An essay on sculpture: in a series of epistles [in verse]. With notes



讀者評論 - 撰寫評論





第 166 頁 - ... an inward prompting which now grew daily upon me, that by labour and intent study, which I take to be my portion in- this life, joined with the strong propensity of nature, I might perhaps leave something so written to after-times, as they should not willingly let it die.
第 166 頁 - I began thus far to assent both to them and divers of my friends here at home, and not less to an inward prompting which now grew daily upon me, that by labour and...
第 199 頁 - With well-taught feet : now fhape, in oblique ways, Confus'dly regular, the moving maze : Now forth at once, too fwift for fight, they fpring, And undiftinguifh'd blend the flying ring: So whirls a wheel, in giddy circle toft, 695 And rapid as it runs, the fmgle fpokes are loft.
第 199 頁 - And, rapid as it runs, the single spokes are lost. The gazing multitudes admire around; Two active tumblers in the centre bound ; Now high, now low, their pliant limbs they bend, 699 And gen'ral songs the sprightly revel end.
第 173 頁 - For a father afflicted with untimely mourning, when he hath made an image of his child soon taken away, now honoured him as a god, which was then a dead man, and delivered to those that were under him ceremonies and sacrifices.
第 189 頁 - On voyoit dans la plupart des villes " leurs figures, faites par les plus grands maîtres.
第 168 頁 - ... find a man despising the false estimates of the vulgar, and daring to aspire in sentiment, language and conduct, to what the highest wisdom, through every age, has taught us as most excellent, to him I unite myself by a sort of necessary attachment; and if I am so influenced by nature or destiny, that by no exertion or labours of my own I may exalt myself to this summit of worth and honour, yet no powers of heaven or earth will hinder me from looking with reverence and affection upon those, who...
第 199 頁 - Of these the sides adorn'd with swords of gold, That glittering gay, from silver belts depend. Now all at once they rise, at once descend...
第 200 頁 - Of burnish'd gold, in silver trappings hung ; — They, with well-tutor'd step, now, nimbly ran The circle, swift, as when, before his wheel Seated, the potter twirls it with both hands For trial of its speed ; now, crossing quick They pass'd at once into each other's place.