Romanticism: An Oxford Guide

Nicholas Roe
Oxford University Press, 2005年1月1日 - 743 頁
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This uniquely comprehensive and wide-ranging guide to Romantic literature presents forty-six newly commissioned chapters from an international team of contributors, both long-established scholars and cutting-edge academics. It combines an introduction to the literary and historical contexts of Romanticism with material on critical and theoretical approaches and detailed readings of Romantic texts. The volume is divided into four parts: "Romantic Orientations," "Reading Romanticism," "Romantic Forms," and "Romantic Afterlives." The last part considers the influence of Romanticism on later writers and on contemporary culture.

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Nicholas Roe is Professor of English at the University of St Andrews. He has published extensively on Wordsworth and Coleridge and he is the author of John Keats and the Culture of Dissent (Oxford University Press, 1998).