The works of Alexander Pope. With a selection of explanatory notes, and the account of his life by dr. Johnson, 第 4 卷





第 193 頁 - For thee we dim the eyes, and stuff the head With all such reading as was never read : For thee explain a thing till all men doubt it, And write. about it, goddess, and about it : So spins the silk-worm small its slender store, And labours till it clouds itself all o'er.
第 219 頁 - Wit shoots in vain its momentary fires, The meteor drops, and in a flash expires. As one by one, at dread Medea's strain, The sick'ning stars fade off th' ethereal plain ; As Argus
第 191 頁 - The critic Eye, that microscope of Wit, Sees hairs and pores, examines bit by bit...
第 294 頁 - How fluent nonsense trickles from his tongue ! How sweet the periods, neither said, nor sung! Still break the benches, Henley ! with thy strain, While Sherlock, Hare, and Gibson preach in vain. Oh, great restorer of the good old stage, Preacher at once, and zany of thy age ! Oh, worthy thou of Egypt's wise abodes, A decent priest, where monkeys were the gods...
第 278 頁 - To where Fleet-ditch with disemboguing streams Rolls the large tribute of dead dogs to Thames, The king of dykes ! than whom no sluice of mud With deeper sable blots the silver flood.
第 224 頁 - This gave Mr Pope the thought, that he had now some opportunity of doing good, by detecting and dragging into light these common enemies of mankind; since to invalidate this universal slander, it sufficed to show what contemptible men were the authors of it.
第 259 頁 - There motley images her fancy strike, Figures ill pair'd, and similes unlike, She sees a mob of metaphors advance, Pleased with the madness of the mazy dance : How Tragedy and Comedy embrace ; How Farce and Epic get a jumbled race ; How Time himself stands still at her command, Realms shift their place, and ocean turns to land.
第 158 頁 - Till one wide conflagration swallows all. Thence a new world, to nature's laws unknown, Breaks out refulgent, with a heaven its own: Another Cynthia her new journey runs, And other planets circle other suns. The forests dance, the rivers upward rise, Whales sport in woods, and dolphins in the skies; And last, to give the whole creation grace, Lo! one vast egg produces human race. Joy fills his soul, joy innocent of thought; What power, he cries, what power these wonders wrought?
第 189 頁 - Where Bentley late tempestuous wont to sport In troubled waters, but now sleeps in port.
第 349 頁 - ... nature at one glance, and to be the only author that gives ground for a very new opinion, that the philosopher, and even the man of the world, may be born, as well as the poet. It must be owned, that with all these great excellencies, he has almost as great defects ; and that as he has certainly written better, so he has perhaps written worse, than any other.