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Printed by the H. W. Wilson Company



11 West 40th Street
New York City

C. C. WILLIAMSON, Chief, Economics Division, New York Public Library,

New York City

GEORGE S. GODARD, State Librarian,

Connecticut State Library,

Hartford, Conn.

JOHN A. LAPP, Managing Editor,

Modern Medicine, 58 E. Washington St.,

Chicago, III.

FREDERICK C. HICKS, Law Librarian,

Columbia University,

New York City

Youngstown Public Library

Youngstown, Ohio


Public Affairs Information Service offers its sixth annual cumulation with a feeling that some real progress has been made during the past year.

The removal of the Editorial Office from The H. W. Wilson Company to the Economics Division of the New York Public Library has opened up many possibilities of extending the field of the Service, most of which have been impossible of accomplishment during the first year. The opportunities offered by this contact with a large reference library were not overestimated by the Committee in setting forth the advantages of the plan. Through the courtesy of the Library, incoming books, pamphlets and documents are examined each day so that everything which falls within the scope of the P. A. I. S. is immediately available. There are also available for regular examination many economic and trade periodicals not elsewhere indexed.

This system makes for more prompt service and also affords opportunity for more discriminating selection than was possible when time and money were consumed in acquiring the material. Less obvious, but no less substantial, benefits of the library contact are the availability of reference books and catalogs, the close association with actual users of the Bulletin, and the almost unlimited opportunities for keeping informed of new topics of interest.

Some new features introduced during the year may be summarized as follows:

(1) The introduction in the Bulletins of certain subheads under countries and under the political subdivisions of the United States, viz: Army, Census, Commerce, Constitution, Diplomatic and Consular Service (U. S. only), Economic conditions, Finance, Foreign Relations, Government and Politics, Maps, Natural Resources, Navy, Social Conditions, Statistics. Material on all other subjects, even though it relates to a particular country or political unit, is grouped under subject as formerly. Thus a book on the railroads of China will be found under Railroads, Foreign, without geographical subdivision. To make more easily available all the material relating to countries, states, etc., references are made from each of these political divisions to all the subjects under which material relating to them is to be found.

(2) References to well known indexes which cover in part, particularly for periodical literature, many of the subjects included in the P. A. I. S. In making an exhaustive search for material on a given subject, it has been necessary heretofore for the user of the P. A. I. S. to keep in mind the other indexes which ought to be consulted for additional references. Such indexes have grown so numerous that it has seemed a proper function for the P. A. I.S. to fill the need for an “index to indexes.” Accordingly, about 300 references have been made in this volume to the more important subjects found in indexes such as the following: Agricultural Index, Engineering Index, Index to Legal Periodicals, Index Medicus, Industrial Arts Index, International * Military Digest, Monthly List of Educational Publications, Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature, Technical Review.

(3) The establishment of a research department to handle inquiries for bibliographical, statistical and other kinds of investigations, involving more extended research than is possible for the Editorial Staff to undertake. An important feature of the service of this department is the furnishing of photostat copies of material listed in the bulletin and not easily accessible to members in its original form.

(4) The publication of an index to important state legislation of 1920, issued as a special bulletin under date of September 25, and incorporated in this volume. This is not an entirely new feature but a revival of the Index to legislation first issued in 1917. For the past two years it has not been practicable for various reasons to publish such an index, and its preparation this year was made possible only by the generous assistance of cooperators in touch with the legislative situation in the states represented. It is hoped that it may be continued as a regular part of the Service.

The P. A. I. S. is not a periodical index nor is it a digest, although it is sometimes evaluated by tests that apply exclusively to one or the other of these two classes of reference tools. It covers the fairly definite range of topics suggested by the term “Public Affairs,” but it does not confine itself to any one class of publications. References are made to documents, books, pamphlets, newspapers and even manuscript and unpublished material appearing, in English, in foreign countries as well as in the United States. The term public affairs is not narrowly interpreted, although the subjects to which most space is given relate necessarily to economic, industrial, social and political problems. An example of the broad interpretation of the field is the amount of space given in this volume to business and financial topics. Banks and banking, Credit, Finance, Foreign commerce, Foreign investments, Merchant marine, Ports, Public debts, Shipping, Terminals and Transportation are a few of the more important headings used. Commercial, financial and economic conditions in various countries are fully treated under geographical headings. Under the general heading Industry, reference is made to fiftysix specific industries to be found in their alphabetical place as main headings. Information relating to prices of more than one hundred commodities may be found by referring to the names of commodities enumerated under the heading Prices.

By classifying the material under carefully selected headings and subheads, and by the addition of contents notes and occasional short descriptive notes, P. A. I. S. tries to meet the need of the research worker for quick and efficient guidance to the best sources of information.

Under the new formal agreement between the Publication Committee and the H. W. Wilson Company the latter continues to print and distribute the bulletins. 11 West 40th Street,

ALICE L. JEWETT. New York City.

October, 1920.

Key to Bibliographical Abbreviations

• Main entry for material free or with postage Main entry for material with price

Note: These signs are not used before periodical references or analytical entries * (hefore price) Net

+ (after paging) Continuation of article not paged consecutively agric. agricultural, agriculture

H.C.R. House concurrent resolution app. appendix

H.R. House resolution assn. association

il. illustrated,-ion, -ions av. avenue

inc. incorporated bd. board

J.R. Joint resolution bibl. bibliography

jr. junior bldg. building

leg. legislative, legislature blk. block

lib. library blvd. boulevard

ltd. limited bur. bureau

med medical cd. card

Dim. Vimeographed ch. chapter

misc. miscellaneous chm. chairman

munic. municipal, municipalities circ. circular

n s. new series co. company, county

nat. national col. college

no number com. commerce, committee

ord. ordinance coinm. commission

oz. ounces comp. compiler

p. pages comr. commissioner

P.L. Public laws cond, condensed

ра. paper Cong Congress

pam. pamphlet corp. corporation

pt. part corr. corresponding

pub. public. publication, publishing dept. department

ref. reference diag. diagram

rept. report dir. director

rev. revised div.' division

S. Senate . doc. document

S.B. Senate bill dom. domestic

S.J.R. Senate joint resolution econ. economics

S.R. Senate resolution ed. editor, edition

sec. secretary educ. education

sect section eng engineering

ser series enl. enlarged

sess. Session exec. executive

soc. society exp. experiment

sq. square ext. extension

st. street fed. federal, federation

sta station fig. figure

sup. supplement for. foreign

supt. superintendent found. foundation

tr. translated gaz gazette

treas. treasurer gen. general

typew. typewritten

univ. university H. House

v. volume H.B. House bill

v.p. various paging


A: Augustus
B: Benjamin
C: Charles
D: David
E: Edward
F: Frederick
G: George
H: Henry
I: Isaac
J: John
K: Karl

L: Louis
M: Matthew
N: Nicholas
O: Otto
P: Peter
R: Richard
S: Samuel
T: Thomas
V: Victor
W: William

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