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Names of

Dis. fr.

Post Masters Wask. Albany. Waterboro' Chautauque Samuel Foote, jr. 392 329 Waterford Saratoga

Eli M. Todd

382 10 Waterloo Seneca Caleb Loring 358 174 Watertownc. h. Jefferson A.S. Green

472. 181 Watervale Onondaga: Ansell Judd

398, 140 Waterville Oneida Reuben Bacon 376 96 Watervleit Albany Abijah Wheeler 378 6 Watervleit Centre Albany James Hills

382 10 Wawarsing Ulster John J. Doll

292 84 Wayne Steuben Enos Silsbee

312 230 Wayne Four

Corner's Steuben Enoch Webster 348 243 Wayne Hotel


William Birdsall 340 240 Weed's Port Cayuga

Elihu Weed

392 176 Wellington Onondaga. Wm. M. Canfield 390 · 157 Wells

Hamilton John L. Francisco 433 61 Wellsburgh Tioga Horace Wells

292 253 Wells' Corner Orange:

Abijah Wells 285 102

Essex C. Dickinson .West Almond Allegany T. B. Van Court 345 278 W. Amsterdam Montgomery William Rob W. Bloomfield Ontario Samuel Nichols, 2d 377 222 W. Brookville Sullivan. Abraham Westbrook 292 104 West Camden Oneida. Samuel Morse West Charlton Saratoga Finley M-Martin W. Chateaugay Franklin Ezra Stiles W. Chemung Tioga Hovey Everett 313 196 Westchester Westchester William Bowne 244 162 West Constable Franklin Ebenezer Mann 567 221 West Coy

AlleganyJames Baker West Dresden Yates

Dyer Ford West Dryden Tompkins Israel S. Hoyt Westerloo Albany

William Beardsley

370 24 Western Oneida George Brayton 413 41 W. Farmington Ontario

Perez Hastings West Farms Westchester Daniel Maples 238 157 West Fayette Seneca S. B. Chidsey Westfield Chautauque Fenn Deming 384 358 Westford Otsego

David Williams 380 81 West Galway

Church Montgomery Lemuel C. Paine 414 43 W. Greenfield Saratoga John S. Weed West Hebron Washington James Irvin. 404 48

Manes of

Dis. fr.

Post Masters. Wash. Albany
W. Hempsted Rockland Amzi Coe
West Hill Suffolk Josiah Rogers

256 181 West Hinsdale Cattaraugus Amos Pitcher 363 297 West Leyden Lewis Abraham Dewey. 446 132 West Linklaen Chenango Charles T. Fairchild 355 136 West Lowville Lewis Richard Livingston 444 146 West Martinsburgh Lewis

Samuel Gowdy


143 West Mendon Monroe Horace Wheeler, 371 229 West Meredith Delaware Martin Leet


84 West Mina Chautauque Horace Brockway 405 356 Westmoreland Oneida Parker Hallock 463, 106 West Point Orange Roger Alden

284 99 West Port Essex Charles B. Hatch 487 115 W. Richmond Ontario John Dixon

366 226 W. Schuyler : Herkimer

William K. Knapp

416' 88 West Sparta Livingston Nicholas Keyser W. StephentownRensselaer Robert Tifft W. Stockholm St. Lawrence Joseph H. Sanford ; 545 189 West Town Orange Caleb Howell

289 92 W. Troupsburgh Steuben Henry De Witt West Wheeler do Oliver Abel West Winfield Herkimer David R. Carrier

378 Wethersfield Genesee Joel S. Smith

399 · 296 Wetmore's Hamilton

Seth Wetmore, jr.

452 81 Whalen's Store Saratoga

Robert Speirs

420 Wheatland Livingston Clark Hall

382 249 Wheeler Steuben

300 231 White Creek Washington Daniel P. Carpenter 426 54 Whitehall


James C. Cauldwell 437 66White Lake Sullivan

John Lindsley

305 122 White Plains Westchester Allan Macdonald 256 136 White's Store Chenango Henry Chapin


152 Whitesboro' Oneida

William G. Tracy

398 105 Whitney's Point Broome

Thomas Whitney

309 141 Wilber's Basin Saratoga Samuel Wilbur Willet

John S. Dyer

360 123 Williamsburgh Kings

Lewis Sanford Williamson Wayne

Robert Alsop

375 225 Williamstown. Oswego

Samuel Freeman

456 164 Williamsville Erie Joseph Hutchinson

415 282 Willink

Elihu Walker

396 275 Willsboro Essex

Levi Higby, jr.

518 141 Willseyville Tioga

Jacob Willsey

333, 192


Levi Gray


Names of

Post Masters.

Wash. Albang; Willmington

Reuben Sanford 504 132 Wilna

Jefferson Harlow Hawley 464 176 Wilson

Niagara Reuben Wilson 458 245 Wilton Saratoga Henry Reynolds 418 46 Windham Greene

Sidney Tuttle

374 53 Windsor

Broome William Seymour 313 156 Windfield Herkimer Almond Luce

381 82 Wolcott

Elias Y. Munson 384 202 Woodburne Sullivan Gabriel W. Ludlum Woodhull Steuben Caleb Smith

330 226 Woodstock Ulster Samuel Culver 348 81 Woodville Jefferson Asa Averill

503 158 Woodwardsville Essex Leonard Willis 468 96 Worcester Otsego Schuyler Crippen 371 74 Wynantskill Rensselaer Asaph Clark

382 12 Wyoming


William B. Collar 375 254


[blocks in formation]

The Eastern Mail is due and arrives generally at half past 11 A. M. by land ; mails from Providence, Newport, and other places in Rhode Island, are received also by the Providence steam-boats.

The Southern Mail arrives generally at 5 to 6 A, M. The Northern Mail at the same time except on Mondays; no mail is despatched from Albany on Sunday, nor from New York.


Mails for Boston, Providence, Newport, and the state of Rhode Island; also New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and eastern part of Vermont, are closed daily ar 5 A. M. and sent by land

Extra Mails for Boston, Providence, and Rhode Island generally, are closed daily (except Sundays) at 3 P. M. and sent by the Providence steam-boats.


N. B. A mail for Philadelphia is closed daily at 5 v'clock. Mails for Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania ; Wilmington and the state of Delaware ; Baltimore and the state of Maryland ; Washington City, Georgetown, and Alexandria, in the District of Colum. bia; Richmond, Manchester, Petersburg, Norfolk, and the state of Virginia ; the state of North Carolina : Charleston, and the state of South Carolina ; Savannah, Augusta, and the state of Georgia ; the territories of East and West Florida, and the eastern section of the state of Alabama, will be closed every day'at 2 o'clock P. M. and will arrive at 6 o'clock A. M.

Mails for the intermediate offices between New York and Philadelphia, viz. Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth- ' town, Rahway, Amboy, New-Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Burlington, Lawrenceville, Rocky Hill, and Six Mile Run, N. J.; Morrisville, Bristol, Andalusia, and Kingston, Pa.; are closed every day, except Sunday, at 2 o'clock P. M., and arrive every day, except Monday, with the Southern mail.

Mails for Maysville, Ky., and the states of Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, and the territory of Arkansas, are made up with the Southern mail daily.

Mails for Tennessee, Western Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana states, and New Orleans, are made up daily with the Southern mail.

Mails for Clinton, Lebanon, Northbranch, Whitehouse, Somerville, Anderson, Coursensville, Chester

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Hacketstown, Mansfield, Millington, Mendham, Monroe, Newvillage, Oxford Furnace, Pleasant Valley, Stewarts. ville, Schooley's Mount, Union, and Washington, N. J., Easton and Wilkesbarre, Penn., are closed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the Southern mail, and arrive here every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning. Mails for

Acquackanock and Paterson will be made up every day at 8 A. M..

The mail for Millstone, N. J., will be made up every Wednesday and Saturday with the Southern mail.

Mails for Belleville, N. J., will be closed every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 2 o'clock P. M., and will arrive every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, in the afternoon.

Mails for Bramersville, Franklin, Newfoundland, West Milford, Pompton, Stockholm, Hamburgh, and Deckertown, N. J., will be closed every Wednesday at 8 A. M. and arrive every Saturday in the afternoon.

Mails for Andover, Augusta, Branchville, Bethany, * Clarkston, Camptown, Dundaff, Darlingsville, Frank

ford, Hopbottom, Lockwood, Montrose, Mount Free. dom, Montague, Milford, Newtown, Palmyra, Stanhope, Suckasuney Plains, Silverlake, Sandystown, and Friend. ship, will be closed every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; at 4 P. M. and arrive every Tuesday, Thursday: and Sunday morning.

For Berkshire Valley and Stillwater, N. J., closė every Sunday at 2 P. M.

For Baskingridge, Doughty's Mills, Milton, New Vernon, Sparta, and Liberty Corner, every Tuesday, at 4 P. M., and arrive every Wednesday morning with the Southern mail.

Mails for Chatham and Bottlehill every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Swiftsure Mail. Mails for Springfield, Scotch Plains, Boundbrook, Somerset C. H., Pluckamin, Lambertsville, Ringoes, Perrysville, Prallsville, Centerville, Flemington Lunt.


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