The Deregulated Muse

Bloodaxe Books, 1998 - 319 頁
Poetry has never been a way out of history. The last quarter of a century has offered dramatic proof of this, as the destruction of political consensus has been mirrored by increasingly various poetic practice. Race, class, gender, language, politics, aesthetics and poetry's place in everyday life have all been scrutinised by poets compelled to make room for their own concerns and commitments in a climate both oppressive and uncertain. In one sense the poetry of our time asks to be identified by its differences; in another it seems the sign of a radical spirit. These fruitful and exciting contradictions are producing a poetic period of remarkable distinction.The Deregulated Muse examines cases, causes, methods, influences, quarrels and achievements in the work of numerous poets, including Larkin, Hughes, Heaney, Harrison, Dunn, Ken Smith, Craig Raine, Adcock, Rumens, Reading, Paulin, Fenton and Muldoon, as well as emergent figures such as Didsbury, Duffy, Dunmore, Selima Hill, Sweeney, Shapcott, Carson, Leonard, Jamie, Jenkins, Armitage, Maxwell and Paterson.Written to be read rather than endured, The Deregulated Muse is the most inclusive book of its kind, aimed at general readers and students as well as specialists.


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關於作者 (1998)

Sean O'Brien has published nine books of poetry, including November (Picador 2011, PBS Choice) and The Drowned Book (Picador, 2007), winner of the T.S. Eliot and Forward Prizes, followed by Collected Poems (Picador, 2012), The Beautiful Librarians (PBS Choice, Picador, 2015), joint winner of the inaugural Roehampton Poetry Prize, and the T.S. Eliot Prize-shortlisted Europa (Picador, 2018). Bloodaxe published his first two collections, The Indoor Park (1983) and The Frighteners (1987), as well as his essays, The Deregulated Muse (1998), and later, his Newcastle-Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures, Journeys to the Interior: Ideas of England in contemporary poetry (2012). His anthology The Firebox: Poetry in Britain and Ireland after 1945 was published by Picador in 1998. His translation of the Inferno appeared in 2006, his short story collection The Silence Room in 2008, and his novel Afterlife in 2009. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, he lives in Newcastle upon Tyne and is Professor of Creative Writing at Newcastle University.