-- James A. Donohoe (1933), Omaha, T. Alan Goldsborough (1939), Md.: James W.

(Vacancy). Morris (1939), Fla.; David A. Pine (1940), D. C.;

Nevada-Frank H. Norcross (1928), Carson City. Matthew F. McGuire (1941) Mass.

New Hampshire-George F. Morris (1921), LittleFlorida--Augustine V. Long (1934), Gainesville:

ton (P. O., Concord). Louie w Strum (1931), Jacksonville; John W.

New Jersey-Guy L. Fake (1929), Newark; Philip Holland (1936). Miami; William J. Barker,

Forman (1932), Trenton, John Boyd Avis (1929). Tampa; Curtis L. Waller, Tallahassee.

Camden; Phillip Forman, Trenton; Thomas

Glynn Walker, Newark; (Vacancy). Georgia-E. Marvin Underwood (1931), Atlanta; New Mexico Colin Nebiett (1917) Santa Fe. Robert L. Russell, Gainesville; Bascom S. Deaver

New York--Frederick H. Bryant (1927), Malone; (1928), Macon: (Vacancy).

(Vacancy); John Clark Knox (1918), Henry W. Hawaii-Delbert E. Metzger (1939) and Ingram M. Goddard (1923), William Bondy (1933), George M. Stainbach Honolulu.

Hulbert (1934), John M. Woolsey (1929), Francis Idaho-Charles C. Cavanah (1927), Boise.

G. Caffey (1929), Alfred C. Coxe (1929), John W. Illinois-Charles E. Woodward (1929); John P. Clancy (1936), Samuel Mandelbaum (1936), VinBarnes (1931); Philip L. Sullivan (1929); William cent L. Leibell (1936), Edward A. Conger (1938), H. Holley (1933), Michael L. Igoe (1938) and John Bright (1941), and H. Rifkind (1941), N. Y. Wm. J. Campbell (1940), Chicago; Fred L. City; Marcus B. Campbell (1923), Robert A. Wham (1927), Benton; Walter C. Lindley (1922) Inch (1923), Grover M. Moscowitz (1925), Danville: Chas. G, Briggle (1932), Springfield; Clarence G. Galston (1929), Mortimer w. Byers J. Leroy Adair (1937). Quincy.

(1929) and Matthew T. Abruzzo (1936), Brooklyn; Indiana--Robert C. Baltzell (1925), Indianapolis: John Knight (1931), Buffalo, and Harold F. Thomas W. Slick (1925), South Bend.

Burke (1937), Rochester.

North Carolina-Edwin Y. Webb (1919). Shelby; South Dakota-A. Lee Wyman (1929), Sioux Falls.

Johnson J. Hayes (1927), Wilkesboro; Isaac M Tennessee George C. Taylor (1928), Knoxville; Meekins (1925), Elizabeth City.

Elmer D. Davies (1939), Nashville; Leslie R. Darr North Dakota--(Vacancy).

(1939) (both Districts), Chattanooga; Martin Ohio-Paul Jones (1923), and Robert N. Wilkin Speed Boyd (1940), Memphis.

(1939), Oleveland, Frank Le Blond Kloeb (1937). Texas-William H. Atwell (1923), and T. WhiteToledo; Robert R. Nevin (1929), DaytonMeli field Davidson (1936), Dallas; James C. Wilson G. Underwood (1936), Columbus, and John H. (1919), Fort Worth; Thomas M. Kennerly (1931), Druffel (1937), Cincinnati.

James V. Allred (1939), Houston; Randolph BryOklahoma-Royce H. Savage (1940), Tulsa; Edgar ant (1931), Sherman; Robert J. McMillan (1932),

S. Vaught (1928), Oklahoma City; Eugene Rice San Antonio; Charles A. Boynton (1924), El Paso. (1937), skogee, and Bower roaddus (1940), Utah--Tillman D. Johnson (1915), Salt Lake City.

Muskogee (apptd. all Dists.); one vacancy. Vermont-James P. Leamy (1940), Rutland. Oregon-James A. Fee (1931), and Claude McCul- Virgin Islands - Herman E. Moore (1939), St. loch (1937), Portland.

Pennsylvania, George A. Welsh (1932) and Harry Virginia-Luther B. Way (1931), Norfolk; John

E. Kalodner (1938), and Guy K. Bard (1940), Paul (1932), Harrisonburg; Robert N. Pollard
Philadelphia; William H. Kirkpatrick (1927), and (1936), Richmond; Alfred D. Barksdale (1940).
J. Cullen Ganey (1940), Easton; Albert W. Lynchburg.
Johnson (1925), Lewisburg; Albert L. Watson Washington-John C. Bowen (1934), Seattle; Lewis
(1929), Scranton; Robert M. Gibson (1922), B. Schwellenbach (1940), Spokane; Lloyd L.
Nelson McVicar (1928), Pittsburgh; Frederic P. Black (1939), Seattle (both Districts).
Schoonmaker (1922), Erie.

West Virginia-William E. Baker (1921), Elkins;
Puerto Rico Robert A, Cooper (1938) San Juan. Ben Moore (1941), Charleston; Harry E. Watkins
Rhode Island-John P. Hartigan (1940), Provi- (1937), Fairmont (both Districts).

Wisconsin-Patrick T. Stone (1933), Wausau; F. South Carolina-Charles C. Wyche (1937), Spar- Ryan Duffy (1939), Oshkosh, tanburg: 2 Vacancies.

Wyoming-Thomas B. Kennedy (1921), Cheyenne.

UNITED STATES COURT OF CLAIMS Chief Justice ($ 12,500)-Richard S. Whaley, of of Texas; Joseph Warren Madden, of Illinois. So. Car. Judges ($12,500)-Benjamin H. Littleton, Chief Clerk-Willard L. Hart. The Court of Tenn.; Sam E. Whitaker, Tenn.; Marvin Jones, I Claims has its headquarters at Washington, D. C.

FEDERAL TERRITORIAL JUDGES Alaska-District Judges: Divisions: (1) George Stafford, Francis M. Brooks, Louis LeBaron and P. Alexander, Juneau; (2) J. H. S. Morison, Nome; John A. Matthewman, all of Honolulu; (2) Daniel (3) Simon Hellenthal, Valdez (P. O. Anchorage H. Case, Wailuku, Maui; (3) James Wesley Thompuntil further notice); (4) Harry E. Pratt, Fair

son, Kailua; (4) J. Frank McLaughlin, Hilo; (5) banks.

Miss Carrick H. Buck, Lihue Kauai.

China-Judge: Milton J. Helmick, Shanghai. Hawail-Supreme Court: Chief Justice Samuel B.

Puerto Rico Judge: Robert A. Cooper, San Juan. Kemp, Honolulu; Associate Justices, Emil C.

Canal Zone-Judge: Bunk Gardner, Ancon. Peters; (Vacancy),

Virgin Islands-Judge: Herman E. Moore, St. Circuit Court: (1) Albert M. Cristy, Harold E. Thomas.


(Headquarters, 201 Varick Street, New York City) Presiding Judge-Webster J. Oliver, of New York. am J. Keefe, of Iowa; Thomas J. Walker, of Associate Judges-William J. Tilson, of Ga.; Mont.; 2 Vacancies. Marshal-William H. Tietgen, Genevieve R. Cline, of Ohio; David H. Kincheloe, of New York. Clerk-John W. Dale, of New York. of Kentucky; Frederick W. Dallinger, of Mass.,


(Headquarters, Washington, D. C.) Presiding Judge-Finis J. Garrett of Tenn.; Joseph Raymond Jackson, N. Y. City. MarshalAssociate Judges-Oscar E. Bland of Ind., Charles Joseph G. Gauges of Nev. Clerk-Arthur B. ShelS. Hatfield of Ohio, Irvine Luther Lenroot of Wis.; ton of Maryland.

Coast Line of the United States

Source: United States Coast and Geodetic Survey General Coast Line-The figures under this head in statute miles of the shore line on tidal waters to ing give the length in statute miles of the general points where such waters narrow to a width of 3 outline of the seacoast.

statute miles. Tidal Shore Line, Unit Measure 3 Statute Miles The Panama Canal Zone-Islands outside the 3 --The figures under this heading give the length 'nautical mile zone were not included. Tidal Shore Line

Tidal Shore Line
Gen 1

Gen '1
Coast Main-1 Is-


Coast Main- Is-
Lipe land lands Tot.

Line land lands Tot.

[blocks in formation]

American and Foreign Ambassadors and Ministers


Envoys From United States To

Envoys To United States From

Afghanistan. (a)
Norman Armour (N. J.), A

Sr. Don Felipe A. Espil, A.
Nelson T. Johnson (Okla.), M.

The Rt. Hon. Richard G. Casey, D.S.O., M.
Belgium (b). A. J. Drexel Biddle, Jr. (e) (Pa.). A. Count Robert van der Straten-Ponthoz, A.
Douglas Jenkins (S. C.). M

Sr. Dr. Luis Fernando Guachalla, M.
Jefferson Callery (La), A

Mr. Carlos Martins, A.
George H. Earle, III (Pa.), M

Mr. Dimitri Naoumoft, M.
Jay Pierrepont Moffat (N. H.), M

Mr. Leighton McCarthy, K. C., M.
Claude G. Bowers (N. Y.), A.

Sr. Don. Rodolfo Michels, A.
Clarence E. Gauss (Conn.), A

Dr. Hu Shih, A.
Spruine Braden (N. Y.), A

Sr. Dr. Gabriel Turbay, A.
Costa Rica
Wullam H. Hornibrook (Utah), M.

Sr. Don Luis Fernandez, M.
George S. Messersmith (Del.). A

Sr. Dr. Aurelio F. Concheso, A.

Mr. Vladimir Hurban, M.
Ray Atherton (III.), M

Mr. Henrik de Kauffmann, M
Dominican Rep Robert M. Scotten (Mich.), M.

Dr. Julio Vega Batlle, First Secretary
Boaz Long (N. Mex.), M.

Sr. Capt. Colon Eloy Alfaro, M.
Alexander C. Kirk (ill.).

Mahmonu Hassan Bey, M.
El Salvador Robert Frazer (Pa.), M

Sr. Dr. Don Hector David Castro, M. Estonia (b) John C. Wiley (Ind.), M.

Mr. Johannes Kalv, Act. C. G. in charge Finland. H. F. Arthur Schoenfeld (D. C.), M

Mr. Hjalınar J. Procope, M. France

Admiral William D. Leahy (D. C.), A. Mr. Gaston Henry-Haye, A. Germany

Herr Hans Heinrick Dieckhoff, A. (Absent) Great Britain. John G. Winant (N.H.), A

The Rt. Hon. the Viscount Halllax, K.G.,A
A. J. Drexel Biddle, Jr. (c) M

Mr. Cimon P. Diamantopoulos, M.
Fay A. Des Portes (S. C.), M

Sr. Dr. Don Adrian Recinos, M
John Campbell White (N. Y.), M

Mr. Fernand Dennis, M.
Honduras. John D. Erwin (Tenn.), M,

Sr. Dr. Don Julian R. Caceres, M.
Herbert Claiborne Pell (R. I.), M

Mr. George de Ghika, M.
Iran (Persia) Louis G. Dreyfus, Jr. (Calil.), M.

Mr. Mohammed Schayesteh, M. Iraq..

Paul Knabenshue (Ohio), M. & C. G.
Ireland (Eire) David Gray (Fla.), M.

Mr. Robert Brennan, M.
William Phillips (Mass.), A

Don Ascanio Colonna, A.
Joseph C. Grew (N. H.), A

Adm. Kichisaburo Nomura, A.
Latvia (b)

Dr. Alfred Bulmanis, M. Liberia

Lester A. Walton (N. Y.), M Lithuania (b)

Mr. Povilas Zadelkis, M. Luxembourg

Mr. Hugues Le Gallais, M. Mexico

Sr. Dr. Don Francisco Castilla Najera, A. Morocco.. Netherlands (b). A. J. Drexel Biddle, Jr. (c) (Pa.). A. Dr. A. Loudon, M. Nicaragua Pierre de L. Boal (Pa.). M.

Sr. Dr. Don Leon De Bayle, M. Norway (b) A. J. Drexel Biddle, Jr. (c) (Pa), A. Mr. W. Munthe de Morgenstierne, M. Palestine

Lowell C. Pinkerton (Mo.), Consul Gen
Edwin C. Wilson (Fla.). A..

Sr. Dr. Don Carlos N. Brin, A.
Wesley Frost (Ky.), M

Sr. Dr. Don Juan Jose Soler, M.
R. Henry Norweb (Ohio), A

Sr. Don Manuel de Freyre y Santander, A.
Poland (b)
A. J. Drexel Biddle, Jr. (c) (P3), A

Mr. Jan Ciechanowski, A.
Bert Fish (Fla.), M.

Dr. Jogo Antonio de Blanchi, M.
Franklin Mott Gunther (Fla.), M

Mr. Brutus Coste, Secretary
Alexander W. Weddell (Va). A

Sr. Don Juan Francisco de Cardenas, A,
Herman V. Johnson (No. Car), M.

Mr. W. Bostrom, M. Switzerland Leland Harrison (111). M

Mr. Charles Bruggmann, M. Syria.

Cornelius Engert (Calil.), Consul General
Thailand (Siam). Hugh Giadney Grant (Ala). M

Mom Rajawongse Seni Pramo), M.
John Van A. MacMurray (Md.), A

Mr. Mehmet Munir Ertegun, A.
Union of So. Al Leo J. Keena (Mich.), M

Mr. Ralph William Close, K.C., M.
U.S. S. R
Laurence A. Steinhardt, (N. Y.), A

Mr. Maxim Litvinov. (A)
William Dawson (Minn), A.

Mr. Juan Carlos Blanco, A.
Frank P. Corrigan (Ohio). A.

Sr. Dr. Don Diogenes Escalante, A.
Yugo-Slavia. A. J. Drexel Biddle, Jr. (c),..

Mr. Constantin Fotitch, M. The United States maintains consulates as well as mbassies or legations in every regularly organized country abroad; and in the more important countries there are also American commercial agents.

All the regularly organized foreign governments have consulates in the chief cities throughout the United States; and the chief foreign countries maintain financial and commercial agents.

(a) Correspondence on liplomati business relating to Afghanistan should be addressed to the American Minister. Tehran, Iran, on consular business, to the American Consul, Karachi, India. (b) Government established in England.

(C) Belgian Ambassador accredited also to the Governments of Greece, Poland, the Netherlands, Norway and Yugo Slavia. id) Accredited also to Saudi Arabia; resident at Cairo.

The Pledge to the Flag

Source: Historical and Omcial Records
(Taught in many of the schools and repeated by the pupils daily)
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
And to the Republic for which it stands,
One Nation, indivisible,

With liberty and justice for all." The Pledge to the Flag, according to a report of who made the flags. He also designed the first the Historical Committee of the United States Great Seal of the United States, and a number of Flag Association (May 18, 1939), was written by coins and several items of paper currency in the Francis Bellamy, (August 1892), a member of the early days of the Republic. editorial staff of The Youth's Companion, in Bos- Hopkinson, born in Philadelphia (Sept. 21, 1737) ton, Mass. It was first repeated at the exercises and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, in connection with the celebration of Columbus was the first native American composer of a Day (October 12, 1892, Old Style). The idea of secular song, "My Days Have Been So Wondrons this national celebration on Columbus Day was Free." He was a lawyer and later a judge in New largely that of James B. Upham, one of the Jersey, and then in Pennsylvania. He died in Junior proprietors of The Youth's Companion. Philadelphia (May 9, 1791.) His portrait, painted

Francis Hopkinson, a signer of the Declaration by himself, hangs in the rooms of the Pennsylvania of Independence, was probably the designer of the Historical Society, Phila. He played the organ Stars and Stripes--not Betsy Ross of Philadelphia, and the barpsichord.

The Seventy-seventh Congress

THE SENATE Terms of Senators end on January 3 of the year preceding name. The Congress must meet annually on January 3, under the Twentieth Amendment. Salary of a Senator is $10,000 a year.

Presiding Officer, the Vice-President, Henry A. Wallace, of Iowa; salary $15,000.
President protem, Carter Glass, D., of Virginia.

Secretary of the Senate, Edwin Halsey, D., of Virginia.

P.0. Address Expire


P.0, Address ALABAMA

NEBRASKA 1943..John H. Bankhead, D.......Jasper

1943.. George W. Norris, Ind.... MoCook
1945.. Lister Hill, D.....
Montgomery 1947. Hugh A. Butler, R.


NEVADA 1945..Carl Hayden, D.


1945. . Patrick A. McCarran, D.. Reno 1947. Ernest W. McFarland, D....Florence

1947. Berkeley L. Bunker, D.... Las Vegas ARKANSAS

NEW HAMPSHIRE 1945.. Mrs. Hattle W. Caraway, D. Jonesboro 1943. .Styles Bridges, R..

East Concord 1943.. Lloyd Spencer, D..

. Hope

1945..Charles W. Tobey, R. Temple CALIFORNIA

NEW JERSEY 1947..Hiram W, Johnson, R. San Francisco 1943.. William H. Smathers, D..... Margate City 1945. Sheridan Downey, D. ... Atherton

1947..W. Warren Barbour, R. Locust COLORADO

NEW MEXICO 1943. .Carl A Hatch, D,

Clovis 1943. . Edwin C. Johnson, D. Denver

1947..Dennis Chavez, D.


NEW YORK 1947.. Francis T. Maloney, D...... Meriden

1945.. Robert F. Wagner, D...... .N. Y, City 1945. .John A. Danaher, R. Hartford

1947..James M. Mead, D.


NORTH CAROLINA 1943..James H. Hughes, D

1943..Josiah W. Bailey, D.

Raleigh 1947..James M. Tunnell, D.. . Georgetown 1945. Robert R. Reynolds, D...... Asheville FLORIDA

NORTH DAKOTA 1947.. Charles 0. Andrews, D.. Orlando

1945. . Gerald P. Nye, R..

Cooperstown 1945..Claude Pepper, D.. Tallahassee 1947., William Langer, R.


OHIO 1945. . Walter F. George, D

1945. . Robert A. Taft, R.

.. Cincinnati 1943.. Richard B. Russell, Jr., D... Winder

1947. Harold H. Burton, R. . Cleveland IDAHO

OKLAHOMA 1945. D. Worth Clark, D.,

1945. . Elmer Thomas, D..

Medicine Park 1943..John Thomas, R..

1943. .Josh Lee, D....


OREGON 1945.. Scott W. Lucas, D..


1943.. Charles L. McNary, R. Salem 1943. .C. Wayland Brooks, R., ..... Chicago

1945. .Rufus C. Holman, R. Portland INDIANA

PENNSYLVANIA 1945. Frederick Van Nuys, D...... Indianapolis 1945. .James J. Davis, R.

Pittsburgh 1947..Raymond E. Willis, R. Angola

1947..Joseph F. Guffey, D....... Pittsburgh IOWA

RHODE ISLAND 1945. . Guy M. Gillette, D.

1947. Peter G. Gerry, D.

Warwick 1943. .Clyde L Herring, D. Des Moines 1943.. Theodore F. Green, D... Providence KANSAS

SOUTH CAROLINA 1943. . Arthur Capper, R..


1945. . Ellison D. Smith, D.... Lynchburg 1945. .Clyde M. Reed, R.


1943..Burnet R. Maybank, D. Charleston KENTUCKY

SOUTH DAKOTA 1945., Alben W. Barkley, D.. Paducah

1943., W. J. Bulow, D...

Beresford 1943.. Albert B. Chandler, D.,... Versailles

1945. .Chan, Gurney, R.


TENNESSEE 1945..John H. Overton, D.

Alexandria 1947..Kenneth McKellar, D. Memphis 1943. . Allen J. Ellender, D.

1943.. Tom Stewart, D


TEXAS 1943.. Wallace H. White, Jr., R. Auburn

1947. Tom Connally, D.,

Marlin 1947. Ralph O. Brewster, R. Dexter

1943.. W. Lee O'Daniel, D. Fort Worth MARYLAND

UTAH 1945. Millard R. Tydings, D.....Havre de Grace 1945. . Elbert D. Thomas, D., Salt Lake City 1947..George L Radcliffe, D...... . Baltimore 1947..Abe Murdock, D..


VERMONT 1947., David I. Walsh, D...


1947.. Warren R. Austin, R.. Burlington 1943. Henry C. Lodge, Jr., R...... Beverly

1945. . George D. Aiken, R.


VIRGINIA 1947. . Arthur H. Vandenberg, R.... Grand Rapids 1943.. Carter Glass, D...

Lynchburg 1943. . Prentiss M. Brown, D.. St. Ignace 1947. Harry F. Byrd, D.

Berryville MINNESOTA

WASHINGTON 1947. Henrik Shipstead, R..

1945.. Homer T, Bone, D.,

Tacoma 1943. Joseph H. Ball, R.

. St. Paul

1947. Mon C. Wallgren, D........Everett MISSISSIPPI

1947., Theodore G. Bilbo, D....... Poplarville 1947..Harley M. Kilgore, D. Beckley
1943. . Wall Dosey, D...
Holly Springs 1943. Joseph Rosier, D..


WISCONSIN 1945. .Bennett Champ Clark, D....St. Louis County 1947-R. M. LaFollette, Jr., Prog.. Madison 1947. Harry S. Truman, D... Independence 1945.. Alexander Wiley, R. .Chip'ewa Falls MONTANA

WYOMING 1947. . Burton K. Wheeler, D. Butte

1947. Joseph C. O'Mahoney. D.... Cheyenne 1943, James E. Murray, D.


1943. Harry H. Schwartz, D.......Casper Number of Senators, 96; Democrats, 66; Republicans, 28; Progressive, 1; Independent, 1.

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