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Thought, Nonconformist, Primitive Methodist, Protestant Dissenters' Almanack, School Board Chronicle, Cambridge Chronicle, Oxford Times.

The result exceeded the Committee's expectations. Notices appeared in numerous papers, which almost without exception were written in a liberal and appreciative spirit, and with an absence of bigotry which was most encouraging.

most encouraging. The following extract is taken from a provincial paper :

"The tractate published under the auspices of the Swedenborg Society, from the pen of the Hindu gentleman, recording his ‘Reflections' on the works of Swedenborg and the doctrines of the New Jerusalem Church, is in many respects an extraordinary production. Notwithstanding the subtle force which the sacred books of the Hindus exercise, it is by no means strange that the sublime truths of Christianity, even under the peculiar form of Swedenborgianism, should, in a mind so poised and cultivated as that of the writer, triumph over the darker mysteries of the Hindu Trimurti of Brahmin, Vishnu, and Shiva. The 'Revelations' of Swedenborg and the interpretations given to them, though essentially differing from the traditions of Brahminism, seem to have discovered to the Hindu gentleman certain parallel forces, which by slow and thoughtful steps have led him up to a recognition of Christian truth. Our author recognises in the New Jerusalem Church a way to the adoption of a new theology, founded on the imperishable basis of Divine authority. The book derives its chief value from the way in which it argues out and reconciles the difficulties frequently urged against Holy Writ and its obligations upon the human race. There are many points in its lucid investigation of the claims of the Bible which might well be addressed to the sceptical proclivities of the present times, and it furnishes at the same time an admirable treatise on the errors and cavilings of modern thought. It is something to find that a philosophic Hindu should have been so far convinced of the veracity of the principles which lie at the root of the Christian system as to become at once a convert and a controversialist. The doctrine of the Trinity, the eternity of future rewards and punishments, justification by faith, the resurrection, and the last judgment are among the subjects which receive careful examination, with results that cannot but be of infinite benefit to the inquirers after truth in every land, for they are in the nature of demonstrations of the Divine origin of revealed religion.”

An advertisement of the “Conjugial Love" appeared in the "Church and Chapel Guide and May Meeting Hand-Book" for the present year; and the four-page Catalogue has been stitched up several times in the Intellectual Repository. Presentations of works have been made as follows :

FREE LIBRARIES.—London, Bethnal Green, 31 vols. ; Birmingham, Central Library (to replace the works destroyed by the late fire), 41 vols. ; Glasgow, Mitchell Library, 45 vols. ; Reading, 14 vols.

OTHER INSTITUTIONS.-London, British Museum, 1 vol.; South London Working Men's College, 5 vols. ; Fakenham, Library of Public Institution, 3 vols. ; Small Heath, near Birmingham, Literary Society, 6 vols.


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TO PRIVATE PERSONS.—Mr. W. A. Bates, Horncastle—“ Apocalypse Explained.” Mr. C. Fairweather, Melbourne—“Arcana Coelestia," “ "Four Primary Doctrines,” “ Apocalypse Explained.” Mr. John Johnson, Wigan—"Apocalypse Revealed," “White Horse," "Conjugial Love," "Canons," "Coronis.” Mr. W. A. Presland, Keighley-"True Christian Religion,"

," "Heaven and Hell,” “ Divine Love and Wisdom,” “ Divine Providence,” “Four Primary Doctrines." Mr. R. J. Tilson, New Church College—“ Arcana Coelestia." The Editor of the Contemporary Review—“Intercourse,” “Miscellaneous Observations,” “Divine Love and Wisdom,” “Divine Providence," "Documents," "Outlines

“ of the Infinite,” “Posthumous Tracts," "Heaven and Hell," and Mr. T. C. Lowe of Birmingham has been supplied with two sets of the “ Apocalypse Explained” at half price for distribution as prizes to Sunday scholars.

An abstract of the last Report and a copy of the Annotated Catalogue were posted to the editors of the press in Great Britain and Ireland. The abstract was in numerous cases, by the courtesy of the editors, transferred into their journals. Copies of the full "Report, with the “Reflections” of Mr. Pandurung, were sent to all the Free Libraries, Colleges, and other Institutions in which the Society's publications have a place. By these and the other means already detailed your Committee have endeavoured to keep the Society constantly before the public at large, holding out the beacon-light to all who, sincerely seeking after truth, are desirous of finding it.

The hearty and grateful thanks of the members are due to the Rev. A. Clissold and to his esteemed sister, Miss Clissold, for the handsome marble bust of Swedenborg which in future will adorn the Committeeroom of the Society's house. The bust has been executed by Preston Powers, son of the late Hiram Powers, who so emphatically declared himself to be “a New Churchman, a Swedenborgian, a New Jerusalemite," and wished it to be known and published if it would do any good. He also strongly desired to have his name as a New Churchman remembered in this manner, but illness preventing him, he committed the task to his son and only pupil, Mr. Preston Powers. The high reputation which Mr. Preston Powers enjoys has been enhanced by his skilful and artistic treatment of a difficult subject, and has amply justified his father's judgment in leaving in his hands the execution of what has no doubt been a labour of love. The pedestal is made from Brauna wood kindly given to the Society for the purpose by Mr. Pickstone of Holywell. This wood, which is of great hardness and durability, and capable of a high degree of polish, supplies an admirable setting for so beautiful a gem.

Canada. —A recent letter from Mr. Roy states that nothing of im




portance has taken place in connection with the late Mr. Huber's estate since last year, and that the securities continue perfectly good. The letter was accompanied by a debtor and creditor account to the 26th May last.

Denmark.-A set of the theological works has been presented to the New Church Society meeting at Copenhagen. Mr. A. Hellemann intimated to the Committee that there were many friends in connection with the Society who would highly appreciate the gift and make a good use of the books. The Danish New Church Monthly has informed its readers of the presentation to make it known as widely as possible.

India.—The first edition of 5000 copies of Mr. Pandurung's Reflections," printed early last year, was soon exhausted.

A second edition of 2000 copies has since been printed. This edition has been revised by Mr. Pandurung and considerably improved. The work has been very widely distributed, as will be seen by the following list :Presented to Mr. Pandurung.

100 copies. Baboo Chunder Sen

100 Baboo Mozoomdar

Editors of English press in India

Missionaries and ministers in India 1168
Officials in the Indian Civil Service 172
Editors of press in Great Britain 1100
Sundry persons



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Copies sold


The expense attending these presentations has been considerable. To avoid as far as possible trenching upon the ordinary funds of the Society, the Committee made an appeal for assistance, which resulted in the sum of £49, 178. 10d. being subscribed towards carrying out the project. The sales have realized £21, 2s., and the balance remaining against the Society is £45, 178. 10d. The Committee will be glad to reduce the latter amount if friends who have not yet subscribed will do so at an early opportunity.

It appeared to your Committee that the present was a favourable opportunity for publishing a work of Swedenborg's in an Eastern language, provided that sufficient funds could be raised for the pur

Mr. Pandurung was consulted in the matter, and he agreed with the Committee that the “Heaven and Hell” would be the most suitable work, for the reason that it contains but few of those arguments directed against the erroneous ideas of scriptural truth to be found in Western Christianity. The language finally recommended by Mr. Pandurung into which to translate the work named is the Hindi. The probable cost of an edition of 2000 copies Svo was estimated at £400. The matter was laid before the Rev. Mr. Clissold, who expressed deep interest in it, and thought that the opening thus presented was one of which immediate advantage should be taken. With great liberality he offered to give for the purpose one-half the sum named, upon the condition that the remaining half was subscribed. The offer met with a prompt and hearty response, as will be seen by the list of subscriptions in the Treasurer's Account. Instructions to commence the translation of the “ Heaven and Hell” were immediately sent to Mr. Pandurung, who kindly offered his valuable assistance in superintending the work through the press.

The Committee were also of opinion that Mr. Pandurung's "Reflections,” if translated and circulated in India, would form an admirable pioneer of the works of Swedenborg. They have therefore undertaken to publish an edition of that pamphlet in Marathi, a language for which a preference was given by Mr. Pandurung for several reasons. With these two works the Committee hope to lay the foundation of a good and great work among our Indian fellow-subjects, who are rapidly awakening to a new and purer religious life. As a slight testimony of their high appreciation of Mr. Pandurung's services in the cause of the New Church, the Committee have elected that gentleman an honorary and corresponding member of the Society, which was acknowledged in the following words : “I feel thankful to the Society for the honour which they have conferred upon me, ... and I hope it may prove a further stimulus to my exertions in the cause of truth."

Mr. Pandurung announced to the Committee his intention of inaugurating a Sweden borg library in Bombay, and asked for a donation of the Society's publications. This was readily granted, and the receipt of the works has been suitably acknowledged. The Committee in addition presented Mr. Pandurung with a set of the “Documents” for his own use.

Russia.—Acting on the recommendation of Mr. Mittnacht, the Committee presented twenty-five copies of the “ Divine Providence" in Polish to the Rev. A. Shiweck, whose Journal of Missionary Labours in Prussia and Poland has been recently printed in the Nero Jerusalem Messenger, and excited considerable interest. The oppo


sition Mr. Shiweck met with has been chiefly from the ministers of the Old Church. Many willing hearers from among the laity have presented themselves, and been of great service in providing places of meeting in which Mr. Shiweck has lectured with marked

An edition of the “Heaven and Hell” in Polish will now shortly be published, and its circulation on this part of the Continent will no doubt materially assist the future labours of Mr. Shiweck and other missionaries in spreading the truths of the New Church in this direction.

Sweden.—A copy of the “ Arcana Cælestia" in French has been presented to the Rev. A. Boyesen.

Trinidad.In the last Report it was stated that twelve copies of the "True Christian Religion” and twelve copies of the “ Apocalypse Revealed” had been forwarded to Mr. J. H. Lacroix for gratuitous presentation to clergymen in the island. In the correspondence column of the Trinidad Chronicle of April 26th there is a long letter under the heading of “The New Jerusalem versus The New Israel,” containing a criticism of a previous letter of a correspondent who had been contending for two distinct senses in the Divine Word. In another letter, the last writer, speaking of a work on “England's Coming Glories,” takes the opportunity of referring his readers to Dr. Bayley's “Divine Word Opened," which, he remarks, will greatly assist them in understanding aright the scriptural statements of Israel's future glories. A good work is therefore going on in this island by means of the powerful agency of the press, which will no doubt increase in strength and usefulness.

On the continent of Europe, and still more perhaps on the great continent of Asia, the work to be done will only be overtaken by unwearied industry and mutual help. It is satisfactory to know that our brethren in America have the same end in view, and are fast spreading a knowledge of the great truths of the New Church over the New World. In a recently issued Report of the American Tract and Publication Society, it is stated that, conjointly with Mr. Iungerich, the works delivered during the year 1878 reached the large aggregate of 10,215 volumes. Our American friends are also helping this Society in some of its undertakings. With this union of strength and purpose great things must be attempted, and great things will be accomplished, for the Lord is on our side.

In conclusion, your Committee resign their trust with a deep consciousness of the importance of the work which devolves upon the Society, and the necessity which exists for carrying it on with increasing energy and perseverance.

Much of the seed sown in past years has

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