Luke, W. Liverpool, merchant

Sherwin, J. Burslem, ironmonger Macarty, J. Strand, spirit merchant

Simister, J. and Co. Birmingham, button-makers Matthews, T. High Holborn, linendraper

Smith, W. Plymouth Dock, cabinet-maker Medway, R. Beanminster, butcher

Smith, R. Howden, tallow-chandler Miller, A. Vauxhall Road, oilman

Snelgrove, R. Warningcamp, Sussex Moody, J. jun. Egham, coach-master

Spencer, T. Gray's Inn-lane, livery stable-keeper Morris, W. Wellclose-square, tavern-keeper Stephenson, R. and Co. Hull, merchants Moss, T. Vauxhall, potter

Stirling, J. and Co. Copthal-court, merchants Murray, J. Sebirghain, Cumberland, dealer Streets, W. Aldermanbury, galloon inanufacturer Needham, R. Brompton, silversmith

Taylor, F. Adlington, Lancaster, shopkeeper Newcomb, F. Gadshill, Kent, dealer

Teasdale, T. Newington, Surrey, linendraper Newman, J. Clerkenwell, brewer

Tills, W. sen. Mistley, Essex, merchants,
Northcote, H. J. Lime-street, wine-merchant Towler, T. and Co. Wakefield, woolstapler
Olding, J. Old Change, stationer

Tovey, F. R. East-street, Lamb's Conduit
Parsons, T. Castle-street, Holborn, jeweller Trayhorn, R. Portsea, plumber
Poole, S. G. Chelsea, brewer

Turner, J. Paddington, chinaman
Pool, W. Smith-street, Clerkenwell, coal-merchant Twigg, J. Cheapside, warehousemnan
Porter, J. Watlington, Norfolk, dealer

Ugart, D. Wilson-street, Finsbury-square, mer. Powell, J. sen. Windsor, tailor

Vincent, W. Stepney, ropemaker Railston, J. North Shields, ship-owner

Ward, J. City, importer of foreign fruits Rawlins, J. and Co. Leicester-square, tailors White, S. A.'Édingley Cotton Min, Notts, cotton Richardson, T. Cheapside, warehouseman

spinner Robinson, J. Nicholas-lane, merchant

Whitney, W. Ludlow, innkeeper
Robinson, W. and Co. Worthing, common carriers Wilkinson, J. Wapping, oil merchant
Saintmare, J. Jaques and Co. City Rond, rectifiers Wood, J. Birmingham, broker
Sanders, J. Ipswich, ironmonger

Wright, J. Mill Wall, Poplar, anchorsmith
Savory, C. South Efford, Devon, lime-burner
Scott, T. Stoke-upon-Trent, earthernware manu-

S. and. Co. 'Theobald's Rool, coact:facturer




November 1821, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Forbes, William, Aberdeen, merchant and agent ; Aitkin, Andrew, Glasgow, merchant

by J. D. Milne, advocate there Bell and Sword, Leith, rope and sail-makers Galloway, Robert, Dundee, merchant; by George Foreinan, George & Co. Stirling, merchants

Duncan, merchant there Milroy, Adam, china, glass, and earthen-ware mer. Hamilton, John & William, Lanark, wrights and chant

builders; by J. Paul, writer there Sinclair, George, Stromness, merchant

M'Queen, Hamilton, & Co. Glasgow. wine-mcı. Smith Joon, youngest, Aberdeen, merchant

chants; by Thos. Lancaster, merchant there Sutherland, James, Nairn, merchant

Moodie, James, Dunfermline, merchant; by Jas. Sword, Jaines, junior, Glasgow, merchant

Black wood, merchant there

Paterson, Richard, Clothier, Edinburgh; by J.

M.Kean, accountant there Crawford, James & Andrew, Glasgow, merchants ; Shaw & Ferguson, Glasgow, merchants; by D. by J. Aitken, the trustee

Turnbull, writer there Drummond, John, Oban, architect and builder; Turnbull, John, Galashiels, skinner and woolby J. Twcedie, merchant in Glasgow

merchant; by John Scott, flesher there.


BIRTHS, 1821. June 30. At Madras, the Lady of Lieut. Col. Foulis, Madras cavalry, a son.

Oct. 17. In York Place, Edinburgh, the Lady of George Mereer, Esq. of Gorthy, a son.

18 At Arburthpot House, the Viscountess of Arburthnot, a son.

99. The Lady of Duncan Campbell, Esq. of Maxwellhill, son.

25. In Great Cumberland Street, London, Lady M'Farlan, a daughter,

21. At Moror Tlouse, the Lady of Col. Maedonell, a son.

25. At Orchardhead, Stirlingshire, Mrs Walker, a son.

27. In Grosvenor Place, London, Lady Emily Drummond, a daughter

29. In Park Placc, St James's, London, the Viscountess Cranborne, a son and heir. - At New Garden, Mrs Ramage Liston, a son.

At Paris, the Lady of Alexander Norman Macleod, Esq. of Harri", a son.

30. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir William Jardine, Bart. of Applegarth, a daughter.

30. In St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh, Mrs Graham, a son.

Nov. 1. At Langley Park, the Lady of Captain 1. Lin.'say, a son:

2. At Goodwood, Sussex, her Grace the Duchess of Richmond, a son.

1. In York Place, London, the Lady of Wil. liam Wrixon Becher, Es. M. P. (formerly Miss O'Neil,) a daughter.

- At Mungall Cottage, Mrs Stainton, of Big. garshields, a daughter.

Nov. 5. At Netherley, Mrs Silver, a son.

- At Glasgow, the honourable Mrs Marshall, the Lady of Lieutenant Marshall, 91st regimat, a son, still born.

6. In Queen Street, Edinburgh, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Ross, of the 4th Drag. Gre a daughter.

11. Mrs Snodgrass Buchanan of Cunninghamhead, a son.

21 In Picardy Place, Edinburgh, the Lady of Major James Harvey of Castlesemple, a daughter.

At Abereromby Place, Edinburgh, the Lady of William Plomer, Esq. a daughter.

13. At Cheltenham, the Lady of C. G. Wynne, Esq. a daughter.

14. At Kelso, Mrs Dr Douglas, a daughter.

- In York Place, Portman Sqnare, London, the Lady of Joseph Hume, Esq. M. P. a daughter.

15. In Coats Crescent, Edinburgh, the Lady of John Horrocks, Esq. a son.

16. In Forth Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Hunt, of Pittencrieff, a son.

17. At 71 Great King Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Kennedy,

a daughter. 19. At Dumfries, the Lady of Captain D. Mar. kenzie, latc of the 42d regiment Royal Highlanders, a son.

20. At Woodslec, the Lady of G. Scott Elliot, Esq. of Larriston, a son.

21. At Avontoun House, Linlithgowshire, the Laly of John Robertson, Esq. of Foveran, Aberdeenshire, a son.

23. At Peterborough House, Fulham, the lady of Captain W. Cunningham Dalyell, Royal Navy,

a son.


in this city.

Nov. 21. At Relugas, the Lady of Sir T. Lauder only son of the Earl of Brcadalbane, to Eliza, eldest Dick, of Fountainhall and Grange, a daughter. daughter of George Bailie, Esq. of Jerriswood.

- At Edinburgh, the Lady of Wm. L. White, Oct. 21. In Mary-le-bonne Church, London, w. Esq. Advocate, a daughter.

Robert Keith Douglas, Esq. M. P. youngest brother Lately, the wife of a labouring man, at Claditch, of the Marquis of Queensberry, to Elizabeth, eldest near Inverary, was delivered of two fine boys and daughter of Walter Irving, Esq. Luddington House, a girl, who, with the mother, are doing well. Surrey: What is something remarkable, the father is one of 25. At St Martin's Church, London, Captain three at a birth.

Donald, late Royal West India Rangers, to semiMARRIAGES.

ma, second daughter of the Rev. T. Baxter, for

merly officiating minister of Stow, St Mary's, Oct. 24. At Thun, Edward Cromwell Desbrowe, Essex. Esq. his Britannic Majesty's Charge d'Affairs to Lately, at St Andrew's Church, Newcastle, the Swiss Confederation, tó Ann, eldest daughter Alexander Guthrie, Esq. merchant in Glasgow, to of the Hon. Robert Kennedy.

Mrs Lambe, widow of Captain Lambe, late of 25. At Edinburgh, William Herries Ker, Sychampton House, Worcestershire. Esq. to Magdalene, only daughter of the late Col. William Riccart Hepburn of Riccarton.

DEATHS. 26. At the Manse of Benholm, the Reverend 1821. April 13. Lieutenant-Colonel : Frederick John Glegg, minister of Inverbervie, to Ann, Walter Gitford, commandant of the garrison of third daughter of the Reverend James Scott, mi Bombay, an old and meritorious officer. nister of Benholm.

- At Nailore, Dr Cordiner, Surgeon in the Mad- At the British Ambassador's house in Brus ras establishment. sels, Colonel Berington, to Mrs Dickinson.

16. In camp, at Severndroog, in India, Major 29. At Cairnsmore, the Reverend David Wil James Balfour Watson, then in the command of son, minister of Stranraer, to Margaret, eldest

the 1st battalion Ith regiment native infantry, daughter of the late Peter Stewart Esq. of Cairns Bombay establishment. more.

Aug. 12. At Demerara, Patrick Macintyre, Esq. 30. At Arbroath, William Kidd, Esq. to Ca 23. At Demerara, of the yellow fever, Lieutentherine, eldest daughter of the deceased John Ouch ant-Colonel Nooth, C. B. of the 21st Royal Scots terlony, Esq.

Fusileers, eldest son of Dr Nooth, of Baih. Col. At Dover, James Walker, Esq. of Dover, to Nooth embarked from Portsmouth garrison about Henrietta, eldest daughter of the late Major James two years since ; he was a most gallant officer ; Murray Grant, of the Barrick Department. he greatly distinguished himself at the taking of

- At St James's Church, London, Sir Wil Martinique, and at the battle of Albuero, Busico, liam Johnstone Hope, M. P. one of the Lords of the Admiralty, to the Right Honourable Maria, Sept. 4. At Castara, in the island of Tobago, Countess of Athlone.

where he had resided only five months, Mr George Nov. 3. At St Andrew's, Newcastle, Alexander Fenwick, son of Mr George Fenwick, goldsmith Dudgeon, Esq. brewer, Leith, to Margaret Jane, only daughter of the late Edward Park, Esq. New 20. At Waterford, Virginia, James Muir Scott, castle.

M. D. grandson of the late Reverend Mr Scott, 5. In Westphalia, his Serene Highness the

one of the ministers of Perth. Duke De Croy, Prince of the Empire, Peer of

Oct. 13. At Orinly, Caithness, Capt. Donald SinFrance, and Grandee of Spain, to Miss Maria Dil clair, late of the 30th regiinent of foot. lon, daughter of the Honou rable Colonel Henry

14. At Cult manse, Elizabeth Hunter, wife of Dillon, and first cousin of the present Viscount the Rev. Thomas Gillespie, minister of Cult. Dillon.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Esther Yellow lees, wife - At Beith, James Love, Esq. of Knows, to of Mr John Yellowlees, coachmaker, Mound Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr Robert Barr,

Place. merchant, Beit

15. At Reidside, near Carrington, M 6. At North Wellington Place, Glasgow, Major Wilson, aged 76, relict of Mr James Abernethie.William Steuart, of the 31st regiment, to Anne, Her loss will be severely felt and decply regretted only daughter of the late Captain John Kennedy by the numerous poor, whose wants were supplied of Springhall.

by her beneficent' hand. It may with justice be - At Edinburgh, Captain Alexander Gordon, said of her, that “this woman was full of almsR. N. to Mary Elizabeth, only daughter of the late deeds and good works." Sir Ernest Gordon, Bart. of Park.

At Edinburgh, Miss Grace Suttie, eldest 7. At Portobello, Mr David Brown, writer, daughter of the late Sir George Suttie, Bart. of Edinburgh, to Ann, daughter of the late Mr Wils Balgone. liam Hunter, merchant, Edinburgh.

At Edinburgh, James Hay, Esq. W.S. 12. At Newton, the Reverend John Eadie, mi - At the Manse of Killearn, the Reverend James nister of Dun, to Helen, youngest daughter of

Graham, minister of that parish, in the eighty-sixth David Scott, Esq. of Newton.

year of his age, and fifty-fourth of his ministry, 15. At Fasnakyle, Lieutenant-Colonel Chis This truly venerable man was born near Dun. holm, R. A. to Miss Chisholm, daughter of the blane, in Perthshire, and reccived the first rulate Captain Chisholm, Fasnak yle.

diments of education in the public school of -- At St Pancras Church, London, Lieutenant that town, under Mr William Coldstream, a reColonel A. Hogg, of the Honourable East India spectable teacher, and the instructor of many Company's service, to Agnes, daughter of William Scotch clergymen. He afterwards attended the Dinwiddie, Esq. of Burton Crescent.

University of Glasgow, and was latterly one of the 16. At Berryhole, George Russell, Esq. younger few survivors of that body of divines who were of Hayston, to Mary, youngest daughter of the formed under the justly-celebrated Dr Leachman. late Reverend Mr Walker, Collesie.

In 1768 he became minister of Killearn, in Stir. 19. At Craighead, the Reverend Archibald Bruce, lingshire, and, during the long period of his incumone of the ministers of Stirling, to Georgina, bency, discharged the duties of a parochial clergydaughter of Robert Banks, Esq. of Craighead. man with a zeal, fidelity, and assiduity, which have

20. Captain John Hobbs, of the Royal Engi. been seldom equalled, and never surpassed. neers, to Mary, eldest daughter of the Reverend 16. At Wakefield, Mrs Cleghom of Stravithy. John Garlies Maitland of Fairgirth.

19. At Graysonill, Slateford, Mr William Bcl- At St John's, Hackney, Middlesex, Alexander frage, aged 72. Hutchison, Esq. of Peterhead, to Anne, eldest - At Paris, John Astley, Esq. proprietor of the daughter of Alexander Hutchison, Esq. of Lower Royal Amphitheatre, Westminster Bridge, aged 51. Clapton.

20. In his 85th year, Henry Burt, Esq. of Barns, - At St Andrew's, Mark Sprot of Garnkirk, Esq.

Kinross-shire. advocate, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the late - At George's Square, Edinburgh, Miss Eleanor Principal Hill

Rutherford, daughter of the late John Ruther. 22. Åt Cathkin House, Major James Denniston ford, Esq. of Edgerston. Brown, of the Madras artillery, to Anne Isabella, - At Paris, aged 85, the Archbishop of Paris, only daughter of the late George Noble, Esq. of Cardinal Talleyrand de Perigord. His Eminence the Island of Jamaica.

was created Cardinal and Archibishop of Paris in 3. At Mellerstain, John Viscount Glenorchy, 1817. Born of an ancient family, he is said to

have united the dignity of rank with Christian hu Nov. 5. At Baronald, William Flockhart, Esq. of mility, and the gravity of the prelate with the pu

Baronald. rity of the priestly character. His fidelity to the 16. At Longforgan, the Reverend Adam Caims, house of Bourbon, which was finally rewarded by minister of that parish, in the Gith year of his the highest ecclesiastical preferment, was tried and age, and 28th of his ministry. found unalloyed during the adversity of his Sove 8i At Ayr, Robert Robertson, Esq. of Duncanreign, to whom, in his character of Grand Almoner, ziemer. he remained attached during his exile, and with - At Edinburgh, Jane, eldest daughter of Cathwhom he returned to France in 1814. By his death cart Boyd, Esq. late Examiner and Accountant of Louis XVIII. will have a mitre, and his Holiness a the Salt and fisheries in his Majesty's Customs Cardinal's hat, to dispose of.

for Scotland. Oct. 21. At Craigrothie, in Fife, Mr David Mar At Spa Villas, Gloucester, Jessie Hunter, tin, road-surveyor.

wife of the Reverend John Hunter, and second Miss Isabella Helen Sangster, only daughter daughter of the late John Young Esq. of Bell. of the late Mr John Sangster, Widewall, Orkney.

wood. At Aberdeen, in the Soth year of his age, 9. At Elgin, in the 79th year of her age, Mrs John Ewen, Esq. who was a most useful Imember Helen Anderson, relict of the Reverend James of society, and one of the most respectable pub Thomson, late minister of Aberdour. lic characters of that place for more than half a - At Madras, P. Crawford, Esq. M. D. son of century. His exertions in favour of charitable in the late Major Crawford on Newfield, Ayrshire. stitutions, and forevery individual case of distress 10. At Dundee, Miss Margaret Robinson, grand that came under his notice, were zealous and un neice of Dr Ross, in the 21th year of her age. remitting; his conduct, as connected with public Miss Margaret Parlane, spouse of Dr Chas. atfairs, was strictly disinterested; while his great Stuart, of Dunearn. information on subjects of general interest meri - At her house in Belfast, Mrs Macilroth, aged ted, upon all occasions, the respectful attention 93 years, rclict of the late Colonel Maciiroth. of the community. Strangers visiting Aberdeen, At Restalrig, Alexander Duncan, Esq. Writer to who very frequently had introductions to Mr

the Signet. Ewin, will long recollcct his assiduous and polite 19. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Graham Bogle, attentions. Though not a native of Aberdeen, daughter of the late John Bogle, Esq. of Kirkcudhe had long been regarded as one of her most emi bright. nent citizens. With the exception of varicus sums - At Fintalich, Thomas Keir, Esq, left to the public charities of Aberrleen, he has be - In Cumberland Place, New Road, London, queathed the bulk of his property, perhapsL.15,000 aged 70, the Honourable Mrs Mill, widow of the or L.10,000) to the Magistrates and Clergy of Mon late John Mill, Esq. of Noranside, Fortershire. trose, for the purpose of founding an Hospital, si 15. James Dunlop, of Househill, Colonel of the milar to Gordon's Hospital of Aberdeen, for the Renfrewshire Militia. maintenance and education of boys.

- At Chester le Street, in the county of Dur21. At knowheadl, Mrs Isabella Tod, relict of ham, in her 80th year, Mrs Weatherley, relict of the late John Whittet, Esq. of Potterhill. the late Mr Edward Weatherley, of Garden House,

25. In Bridge-road, Lambeth, Sophia, wife of in the same county, and sister of the late Jans David Allan, Esq. Deputy Commissary-General Oswald Esq. Chamber Composer to his late Ma to his Majesty's forces, and of Portobello, near jesty, and justly celebrated as the author of Ros Edinburgh.

lin Castle, Tweedside," and numerous composi27. At Dalguish House, Perthshire, Charles Steu tions of lasting eminence:" art, of Dalguish, Esq.

At Edinburgh, Christopher Moubray, Esq. late - At Cork, William Chalmer, Esq. son of cashier of the Edinburgh Friendly Insurance the late William Chalmer, Esq. of Dalry, sur

Office, geon in Edinburgh.

- At Greenock, John Lamont, Esq. Surgeon, 28 At Millbank, Edinburgh, James Neilson, R. N. He passed the meridian of his life a priEsq. of Milibank, in the 69th year of liis age. soner in France. He was surgeon of the Vincejo

29. At Auchintroig, Stirlingshire, in the 88th at the period of her capture, and the confidant of year of his age, William MacLauchlan, Esq. Lieu Captain Wright, in the Tower of the Temple in tenant on the half pay of the 25ti regiment. He

Paris, and the last friend who had access to his served as a Gentleman Caiet in the Scotch Greys dungeon. at the battle of Minden, and is believed to have - At Perth, John, the eldest son of Laurence outlived almost all his fellow-soldiers who were Craigie, Esq. of Glendoick. engaged on that memorable day.

14. At Edinburgh, Robert Bruce, Esq. of Pit. At her house in Weymouth Street, London, teadie. Cassander Agnes Lady Hamilton, widow of Sir - At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Hunter, in the 78th J. Hamilton, Bart., and mother of Sir C. Ha year of her age. milton, Bart, Vice-Admiral and Governor of New 15. At Dublin, at an advanced period of life, Dr foundland, and Sir E. Hamilton, Bart. Rear John Barret, Vice Provost of Trinity College in Admiral, and knight Commander of the Bath. that city, - Miss ('olquhoun, of Camstraalden

--- At Aberdeen, Lieutenant William Bothwell, 31. At Groom's-hill, Blackheath, Mrs Campbell, R. N. wife of Colonel Campbell.

- At Annan, Miss Dalgleish, eldest daughter of - At his house in Castle Street, Robert Boyd, John Dalgliesh, Esq. of Prestonfield, and late Pro Esq. of Drun.

vost of Annan. --- At Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh, Louisa, 7. At Weymouth, Charles Kerr, Esq. late of Abdaughter, and on the 5th current, John, son of botrule. Mr John Wright, merchant, Edinburgh.

- At Findhorn, aged 64 years, Mrs Isabella Da- At Eatington Park, Warwickshire, Lady vidson, wife of Robert Davidson, Esq. Elizabeth Stanhope, sister of the Earl of Ches Lately, at Harwood Lee, near Bolton, Mr Prter terfield.

Crook, aged 79. It is remarkable that he was - At London, Major-General Sir Augustus born and lived all his life in the house in which tre Homstedt, K.C.B. aged 68.

died, the family of Crook having rented the farm Nov. 1. At the Leys, near Dollar, James Brown, he occupied from the Rev.- Formby.of Formlate of Killin, Surgeon, R. N.

by, and his ancestors, for upwards of 100 years 2. At Bellfielil, Miss St Leger Duncan.

At the age of 71, Peter and his seven sons afforded 3. At his house, No 11. Bank Street, aged 65, an interesting spectacle to their neighbours; they Mr Daniel Forrest, sen, merchant, Edinburgh. were all employed in mowing the grass of his farm,

1. At Edinburgh, the infant daughter of Mr the venerable father leading, and followed through Alexander Manners, W. S.

the sward by his eldest son, the second following By Shipwreck, near Eyemouth, on his pas. him, and the others in regular rotation as to age, sage to London, aged 51, Captain William Grant, the youngest, aged 22 years, closing. They all of the Perseverance packet of Banff, second son of survive their patriarchal father, and are all stout the late Lieutenant Francis Grant of the 55th robust men. regiment of foot.

At Nancy, in Lorraine, aged 87, Miss Jean 5. At Lochee, near Dundee, the Reverend James Rollo, daughter of the deceased James Rollo, E. Keyden, minister of Fettercairn.

of Powhouse.

Printed by J. Ruthven & Sons.

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380_Riot and loss of lives, ib.

state of Literature in, 163_Trial for
Deuchar, Mr John, curious experiments forgery in Paris, 477.--Difference be-
in chemistry by, *363

tween the King and the Chamber of
Dibdin, Rev. T. F. review of his tour in Deputies, 602
France and Germany, 99, 197

Friendship, or the tailor's election, $25
Dinner, the chance, 331, 401

Genius, an ode, 138
Dissertation on Metaphysical, Ethical, Gelatinous meteor, notice of a, 368

and Political Philosophy, by Dugald Geological notice, 161

Stewart, Esq. remarks on, 301 German literature, notice regarding, 163
Don Juan, remarks on Lord Byron's Glengary, Colonel Macdonell of, his ac-
poem of, "105

count of the strange alarms of a lady
Drama, remarks on the Spanish, 142 at the coronation, 280
Dreadful catastrophe in a coal-mine near Gower, Samuel, Esq. review of his Na-
Newcastle, 486

poleon and other poems, 431

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