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51 Add 1820 Campbell P. White, Paymaster General. 53 For Abrabam Bockee, Poughkeepsie, read Abraham Bockee,

Amenia, 54 Eben. F. Norton, Buffalo, Niagara, read Buffalo, Erie. 59 Albany 4, read Albany 3. 68 Somers, Wayne, read Somers, Westchester. 78 Esopus, Elster, read Esopus, Ulster. 109 Erase the words “ in every year;" near the close of the page. 111 To President of the Senate prefix William M. Oliver. 112 George H. Boughton's term expires 1830.

To Speaker, prefix Erastus Root.

To Clerk, prefix Francis Seger.
113 To Chenango, John Latham, Clerk, add Mount Upton,

Jarvis K. Pike, add Norwich.
Delaware, Matthew Halcott, add Middletown.
Jefferson, Curtis C. Brooks, Rutland.

Aaron Brown, Lorraine.

For Chester, read Charles Orvis, Antwerp. 114 Montgomery, Thomas R. Benedict, add Ephratah.

Henry I. Diefendorf, add Root.

Daniel Stewart, add Montgomery.
Oneida, Arnon Comstock, for Westchester, read Western.
To Oswego, Hiram Hubdell, add Richland in a part of the

115 To Queens, Thomas Tredwell, add Hempstead.

Richmond, John T. Harrison, add Castletown.

Rockland, George S. Allison, add Haverstraw. 118 President of the Senate, prefix Wm. M. Oliver. : 123 and 125 William H. Duer, Albany, Circuit Judge, has

resigned his seat on the Bench, and is now President of Columbia College, and James Vanderpoel, of Kinderhook,

Columbia County, is Judge of the 3d Circuit. 12 To Clerk in Chancery, prefix Gideon M. Davison; Saratoga


127 To Clerk in Chancery, prefix Thomas S. Williams, Utica.
128 do. do. prefix Jona. L. Woods, Cortlandville."
129 do. do. prefix George B. Throop, Auburn.
130 do. do. Samuel L. Selden, Rochester.

Broome County.
In a part of the impression the residences of the Coroners

were omitted, and one name has been altered. 142 In a part of the impression the list of Justices is incorrect. 143 To the Attorneys, &c. in Binghampton, add Hamilton Collier, and Ralph Metcalf.

Cattaraugus County. 143 For 1829, I. Day, Franklinville, read Israel Day, Ellicotville.

1829, Daniel Allen, read 1828, Dan. Allen, Perrysburgh.
1823, Griswold E. Warner, read 1826, James Parmele.'

Great Valley.
To District Attorney prefix 1829, Anson Gibbs, Ellicotville.
To 1828, Abraham Searl, add Ellicotville.

Andrew Mead, add Olean.

Robert Steele, add Yorkshire: 145 Add to the Attorneys, &c. Albert G. Burke, Mark W.

Fletcher, Perrysburgh.
Add George A. S. Crocker, Connewango.

Russell C. Bryan, Fredonia.
Ralph R. Phelps, Franklinville.
Asa Hazen, Olean, rend Asa Hazen, Ellicotville.

Chautauque County. 148 For 1823, Isaac Harman, read 1825, Philo Orton, Pomfrei. To 1824, Artemas Herrick, add Mayville.

1828, Benjamin Walworth, add Fredonia.
1826, Thomas B. Campbell, add Westfield.
District Attorney prefix 1828, Sami. Å. Brown, Jameston.
1823, William Smith, jr., add Mayville.

William H. Fenton, add Ellicott.
John Bond, add Pomfret.
Elisha Wallis, aid Muyville.

Joel Burnell, add Gerry. To Attorneys and Counsellors, &c. 150 Add in Fredonia, Chauncey Tucker, and erase Leman Ave

rill, and Earnest Mullet. Add in Dunkirk, Earnest Mullet. Add in Mayville, John Birdsall, Thomas A. Osborne, and

erase James H. Price.

150 Erase in Ripley, James P. Rogers.
Erase in Jamestown, Sheldon Smith, and add Richard P.

Marvin, Joseph Wait.
Add in Westfield, David Mann, Joseph White, jr.

Clinton County.

To Attorneys and Counsellors, 154 Add in Champlain, Frederic A. Hubbell. Add in Peru, George A. Simmons, Lemuel Stetson, and

transfer Henry K. Averill, and John Warford, to

Erase in Plattsburgh, Baron S. Doty, and add William F.

Haile, George Marsh, Ricbard Mott, Caleb Nichols
and Amasa C Moore.

Delaware County. 160 While this work was in the press, the Hon. Ebenézer Foote,

First Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, died. 162 For Hobart, read Stamford, and add to it Benoni Spafford. Add in Harpersfield, Norman Smith.

Esser County.
169 To Thomas Stower, add Willsborough.

To Ambrose Mason, add Moriah.
For 1828, Joseph Storrs, read 1826. Charles Hatch, Westport.
To District Attorney, prefix David B. M.Niel.
To Gardner Stow, &c., prefix 1829.
For 1828, Leonard Stow, read 1827.
To Edmund F. Williams, add Elizabethtown.
To Ebenezer Donglass, add Ticonderoga.
To Robert Hawley, add Schroon.
To Joseph Storrs, add Jay.

Attorneys and Counsellors, &c. 171 Erase Ralph Hascall, 1813, and add Thomas A. Tomlinson.

Crown Point, for Asa Bigelow, read Amos Bigelow.
Erase John C. Thompson, and add Augustus C. Hand and

Lebbeus Hascall.
Add Moriah Zebulon, R. Shepherd, and Chipman.

Erase, Jay, Thomas D. Gibson.
Ticonderoga, transfer Lebbeus Hascall to Crown Point.
Erase Lemuel H. Wickes, and add Jonathan Burnet,

Franklin County.
171 To William Hogan, add Fort Covington.

Samuel Hoard, add Fort Covington,
Roswell Bates, add Fort Covington.
-John Varnel, add Chateaugay.


171 Add 1826, Horatio Powell, Malone:

Add 1818, Asa Hascall, Malone, District Attorney.
To James B. Spencer, add Fort Covington.

Aretus M. Hitchcock, add Fort Covington.
Samuel Hyde, add Malone.
Samuel B. Roberts, add Chateaugay.
Luther Taylor, add Bangor.

Attorneys and Counsellors, &c.
To Malone, add Richard G. Foote, and erase John H. Rus-

sell, and Almon Wheeler.
To Fort Covington, add Azel Hayward.
Add Joseph H. Jackson, Chateaugay.

Genesee County.

172 In a part of the impression,
Add to Robert Earl, jr., Attica. To James Taggart, Byron.

To William Mitchell, Bethany.
To District Attorney, prefiæ Levi Rumsey, Batavia.
Ebenezer Mix, add Batavia.
Soloinon Morris, jr., add Warsaw. To Lauren Sprague.

add Bennington. To William Fursman, add Batavia. 175 To Attorneys and Counsellors, &c., add in Batavia, Henry

Brown, Joseph W. Churchill, Timothy Fitch, Levi

Rumsey, Moses Taggart, and Guy C. Towner.
Add Alexander, Ira Earll. In Attica, add Moulton

Add Bethany, William Mitchell.
Add in Le Roy, Charles Danforth, Seth M. Gates. Augus-

tus P. Hascall, and erase John B. Skinner.
Add Middlebury, John B. Skinner.

Greene County. 176 In a part of the impression some residences were omitted.

Jefferson County. To the Attorneys and Counsellors, &c. 183 Add Hounsfield, 1808. Elisha Camp. Jeduthan Steele,

1827. Marcellus K. Stow, Add Pamelia, Bernard Bagley.

Oswego County. 233 Erase in Richland, Hiram Hubbell. 290 For 1829, Samuel White, Mayor, read 1830. Samuel Ana

blo, Mayor.

Page. 293 In a part of the impression the names of the Assessors, in

some of the wards in the city of New York, are in.

correct. 300 Add to the city of New York,


Alexander Thompson, President.
Samuel Candler, 1st Vice-President.
Miles R. Burke, 2d Vice-President.
D. S. Ogden, Secretary.
John Brown, Treasurer.
Sylvanus Miller, Counsellor.
D. M. Hitchcock, Physician.


Officers for 1830.
Stephen B. Young, President.
Brigham Howe, Ist Vice-President.

2d Vice-President.
William Mandeville, Treasurer.
Joseph C. Hart, Secretary.
Robert Provoost, Collector.

405 In a part of the impression, for Daniel Martin, read Thomas

K. Carroll. 407. For Augustus Swan, read Gustavus Swann, ånd for

Law, read William Law, in a part of the impression. Add Charles Stebbins, Madison county, Bank Commissioner

on the part of the state under the new bank law.

The following note should have been added at the close of the United States' Calendar:

Foreign_Ambassadors, Consuls and Commercial Agents, Ministers of Foreign Powers resident in the United States, Collectors of the Customs, Army and Navy List, and Military Academy at West Point, are unavoidably omitted.

A few typographical errors have occurred, which are not par: ticularly noticed. Some other errors may have escaped correc: tion: they are believed to be few in.number.

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