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ADVERTISEMENT. This New Week's Preparation is published by the sanotion of his Majesty's Royal Licence, regularly transferred to William Bent, of London, bookseller ; and from him a part has been assigned to the London booksellers mentioned belou.

There are two editions of the work ; one on common paper, with a letter-press title and frontispiece, the other on fine paper, with a copper-plate title and frontispiece, and every genuine copy of them has, on the back of the title, the signature of the above proprietor.



Printed also for F. C. and J. Rivington; J. Walker; Scatcherd and Letterman; C. Law; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown; H. T. Hodgson ; J. Richardson ; J. M. Richardson • Sherwood, Neely, and Jones ; and Gale, Curtis, and Fenner.

D. Cock and Co. Printers, Dean-street, Soho, Londok.

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The Preface:

The Week's Preparation.

Reasons for publishing this New Ejaculations when we awake,

Week's Preparation Page i - when we arise.

Keble's Week's Preparation ex- Prayers when dressed.

ceeding faulty, as it abounds

with many rapturous expres-

For Monday

sions, fitter for a sensial lover A meditation for the morning. 3

than a worshipper of the all pure A prayer for the morning: 7


ii A meditation for the evening.

Bishop Stillingfleet's testimony A prayer before examination: 11

against that way of worship. Directions for self-examina-

The way of worship made use of in



Keble's week's preparation has
greatly contributed toward the

A form of Examination, pis.
decay of christian piety. ii

Many honest and well-meaning of our duty toward God.

christians have been thrown into

our peighbvór. 17

despair by it,



It has served to bring religion in-

¡f a child.

to ridicule and contempt, and to

if à parent.


harden the wicked and unthink-

if a brother or sister. 24

if a wife.


ing part of mankind against the

first efforts of reformation,' iii

if a husband.


The love of God, as taught by

if a servant.


Keble's week's preparation,

ifa master or mistress. 26

very different from that taught

if a magistrate.

us by, Christ himself, and by A profession of godly sorrow for

St. Johp.


our sins.


The prayers and meditations in Ejaculations.


this New Week's Preparation A prayer of resignation to the will

are such as can be warranted of God.


from the word of God itself. iv A prayer to conclude our devo

Bishop Fleetwood's testimony tions for every day.


against the manner of worship Ejaculations at going to bed. 33

made use of in Keble's week's



For Tuesday.

An account of this work.
The duty of frequent communi- A prayer for the morning.

Meditation for the morning: 34

The obligations for preparing Méditation for the evening.

ourselves for the Lord's sup? A prayer for the evening.

For Wednesday.

The communion office must be

carefully attended to. vii Meditation for the morning. 45

The usefulness of actual prepara- A confession of sins.


vii A prayer for God's mercy,

Dr. Waterland's commendation Meditation for the evening. 53

of the Week's Preparation. vii A prayer for the evening.







Meditation for the evening. 82

before the cup. 113

A prayer for the evening.

85 Directions on receiving the cup.


For Sunday.

А prayer wlien you have received

Meditation for the morning. 86

both kinds.


A prayer for the morning.

A rhanksgiving when retired from


Ejaculations when you first come

the Lord's table.


into the church.


A short prayer when the commu-

nion-service is ended. 119

A prayer before or after the

prayers of the church.

93 Instructions how to live well after

A prayer after the sermon. 94 a worthy receiving of the holy



The Companion for the Altar. A prayer after you have returned



Directions before receiving: 96
Ejaculations before you leave

Directions for a christian beha-

viour in the afternoon on the


Ejaculations when you approach

day we receive the blessed sa-

crament of the Lord's supper.

the altar.


Directions concerning the offer-


97 A morning prayer.


A prayer at offering yorr alms. An evening prayer.


100A general thanksgiving. 134


your seal.


Reasons for publishing this book. THOUGH I may possibly incur the displeasure of those whose secular views may be frustrated or disappointed by the publication of this New Week’s Preparation ; yet I have the consolation of being fully assured, that this present undertaking will want no apology to those who have religion truly at heart. Nor am I under any apprehension of being condemned for adding one more to the number of devotional books already extant upon the subject of the holy sacrament of the Lord's Supper; because the tempers and talents of men are, so different, that what does not affect one may possibly touch another. I am also persuaded that the proprietors of Keble's Old Week's Preparation, cannot desire the continuance of a book which has already been found so injurious to christianity; for it abounds with rapturous and wanton expressions, and warmth of constitution, not reason, much less religion, has the chief and sovereigu influence. Undoubtedly writers of this cast, have shamefully suffered the softer passions to mix too strongly with their zeal for religion *.

* The following is the apology of no less an author than Dr. Isaac Watts himself. Let it be observed, that it was much the fashion, even among some divines eminence in former years, to express the fervors of devout love to our Savionr in the style of the Song of Solomon: and I must confess, that several of my composures in verse, written in younger life, were led by those examples unwarily into this track. But, if I may be permitted to speak the sense of maturer age, I can bardly think this the happiest language in which christians should discover their warm sentiments of religion, since the clearer and more spiritual revelations of the New Testament.” To this apology we may add, that in these our meditations and prayers are no visionary scenes of wild extravagance; no affectations of that style, which spreads a glaring confusion over the understanding. Here are none of those incomprehensible phrases which may amuse the ear with sounding vanity, and hold reason in sovereign contempt. In short, here are no secret pantings after a mortal love, in the langnage of devotion and piety.

By what means true devotion is destroyed.

Here the true spirit of devotion, which is in its own nature a liberal and reasonable service, is made wholly to evaporate in unnatural heats, and ecstatic fervours, such as are a disgrace and reproach to the dignity of a rational nature. And instead of speaking the language of a serious, rational, unaffected piety, they abound wholly with rapturous figlits of unhallowed love, and strains of mystical dissoluteness ; or, as an ingenious author terms it, spiritualized concupiscence, invented by the carpal and wanton appetites and wishes of the unmarried nuns and friars; and thence either by design, or by the delusion of the devil, or both, foisted into the devotions of the reformed churchi, under a pretence of purer flames of divine love and spiritual rapture ; whereas they pollute the soul with luscious images, warm it into irregular ferments, and fire it with a false passion ; dissipating all due composure and recollection of mind, and laying open the heart to all the wild extravagancies of frantic enthusiasm : a manner of address much fitter for a dissolute lover, than for an acceptable worshipper of the allpure and all-knowing God.

It was against this kind of devotion, that great light of the church of England, the learned and pious bishop Stillingfleet thus exclaimed. “Is it possible that any man can imagine, it is no dishonour to the christian religion to make the perfection of the devotion of it to consist in such strange unaccountable unions and raptures, which take away

the use of all (modesty) reason, and common sense!" Some causes of the decay of christian piety.

It is to such effusions as these we may ascribe, in a great measure, the decay of christian piety: because, they tend to mislead men's minds from the irue subject both of their duty and happiness, and bring them to acquiesce in their false and mistaken substitutes : they give great and signal discourageinent to the general practice of piety in the world, by exposing it to ridicule, and the charge of affected singularity. Ou the one hand, they throw many honest and wellmeaning, but weak minds, into a despair of ever succeeding

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