Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, 第 11 卷

A. and C. Black, 1815

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第 381 頁 - Fever, the disease which has of late years prevailed in the West Indies, on the coast of America, at Gibraltar, Cadiz, and other parts of Spain, with a collection of facts proving it to be a contagions disease.
第 v 頁 - An Essay on the Venereal Diseases which have been confounded with Syphilis, and the symptoms which exclusively arise from that poison. Illustrated by Drawings of the Cutaneous Eruptions of true Syphilis, and the resembling Diseases. By Richard carmichael, MRIA Part II.
第 508 頁 - Jardine ; illustrated by eleven engravings. 8vo. 10s 6d A Treatise on Fever, with Observations on the Practice adopted for its Cure in the Fever Hospital and House of Recovery in Dublin ; illustrated by Cases. By William Stoker, MD 8vo. 7...
第 23 頁 - For the great depth from the surface at which this vessel is placed — the direct course which it runs in ascending to the top of the pleura — the sudden descent which it makes from this to sink under the protection of the clavicle, and the danger of including in the same ligature the eighth pair of nerves, the Internal jugular vein or the carotid...
第 453 頁 - Not daring to allow the washing of the infant's body, he was speedily wiped, and wrapped in flannel, with only an opening in the dress around his mouth for the admission of air ; and by the time the dressing was over, the- mother was ready to take him into the warm bed with herself. It is common, if there be much apparent weakness, to feed a child the first twelve hours after birth very frequently, yet, in this instance, although the child was weak, no feeding was attempted until beyond that time;...
第 76 頁 - The appearance on dissection, about four hours after death, did not differ materiauy from what has been observed in former cases ; the posterior part of the fauces exhibited marks of inflammation, and the papillae at the root of the tongue were uncommonly prominent ; the esophagus was laid open through its whole extent, and in several places shewed slight marks of inflammation ; these marks became more conspicuous towards its termination in the cardia ; the inner surface of the stomach was in several...
第 527 頁 - Academicus of the University of Edinburgh conferred the degree of Doctor in Medicine on the following Gentlemen, (117 in number,) after having gone through the appointed examinations, and publicly defended their inaugural dissertations .— Of Scotland.
第 52 頁 - Day, and various Functions of the Human Body,- and on the Manner .. .in which the Pulsations of the Heart and Arteries are affected by Muscular Exertion.
第 261 頁 - ... observation, into a judgment unusually prompt and correct in its decisions. The purposes of his sagacious mind were pursued also with a steadiness of determination which generally secured their accomplishment; and unexpected difficulties in the treatment of diseases he encountered with firmness, and with great fertility of invention. As a professional author he had obtained a high rank, and the world is indebted to him for a large fund of valuable knowledge, conveyed in a style, which, fur perspicuity,...
第 358 頁 - It has been dreadfully destructive among the poor. It is very probable, that at least seven-eighths of the number of the dead) were of that class. The inhabitants of dirty houses have severely expiated their neglect of cleanliness and decency, by the numbers of them that have fallen sacrifices. Whole families, in such houses, have sunk into one silent, undistinguishing grave.