Climate Change Science and Policy

Island Press, 2009年12月14日 - 544 頁
This is the mcomprehensive and currreference resource on climate change available today. It features forty-nine individual chapters by some of the world’s leading climate scientists. Its five sections address climate change in five dimensions: ecological impacts, policy analysis, international considerations, United States considerations, and mitigation options to reduce carbon emissions. In many ways, this volume supersedes the Fourth AssessmReport of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Many important developments too recto be treated in the 2007 IPCC documents are covered here. Overall, Climate Change Science and Policy paints a direr picture of the effects of climate change than do the IPCC reports. It reveals that climate change has progressed faster than the IPCC reports anticipated and that the outlook for the future is bleaker than the IPCC reported.

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關於作者 (2009)

Stephen H. Schneider is the Melvin and Joan Lane Professor for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, professor of biology, and a senior fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment, at Stanford University. Armin Rosencranz is the founder and former presidof Pacific Environment. Michael D. Mastrandrea is a consulting assistant professor at the Woods Institute for the Environmat Stanford University. Kristin Kuntz-Duriseti is managing editor at Climatic Change .