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plainly to appear that none of those gospel graces agree with the uncharitable doctrine of endless sin and misery, which cruel doctrine in itself considered, is but the mere fungous of unbelief, and springs up without seed from the corruption of the filthy carcass of Adamic nature. But true faith in the saviour of the world, has the word of God for its seed and root, which word of truth the Son of Man sows in the field of the human heart. From whence then cometh tares? An enemy hath done this while men slept. But what enemy? Answer, that devilish disposition in man called the enmity of the heart, which is at enmity against God's love, and can move man to hate his neighbor, and wish his fellow creatures eternally damned, and at length, to exercise a belief as cruel as his wishes. Then the false doctrine of endless misery has sprung up as tares in the field of humanity. But will yet be consumed by the fire of the gospel and burned up both root and branch.

A fire is already kindled in Zion, that will yet burn to the lowest hell, and the false prophet, yea, all the worshippers of the beast shall wail, gnash their teeth. and gnaw their tongues for pain, when they discover the rapid progress the fire of divine truth is making in consuming the tares they have sown.

I feel a strong desire to present before the world, what I have been taught in the school of Emmanual; what mine eyes, being opened, have seen, and that which my hands have handled of the word of God. And to do this in as brief a manner as the weighty matter of what I think a regular system of doctrine will admit, in which is shown the nature of the plan of infinite wisdom, embracing in it (as far as has come to my knowledge) both the ways and means which are used in the vast economy of God, for the present benefit of moral beings, and to end in their final holiness and happiness through Jesus Christ our Lord to the glory of God the Father. I shall begin with what is revealed to us of creation, and shall end with what is plainly revealed to us concerning the final happy state of mankind when

they shall leave the shores of dull mortality and of time, and shall launch away into a boundless ETERNITY.

It is not expected that all the ideas conveyed in this system of doctrine will be readily approbated, either by the Universalists or by all the Restitutionists, and much less by the limitarians. However, I earnestly intreat all parties to examine the subject with solemnity and candour; for I can assure them, that it is for the good of mankind I write the sincere sentiments of my heart. Being in my fifty-first year of age, I am too old to feel at all disposed to trifle with the holy things of religion. I believe ! But let him who doubts a proposition, honestly own he don't believe it. In my writing I mean to have no doubtful disputation; not be as one in the wind, uncertain, but to write with great assurance. This method of candour may not suit the taste of some even among professed believers; for many think we ought to doubt of almost every thing, and make of the mere wishes and desires of the mind, faith and hope. But I have not so learned Christianity; I do not consider myself a believer in any thing which I doubt. I mean to live and die an honest man; I have promised my Lord and Master Jesus Christ, that I will faithfully declare his word and testimony, as I have received it. And so God helping me, I will do, whether the world does at present receive it or not. I will plant and water, and may God give the blessed increase of faith among the children of men.

I shall be positive in writing, because I am sure. But if I were not sure, how then could I boldly ask men to believe what I myself was uncertain obout? I could not have the effrontery to come in a professional garb of faith, while inwardly my heart was full of doubtful disputation on the very subject before me. No, let me never handle the word of God deceitfully, but honestly commend myself to every man's conscience in all I write.

I am about to introduce a system of doctrine very important to mankind, if true, of which, I as an individual, have no doubt. On this ground I have no difficulty,


but I must confess that the unbelief in what I call truth by others, and their bitter opposition to it, gives me no small degree of pain in mind. I sincerely pray to God, that their eyes may be opened, to see and understand the truth as it is in Jesus. My prayer will yet be heard; God will open the eyes of the blind, he will deaf ears, and all shall know him?


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ISA. xlvi. 9, 10. "Remember the former things of old For I am God, and there is none else: I am God; and there is none like me. Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I wil do all my pleasure.

God who at sundry times and in divers manners hath spoken to his holy prophets in ancient times, and thro' Jesus Christ to his inspired apostles, concerning the end of the glorious plan of his merciful grace, has also in the beginning of creation, declared by signs and wonders, his ultimate object and end he has in view, as it relates to the final order of the wide spread universe of intelligent nature. The LORD God hath plainly declared in the beginning, what shall be the final end of ཀ looked on all the works of his hands, and pronounced all very good-and also blessed the extensive whole. Now as he declared the end from the beginning, it is easy to discover, that all must be very good in the end, and receive the blessing of that same unchangeable God; and as he cursed none in the beginning, he will curse no part in the final consummation of all his created works.

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God also in ancient times by the sentence upon the serpent, whose head was to be bruised by the seed of the woman; and by the cherubims and flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life, plainly declared the end; when there shall be no tempting serpent in the way of life, and that the way of the tree of life shall be to this end, carefully guarded.

God also, by all the signs and wonders wrought in his moral government, from Adam to Moses, declared his gracious design of inercy in the end. He chose Israel from among the nations of the earth, and consecrated Moses to be their early leader, that he might plant his name in Israel, and through their instrumentality, re

veal his power and goodness to a dark benighted world.

God also raised up inspired prophets in Israel, to explain the nature of his plan of grace, who foretold the coming of the Messiah, and the subject of his mission into the world: That it was to make an end of sin, and to finish transgression, and that the outward covenant of works should then be abolished and give place to that which is inward and spiritual, through which latter covenant, Christ would be the Light of the whole world; and by the sacred blood of it, should send forth his prisoners out of the pit wherein there is no water. And that they who sit in darkness should see the light, and go forth.

When Jesus came agreeable to ancient prediction, he bore witness of his divine mission, by the works which he performed. He healed the sick, cast out devils and raised the dead by the word of his power; and then voluntarily laid down his life for every man; and having power to take it up again, he rose again for our justification. Thus he spoiled principalities, triumphing over death bell and the grave, making an open show of his consummate victory, through which he gains access to that within the veil of every human heart, where he makes a full atonement for sin, in the temple of humanity, and brings the soul to the birth through faith in his life, prefigured by his blood, by which the mind of man emerges from gross darkness into the glorious light of the kingdom of grace and truth, being conformed to the image of Christ. This glorious gospel of the kingdom which is to every creature in all the world, the Apostles were commanded to go and preach, as soon as they should be spiritually qualified from on high, or in other words, as soon as they should receive the spirit, of the ministry of reconciliation, to wit, that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them.

When the Apostles entered upon their ministry, God did in the clearest sense of the word, declare the end from the beginning, saying by them, his counsel should

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