New Monthly Magazine, 第 116 卷

E. W. Allen, 1859


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第 295 頁 - And mistress of herself, though china fall. And yet believe me, good as well as ill, Woman's at best a contradiction still. Heaven, when it strives to polish all it can Its last best work, but forms a softer man...
第 412 頁 - Scarce once herself, by turns all womankind! Who, with herself, or others, from her birth Finds all her life one warfare upon earth: Shines in exposing knaves, and painting fools, Yet is, whate'er she hates and ridicules.
第 420 頁 - Not in mine innocence I trust; I bow before thee in the dust; And through my Saviour's blood alone I look for mercy at thy throne.
第 238 頁 - To restore the Capitol ; to replace there the statues of the heroes who have rendered it immortal ; to rouse the Romans from centuries of slavery ; such will be the fruit of our victories ; they will form an era in history ; to you will belong the glory of having changed the face of the most beautiful part of Europe.
第 55 頁 - During the whole of the three days that it took us to reach Edmonton House, we saw nothing else but these animals covering the plains as far as the eye could reach, and so numerous were they, that at times they impeded our progress, filling the air with dust almost to suffocation.
第 43 頁 - Young I'd have him too, and fair, Yet a man; with crisped hair Cast in thousand snares, and rings For Love's fingers, and his wings: Chestnut colour, or more slack Gold, upon a ground of black. Venus', and Minerva's eyes For he must look wanton-wise.
第 44 頁 - Dust and ashes!" So you creak it, and I want the heart to scold. Dear dead women, with such hair, too — what's become of all the gold Used to hang and brush their bosoms ? I feel chilly and grown old.
第 409 頁 - ... child, and have governed us very well, and we love you with all our hearts ; and the prince is an honest gentleman, and when his time comes, we shall be ready to do our duties to him, as we do to you. But as long as you live we are unwilling to part with you; and therefore, I pray, madam, do not part with us.
第 412 頁 - No more a storm her hate than gratitude : To that each passion turns, or soon or late ; Love, if it makes her yield, must make her hate.
第 295 頁 - TO GEORGE SAND. A RECOGNITION. TRUE genius, but true woman ! dost deny Thy woman's nature with a manly scorn, And break away the gauds and armlets worn By weaker women in captivity ? Ah, vain denial ! that revolted cry Is sobbed in by a woman's voice forlorn ! Thy woman's hair, my sister, all unshorn, Floats back dishevelled strength in agony, Disproving thy man's name : and while before The world thou burnest in a poet-fire We see thy woman-heart beat evermore...