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For the Political year commencing January 1st, 1830.

Albany, { Lieut. Gov. and


Albany, Ecorkeeper of the

Elected or
Appointed. Names.

Residence. Office. Salary. 1828 *Vacant.

Governor, 4000 1828 +Enos T. Tbroop,

Acting Governor. 1829 Enos T. Martin,

Albany, Private Secretary, 600

Sec'y of State, and 1826 Azariah C. Flagg, Albany, ex officio Sup. of

Common Schools, 1750 1812 Archibald Campbell, Albany, Deputy Secretary, 1500 1829 Silas Wright, jr. Albany, Comptroller, 2500 1829 Philip Phelps,

Albany, Dep. Comptroller, 1500 1826 Abraham Keyser, Albany, Treasurer, 1500 1804 Abraham Oake,

Albany, Treasurer's Clerk, 800 1829 Greene C. Bronson, Albany, Attorney General, 1000 1784 Simeon De Witt, Albany, Surveyor General, 800

Edwin Croswell, Albany, State Printer.
Henry Weaver,

Executive Chainber.
The Governor and Lieutenant Governor hold their
offices for two years.

The Secretary of State, Comptroller, Attorney General, and Surveyor General, hold their offices for three years.

The Treasurer is chosen annually by the Legislature.

The Deputy Secretary and Deputy Comptroller are appointed by the Secretary and Comptroller, and hold their offices during the pleasure of the persons appointing them.

* His Excellency, MARTIN VAN BUREN, of Albany, was elected Governor of the State in November, 1828; accepted the office, and entered on its duties January 1st, 1829. On the 12th of March following he resigned, after a service of about two months and a half, that he might assume the office of Secretary of State in the government of the United States.

† The Lieutenant Governor has no selary; but in thereof he receives $6 per day while the Legislature or the Court for the trial of Impeachments and the Correction of Errors is in session, and $6 for every 20 miles travel.

The State Printer holds his office during the pleasure of the Legislature.

The Doorkeeper of the Executive Chamber is appointed by the Governor, and holds the office during his pleasure.



Appointed. 1830

Prest. of the Senate. 1816 John F. Bacon, Albany, Clerk of the Senate.

The senators are elected for four years. One member of the senate is annually elected in each district, to supply the vacancies created by rotation ; and in case of death or resignation, the vacancies thereby created are supplied at the next annual election, whenever oc. casion requires, and the persons so elected hold their offices for the remainder of the unexpired term.

When two persons are elected in the same district, one to supply a vacancy, and the other not, the two persons so elected, decide by lot which shall hold the longest term, without

any reference to the votes given at the election. The compensation allowed to each senator is $3 per day for attendance, and $3 for every 20 miles travel.

The salary of the clerk is $1200.

SENATORS. Elected. Names.

Residence. Counties. Term First District.

Expires. 1827 John I. Schenck, North Hempstead, Queens. 1828 Stephen Allen, New-York. New-York: 1829 Alpheus Sherman, New-York, New-York.

1829 Jonathan S. Conklin, Easthamplon, Suffolk. Second District.

1826 Benj. Woodward, New-York, New-York, 1830 1827 Walker Todd, Carmel,

Putnam. 1828 Samuel Rexford, Sidney,

Delaware: 1829 Nath. P. Tallmadge, Poughkeepsie,

Dutchess: Third Districi. 1826

ohn M-Carty, Coeymans, 1827 Moses Warren, Hosick,

Rensselaer. 1828 Lewis Eaton, Lockport,

Niagara. 1829 William Deitz, Schoharie,


Albany, 1830

Counties. Term

Expires. Montgomery, 1830

Essex. Washington. Saratoga.

Elected. Names.

Residence. Fourth District.

1826 Duncan M.Martin, jr.Broadalbin, 1827 Reuben Sanford, Wilmington, 1828 John M.Lean, jr. Salem,

1829 Isaac Gere, Galway, Fifth District. 1826 Truman Énos, Westmoreland. 1827 Nathaniel Benton, Litlle Falls, 1828 Wm. H. Maynard, Utica,

1829 Alvin Bronson, Oswego, Sixth District. 1826 Thos. G. Waterman, Binghampton, 1827 Grattan H. Wheeler, Wheeler, 1828 John F. Hubbard, Norwich,

1829 Levi Beardsley, Cherry Valley, Seventh District.

1826 William M. Oliver, Canardaigua,
1827 George B. Throop, Auburn,
1828 Hiram F. Mather, Elbridge,

1829 Thomas Armstrong, Wolcott, Eighth District.

1827 Timothy H. Porter, Olean, 1828 George H. Boughton,

Lockport, 1828 Moses Hayden, York, 1829 Albert H. Tracy, Buffalo,

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The members of the House of Assembly are annually elected on the 1st Monday of November. Appointed. 1830


CLERK. Qr Those persons whose names are in italic, were members of the last House of Assembly. Counties. ALBANY—Peter Gansevoort, Albany.

Samuel S. Lush, Albany.

Erastus Williams, Knox.
ALLEGHANY-Daniel Ashley, Nunda.
BROOME-Peter Robinson, Binghampton.
CATTARAUGUS-Stephen Crosby, Little Valley.
CAYUGA-Ephraim Hammond, Fleming.

Solomon Love, Locke.
William H. Noble, Ira.
Richard L. Smith, Auburn.

CHAUTAUQUE—Abner Hazeltine, Jamestown.

Squire White, Fredonia. CHENANGO—John Latham,

Jarvis K. Pike,

Charles Squires,
CLINTON-Heman Cady, Plattsburgh.
COLUMBIA- Jonathan Lapham, Taghkanick.

Aaron Vanderpoel, Kinderhook.

Oliver Wigwall, Hudson. CORTLAND-Chauncey Keep, Homer.

Henry Stephens, Cortlandville. DELAWARE-Matthew Halcott,

Erastus Root, Delhi.
DUTCHESS-James Hughson, Fishkill.

George P. Oakley, Poughkeepsie.
Jacob Van Ness, Red Hook.

Philo M. Winchell, North East.
ERIE—Millerd Fillmore, Aurora.

Edmund Hull, Clarence.
EssEX-William Kirby, Ticonderoga.
FRANKLIN-Luther Bradish, Malone.
GENESER-Timothy Fitch, Batavia.

Calvin P. Bailey, Perry.

Stephen Griswold, Stafford. GREENE-Herman J. Quackenbush, Hunter.

Jonathan Miller, New Baltimore. HERKIMER—Frederick P. Bellinger, Herkimer.

Russell Hopkins, Litchfield.

Abijah Mann, jr., Fairfield, JEFFERSON—Curtis C. Brooks,

Aaron Brown,

Chester Orvis,
KINGS-Coe S. Downing, Brooklyn.
LEWIS-Joseph O. Mott, Turin.
LIVINGSTON- Philo. C. Fuller, Geneseo.

Titus Goodman, jr., York.
MADISON- William K. Fuller, Sullivan.

John M. Messinger, Smithfield.
William Manchester, Madison.

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Monroe-Joseph Randall, Sweden.

Ezra Sheldon, jr., Mendon.

Thurlow Weed, Rochester. MONTGOMERY_Thomas R. Benedict,

Henry I. Diefendorf,

Daniel Stewart,
New.YORK-Jacob S. Bogert, New York."

John Van Buren, do.
Abraham Cargill, do.
George Curtis, do.
Ebenezer Ford, do.
Charles L. Livingston, do.
Dennis M.Carthy, do.
Gideon Ostrander,

Silas M. Stillwell,

do. Peter S. Titus, do. Gideon Tucker,

do. NIAGARA-Samuel De Veaux, Niagara Falls. ONEIDA—Arnon Comstock, Westchester.

Linus Parker, Vienna.
Elisha Pettibone, Vernon.
Eli Savage, New Hartford.

Ithai Thompson, Trenton.
ONONDAGA—Johnson Hall, Lafayette.

Timothy Brown, Elbridge.
Thomas J. Gilbert, Manlius.

Dorastus Lawrence, Marcellus. ONTARIO-John Dickson, Bloomfield.

Francis Granger, Canandaigua.

Robert C. Nicholas, Geneva. ORANGE—Abraham Cuddeback, Deerpark.

Abraham M. Smith, Newburgh.

Phineas Tuthill, Blooming Grove.
ORLEANS-John H. Tyler, Yates,
OSWEGO-Hiram Hubbell,
OTSEGO—William Baker, jr. Springfield.

Archibald Dixon, Butternuts.
Samuel M. Ingalls, Middlefield.

Jesse Rose, Maryland,
PUTNAN-James Towner, Patterson.

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