proved on that side the effect of the build. is fixed at half-a-crown for each member. ing.

One penny is to be paid weekly after en. 12.-- The King's return from Hanover. try, or more, if the Society judge it neceo. His Majesty remained in Hanover three sary; not, however, exceeding the sum of weeks, during which period his German twopence weekly. Should more than twosubjects testified in every possible way their pence be deemed requisite, the weekly aliloyalty and gratitude for his royal conde ment to the distressed member is to be scension ; and nothing occurred to damp reduced. If any member has been a full the general enjoyment except an attack year on the list, and has been confined of the gout, which confined his Majesty to bed for a week, she is then to receive some days to the Palace. On the morn four shillings a-week till she is restored to ing of the 29th October the King left health ; and in the event of death, two Hanover on his return to England, having pounds are allowed for funeral expences. first taken the most affectionate leave of Either married or unmarried persons may 'the Duchess of Cumberland, of the two be admitted as members of this society. Princes George of Cumberland and Cam. Steam Carriage.-An ingenious cotton bridge, and the Prince and Princess of spinner of Ardwick, near Manchester, Salms. His Majesty was attended down has invented a locomotive, or steam carthe steps to his carriage by the Ministers, riage, for the conveyance of goods or pas. the General Officers, and the whole House- sengers, without the aid of horses. After hold, to whom he addressed himself in repeated experiments during the last two the most gracious manner, and gave his years, he has so far succeeded, we are inpositive promise again to visit his German formed, as not to leave a doubt of its dominions next summer.

answering the purpose intended. It will In the towns through which his Ma- go upon any of the mail roads, up hill or jesty passed on his return, he was receiv. down, at the rate of nine or ten miles an ed with the samed emonstrations of re- hour, and can be guided with ease on the spect and reverence which had marked his most difficult roads. journey to Hanover. On the 8th instant Execution-Yesterday, George Thom, he landed at Ramsgate from the conti. convicted at the last Circuit Court of Jusnent, and the same evening arrived at his ticiary, at Aberdeen, of murdering, by Palace in Pall Mall, London. At five poison, William Mitchell, his brother-inminutes past six his Majesty entered the law, residing at Burnside, in the parish of Palace Yard, accompanied by the Mar Keig, suffered the awful and ignominious quis of Conyngham and the Right Hon. punishment due to his crime, in front of Sir Benjamin Bloomfield. We have great the jail in Aberdeen. Before his execu. satisfaction in saying, that his Majesty tion he became extremely penitent; and bore his journey without fatigue, and was left behind him, in writing, a full confesin the full enjoyment of excellent health ; sion of his guilt; and a document excul. was extremely cheerful, and conversed pating his wife from any knowledge of the most affably with the gentlemen in wait diabolical crime for which he suffered. ing to receive him. The detachment of 22.-Edinburgh.-At the meeting of the Royal Horse Guards on duty, as the the Town Council yesterday, the Lord Horse Guards were drawn out, dismount. Provost renewed a proposal which he ed to receive the King, their trumpeter had made on the preceding week, that sounding a salute. About a quarter of an the salary attached to his office should hour after his Majesty's arrival the can. be reduced to £. 800.-Bailie Henderson non in St James's Park discharged a repeated his objection to the proposed double Royal salute, which induced great reduction, being convinced that the sanumbers of persons to enter the Park by lary was inadequate to the office. If his all the gates, expecting the gratification of Lordship felt a disinclination to accept seeing the King, in which, however, they the whole amount of the present salary, were disappointed. The Tower guns also he might indulge the well-known liberafired a Royal salute.

lity of his feelings, by making a donation 17.- Paisley. There has lately been of part of it to the city, without comproinstituted in Paisley a Society designated mising the interest of those who may the Paisley Female Union Society, the succeed him. Some members expressed great object of which is to assist its mem. their opinion, that his Lordship's propobers in the time of occasional distress, and sal ought to be adopted. Bailie Henby friendly co-operation to promote one derson observed, that he was not dispoanother's happiness. None can be ad. sed to divide the Council on the question, mitted members unless they are above as the result might place his Lordship in eighteen, and under thirty-five years of the disagreeable situation of acting in opage, being also of healthy constitution and position to his own sentiments, or to the good moral character. The entry-money opinion of the Council. After a few re

marks from other members, his Lord lished in the John Bull of the 14th of Ja. ship's motion was ultimately agreed to. nuary last. It imputed the visits of Lady

Friendly Sooicties.-A question of con Ossulston, and the other female branches siderable interest was brought forward of the Countess of Tankerville's family to lately before the Justice of Peace Court, her late Majesty, to the circumstance of Glasgow. A member of the Tradestown the late Lady Caroline Wrottesley (the and Gorbals Associated Friendly Society, daughter of the Countess of Tankerville) under the pretext of being unwell and having been detected in a criminal intrigue confined to bed, claimed bed-fast aliment: with a menial servant. The following the society gave him two weeks bed-fast was the sentence:-“ Weaver to pay a aliment; but it having come to their fine of £. 100 to the King, Shackle and knowledge that the claimant was abroad, Arrowsmith each £.500; and all to be refused to pay a third demand upon them. imprisoned nine months in the custody of They, however, called the member before the Marsbal of the King's Bench, and to them, and questioned him as to the truth give security for five years, themselves in of the report they had heard, and he £.500, and two sureties of £.250 each. being unable to refute what was stated,

On the 26th, the Rev. Richard Blacow, it was resolved that he had no claim, whose conviction for a libel on her late and, agreeably to the articles, expelled Majesty is noticed in our last number, him the society for imposing upon them. p. 386, received the sentence of the Court, Not contented with this decision, he sum

which was—“ That the defendant do pay moned the preses and collector to the to the King a fine of £.100), and be imabove Court. When the case came to

prisoned in the custody of the Marshal be heard, the defenders brought forward of the Court for the space of six months, six witnesses to prove their defence, but

at the end of which time he is to enter two only were examined. The Justices into securities for his good behaviour for declared themselves satisfied, approved five years, himself in the sum of £.500, of the proceedings of the society, and,

and two securities of £.100 each." after a very severe admonition to the

DECEMBER. claimant, dismissed the action, and found Ireland. For some months past the him liable in all expences.

most distressing details of outrage, vioExecutions in London.-On the 21st lence, and murder, have been almost daily instant, eight unfortunate individuals were reaching us from the southern counties executed at the Old Bailey ; and on the of Ireland, particularly Limerick. In this 28th, three men, including a woman, suf.

quarter murder succeeds murder almost fered the same ignominious death. Five daily, and such is the daring of the enraof these were condemned for 'uttering ged peasantry, that these outrages are perforged notes of the Bank of England; the petrated frequently in broad day-light, others for various acts of theft and rob. in the presence of the police, and almost bery.

in open defiance of a strong military force Sentences in the Court of King's Bench, which has been collected in the disturbed London. On the 15th instant, Mary Ann

districts. The immediate cause, it would Carlile, sister of Richard Carlile, bookseller, appear, of these outrages, is a combination, who is already suffering for the same of. formed by the farmers and peasantry, a. fence, received the sentence of the Court, gainst the landlords, on account of the for the publication of Paine's Works. The high rents in that district, which, with sentence was, that she pay a fine to the the tithes and other imposts, seem to be Crown of £.500, and be confined in Dor- operating in a manner the most ruinous. chester jail for twelve months, at the ex

Lord Courtenay's agents, in particular, are piry of which she is to give security, her. extremely obnoxious, and it is said that it self in £.1000, and two sureties in £.500 is impossible to live upon his Lordship's each, for her future good behaviour. farms at their present rents.

The conseOn the 23d, George Beer, shopman to quence is, that the farmers have thrown the above-named Richard Carlile, for a them up, as by common consent, and any similar offence, was sentenced to be im- person that takes the abandoned property prisoned in his Majesty's gaol at Winches becomes obnoxious, and is marked out as ter for six months, and enter into recog

an object of vengeance. This state of nizances for seven years, himself in £.500, things has naturally given rise to a rigorous and two sureties in £.50 each.

enforcement of the law by those to whom On the 24th. Messrs Weaver, Arrow the conservation of the public peace is sínith, and Shackle, the printers and pro confided ; and the Magistrate, who has prietors of the John Bull, Sunday News- probably done nothing more than his painpaper, were brought up to receive sentence ful duty requires of him, is marked out by for a libel in that paper, on the late Lady the infuriated and ignorant conspirators Caroline Wrottesley. The libel was pub

as the victiin in a contest in which he has

in reality no part. The tithe-proctors tion; and that the same feeling upon the never fail to come in for their share of subject prevailed generally in the neigh odium and violence in every quarrel be- bourhood, is proved by the fact, that ao tween the landlord and his tenantry. one had come forward with any hint of They are considered, not as the purveyors its authors, though a vast reward had for a legitimate priesthood, but as locusts been offered by Government, and though who eat up the labour of the husbandman, abundant traces of the criminals must and that may be at any time sacrificed to exist in their extensive numbers, and the his fury. These seem to be the leading dense population which surrounds the causes of the present disturbances ; and scene of their guilt. it is difficult to say what remedy can be These are but a few of the numerous applied in these complicated and deep- murders which have been perpetrated in seated evils.

this unhappy country within the last The insurgents pay almost nightly vi. three months; and by the last accounts, sits to the houses of peaceable subjects, the disturbances seem to be nothing abe. in search of arms, that they may render ted. The irritated peasantry do not now their system of intimidation more effec confine themselves to burnings and mur. tual against those by whom they are op- ders, but had recently the boldness to posed. Among their first victims was attack a party of military in the county Major Richard Going, late head of the of Waterford, while in the execution of Limerick police, and, a few days after their duty, whom they compelled to reMr Sparling a farmer was shot through treat into the castle; and so determined the heart, while riding with his wife be was the spirit of the rioters, that they hind him on horseback. But the most were only prevented from storming the enormous of their atrocities was the place by a threat, that if they attempted murder, by fire, of no less than seventeen it, two prisoners whom they sought to persons in one house, in the county of rescue should be instantly shot. Tipperary, on the night of Tuesday the Every possible means of vigour and 22d ult. The motive of this act was precaution are used by Government to the execution of an ejectment process suppress the disorders. One of those, of against some defaulting tenants; and the most recent adoption, is an order to premurder was in the neighbourhood deem vent the sale of gunpowder, and thas ed so perfectly laudable an execution of render the arms in the hands of the in substantial justice, that it was spoken of surgents useless, by depriving them of by the barbarians of the neighbourhood ammunition. The local gentry are also as “ nothing but satisfaction they were exerting themselves with increased energy. taking for the poor people that were Meetings of the nobility and gentlemen turned out of their houses the other day." of the counties of Limerick and Tippe Such was the answer given by a savage rary have been held, at which the reof the neighbourhood, to a person on the enactment of the insurrection act was re. night of the murder, inquiring into the commended as an essential measure of probable cause of the distant conflagra- safety.



J. Paterson, preacher of the gospel, to be minister

of the Scottish Church in Sunderland, Durha. 1821. Oct. 30. The University and King's College Nov. 8. The Presbytery of Paisley ordains the of Aberdeen unanimously re-elected the Right Reverend Angus Macbean, A.M. to be minister of Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen, Lord Rector for the

the Gaelic Chapel, Greenock. ensuing year.

The first Associate congregation in Selkirk Nov. 15. Francis Jeffrey, Esq. was, by the una have given a barmonious call to the Reverend te nimous vote of the nations, re-elected Lord Rector

Lawson, presently minister in Kilmarnock, ari of the University of Glasgow for the ensuing year. son of the late Reverend Dr George Lawson, Pro

fessor of Divinity to the Associate Synol, their II. ECCLESIASTICAL.

former pastor, to be their minister.

2d. The Reverend Wiliam Thomsen, one of Oct. 30. The Associate Burgher congregation, the ministers of the Chapel of Esse in Glasgow, Whitburn, gave a call to Mr William Murray, was elected by the heritors and elders of Ok bioak preacher, to be their minister.

land, to be minister of that parish. Nov. 6. The Reverend Dr William Meek was 16. The Presbytery of Dunoon ordained and translated from the pastoral charge of the parish of appointed Mr David Fraser, preacher of the Gospel, Torphichan, to that of the parish of Ilamilton, va to be minister of the Chapel of Ease at Rothsiy. cant by the decease of the late Dr Alexander • 17. The King has been pleased to appoint James Hutcheson.

Anderson, A. N. preacher of the gospel, to be assis 7. The Right Hon. Lord Archibald Hamilton, tant and successor to the Reverend William Ander Commissioner for his Grace the Duke of Hamil son, minister of St Fergus ton and Brandon, has been pleased to present the 29. The second congregation of Falkirk, in as Reverend John Black to the church and parish of nection with the United Associate Synod, have Shotts,

given an unanimous call to Mr David Denso - The Presbytery of Glasgow ordained Mr John preacher of the gospel, to be their pastor.

30 Sept.


Gr.Gds. 21 Lt. Hon. J.Amherst, from Rifle Rt. Ens. Brevet Lt. Gen. F. Baron Hompesch, to be Gen.

& Lt. do. do.

24 Oct. 1821. in the Army 12 Aug. 1819.

Ens. Fludyer, from 14 F. do do. 25 do. Captain Cobbe, R. Art Major, do. do.

ColdG. Ens. & Lt. Montagu, Lt. & Capt. do. vice
Gordon, do. do.

Talbot, ret. do.

do. Nicholls, 66 F. do. do 5 July 1821.

Ens. Hay, from 43 F. Ens. & Lt. do."1 Nov. Longden, 33 F. do. do. 1 Nov. 1F. Lt. Col. Arnstrong, from h. p. Lt. Col. Wood, 2 F. do. do. 9 Nov. 1818.

vice Plenderleath, canc.

18 Oct. Col. Sir C. M'Carthy, Brig. Gen. on W. 3 Lt. Innes, Capt. by purch. vice Colclough, coast of Africa 6 Sept. 1821. ret.

23 do. 1 D. G. W. Cunningham, Cornet by purch. vice

- Denham, from 64 F. Capt. by purch. Lloyd ret.

27 Sept.
vice Sutherland, ret.

24 do. Cornet Alcock, Lt. do. vice Travillian.

Ens. Hill, Lt. do.

do. 14 Dr.

24 Oct

Gent. Cadet W. Harris, from R. Mil Coll. Knatchbull, from 1 Dr. Lt by

Ens. by purch.

do. purch. vice Stephenson, Rifle Brig: do. 5 Lt. Armstrong, Capt. by purch. vice 2 Copland, Lt by purch. vice Cuff,

Welch, ret.

4 do. prom.

27 Sept. 7

Squire.do. do. vice English, ret. 18 do T. Unett, Cornet do.


Cornet Hon. J. Kennedy, Lt. do. do. Lt. Rolland, Capt. vice Evans ret. 10 Oct. 10 Lt. Levinge, Capt. do. vice Thaine, reto Methold, froin 19 Dr. Capt. by purch.

24. do. vice Stracey, ret.

11 do.
Ens. Le Merchant, Lt. do

Cornet & Lł Hon. G. R. Abercrombie, 19
Lt by purch.

W. Fothergil, Ens. do. vice Pounden, do. 55 F.

15 Nov. Gent. Cadet, W. Hibbert, from R. Mil 13 Lt. Fenton, Capt. by purch. vice WilkinColl. Cornet, do.

15 Nov.
son, ret.

11 Oct. Cornet Brymer, Lt. by purch. vice Dunne.

Ens. Rothe, Lt, by purch.

do. 91 F. do.

24 Oct.

C. L. Wingfield, Ens. by purch. do P. Wiss, Cornet, do.


Ens. Keowen,, Lt vice Newenham, res. 1 Dr. Lt. Green, Capt. do. vice Hoskins, ret. do.

11 Nov. 1820. Cornet Keating, Lt. do.


Wood, do. vice Akenside, prom. 2 BL Lt. Col. Hankin, Lt. Col. by purch.

6 Sept. 1821. vice Clarke, ret.

11 do

Lt. Ware, from 89 F. Lt. vice Jenour, reCapt. Gray, from 10 Dr. Maj. do. do.

moved from the service,

18 Oct. Cornet Clarke, Lt. do. vice Trotter,

R. Nayler,Ens. více Keowen, 11 Nov 1820. 19 Dr.


16 Bt. Lt. Col. Hamilton, Maj. by purch. C. S. Smith, Cornet, do do.

vice Lt. Col. Vandeleur, ret. 24 Oct. Lt. Nepean, from 16 Dr. Capt. do. vice

17 En. O'Halloran, Lt. vice De Moor, dead, Norcliffe, prom.

4 do. 6 Capt. Randall, from ho p. Capt. vice Dou

Carruthers, do. vice Pickering, dead 40ct. glas, dead

7 Nov.
R. C. Moftat, Ens.

30 SeptCornet G. H. Earlof Belfast, Lt. by purch.

W. S. Moncrieffe, Ens.

7 Oct. vice Seymour, 41 F.

4 Oct.

Gent. Cadet C. Forbes, from R. Mil. Coll. Hon. E. S. Pery, from 6 Dr. do. do.


4 Oct. 1821. vice Chichester, 2 W. I. R. 11 do

19 Lt. Forbes, Capt. by purch.vice M.Donald, -Hewett, Lt. vice Mayer dead, 25 Feb.


24 do. Cornet & Adj. Stammers, rank of Lt.

Ens. Rose, Lt. by purch.

do. 26 do J. D. Cogan, Eas. by purch,

do. 9 Cornet Scarlett, from 18 Dr. Lt. by purch. 21 Maj. Leahy, Lt. Colvice Nooth, dead,

vice Lord G. Bentick, 50 Ft. 24 Oct. 10 Lt. Otway, Capt. by purch. vice Grey,

Capt. Gordon, Maj.

do. 2 Dr.


2d Lt. Deare, 1st Lt by purch. viee Cornet R. S. C. Visc. Beauchamp, Lt. by

Bridgeman, 28 F.

24 Oct purch. vice Burdett, 79 F.


H. C. Daniel, 2d Lt. by purch. 15 Nov. Ens. F. G. D'A, Marq. of Carmarthen,

Ens. Murray, LL vice Schoof, 67 F. from 69 F. Lt. by purch. vice Otway do.

1 Sept. 1820. Lord F. L. Gower, Cornet by purch. vice

Hartly, do. vice Berwick, 13 Dr. 1 Oct. Beauchamp


Camphell, from h. p. 71 F. Ens. vice 19 Capt. Erskine, Maj.do.vice Bridger, ret. do.


1 Sept. Lt. Hay, Capt. do.


W. MʻD. Hopper, Ens, vice Hartley, 1 Oct. Cornet Hon. G. Hervey, from 19 Dr. Lt.

Gent. Cadet W. Buckley from R. Mi'. by purch. vice Slade, 2 Ceyl. R. do.

Coll. Ens. vice Hopper, canc. 4 Oct. 1821. 15 Scott. from 18 Dr.do. do. vice Pen

Lt. Bridgeman, from 21 F. Capt. by purch. nington, ret.

vice Kidd, ret.

20 do. 16 Montgomery, do do. vice Nepean,

Ens. Sitwell, Lt. by purch. vice Penrose, 4 Dr.

4 Oct

4 do. 17 Pott. Lt. vice De L'Etang, dead, 7do.

S. B. Boileau, Ens. by pureh.

do. W. Penn, Cornet by purch. více Raven,

S. B. Marecheaux, Ens. vice Paton, 67 F. prom. 1 Sept.

9 Dec. 1820. Hon. N. H. C. Massey, Cornet, 7 Oct.

31 Lt. Taylor, Capt. by purch, vice Ryan, 18 Capt. Laurd, Maj. by purch. vice Synge,


11 Oct. 1821. prom.

27 Sept.

Cornet Laing, from 18 Dr. Lt. by purch. Lt. Bacon, from 13 Dr. Capt. do. 11 Oct.

24 do Cornet Leslie, Lt. do. vice Nisbett, 18 do.

34 Ens. Stanford, Lt. vice Bower, 14 F. A. Shedwell, Cornet do. vice Scott, 15 Dr.

1 Sept. 1820. 24 de.

Gent. Cadet D. Costello, from R. Mil. G. Lygon, do do, vice Laing, 31 F. 8 Nov.

Coll. Ens.

4 Oct. 1821. 19 Lt. Gowdie. Capt. do. vice Hammersley, 58 Lt. Snodgrass, from 52 F. Adj.& Lt. vice ret.

1 do.
Mathew, res. Adj. only,

18 do. Cornet Meehamn, Lt. do. vice Methold, 3


- Spiers, Capt. by purch. vice Dundas, Dr. Gds.

11 Oct

24 do. - Dashwood, do.

do. 1 Nov.

Ens. Hon. R. H. Molyneux, from 85 F. H. A. O'Neill, Cornet do. vice Meeham,

Lt. by purch.

do. 11 Oct.

Lt. Townshend, Capt. by purch. vice Maj. Capt. Sir J. R. Eustace, Maj. do. vice

Tallon, ret.

1 Nov. Moultrie, ret:

9 Nov. 19 Dr. Lt. Duft, Capt. do.

Dawson, from 53 F. Lt. vicc Monpes-1 do son, h. p. rec. diff.

25 Oct. ('ornet Johnstone, Lt. do:

Ens. Smith, Lt. by purch.

1 Nov. Gr.Ods. Ens. & Lt. Thornton, Lt. and Capt. do.

do. vice Powell, ret.

L. Tallon, Ens. do. 11 Oct.

Lt. Cochran, Adj. & Lt. vice Smith Qua. Hon. F. H. Needham, Lt. &


25 Oct. Capt. do. vice Gronow, ret 24 do

-Smith, Qua. Nast. vice Thrower, h.p.dc.

24 Aug.

43 F. A Chepa, Ens. by purch. vice Hay. W. IR. Lt. Findlay, Capt. by purch rice ParsonColdst. Gds. 8 Nov. 1821. age, rete

24 Oct. 1821 Lt. Dundas, Capt. vice Fetherston, dead, 2 Cey.R.- Slade, from 12 Dr. Capt by purch. 16 Nov. 1820.

vice Hamilton, 16 F.
Ens. Deverell, Lt.

Gent. Cadet D. Williams, from R. Mil.

Ordnance Department.
Coll. Ens. vice Brown, res. 3 Oct. 1821.
- E. M. Frome, from do. do.

Roy. A. Ist Lt. Milnes, from ho p. Ist. Lt, vice J. vice Deverell

4 do.
Palmer, h. Po

6 Nov. 1821. 50 Capt. Wodehouse, Maj. by purch. vice

Campbell, ret.

18 do.
Lt. Lord G. Bentinck, from 9 Dr. Capt. Maj. F. Russel, from 18 Dr. Insp. Fld. Oft. of

14 do. Mil. in Nov. Soon with rank of Lt. Col. in the 51 Ens. Mathews, Lt. by purch. vice Simp Army, vice Raith, dead,

4 Oct. 1891. son, ret.

4 do Staft Surg. W. Hill, Dep. Insp. of Hosp. by BreE. Williamson, Ens. by purch. do. vet

9 July. Lt. Tyndale, Adj. vice Powell, res. Adj.. only,


Exchanges. 52 J. Young, Ens. by purch. vice Blois,

11 do.

Lt. Col. Sir W. Williams, K.C.B. from 13 F. with prom. 53 Ens. Gray, Lt. vice Davies, dead, 3 Jan.

Lt. Col. M'Creagh, h. p. Portug. Serv. 55 Maj. Skerrett, from 76 F. Lt. Col. by

Lt. Col. Neyne, from 92 F. with Lt Col Williant purch. vice Frederick, ret. 24 Oct.

son, h. p. 4 F. Lt. Hall. Capt. by purch. vice Daniell

Maj. Barrington, from 91 F. with Bt. Lt Cal ret.


Rochford, h. p. 100 F.
Ens. Hounden, from 12F. Lt. by purch. do.

Bt. Maj. Tomkinson, from 16 Dr. rec. diff. be 69 Coventry, Lt. vice Carmichael, Adj.

tween full pay Cav. and full pay Inf. with Capt. 12 May. 1820.

Macan, h. p. 24 Dr.
J. M Gregor, Ens.


Capt. White, from 55 F. with Bt. Maj. Prager, 63 Lt. Campbell, Capt. by purch, vice Maj. Capt. Bray, from 67 F. rec. diff. with Bt. Maj.

Sub-Insp. Mil

. Ion. Isl. Boxall, ret.

24 , Ens. Stewart Lt. by purch.


Bunce, h. p. 24 Dr.
P. H. Mitchell, Ens. by purch.


Capt. Alpe, from 4 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. Bret, 67 Lt. Schoof, from 24 F. vice Lt. Rowan,

h. p. 17 Dr. prom.

1 Sept. 1820. Capt. Kersteman, from 6 Dr. With Capt. Which Ens. Paton, from 30 F. do. vice Marriot,

cote, 43 F. dead,

9 Dec. 1821.

Capt Kerr, from 9 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. So 71 Ens. Law, Capt. by purch. vice Arin

merset, h. p. 7 Dr. Grds. strong, ret.

Capt. Elliot, from 11 Dr. with Capt. Creigt

18 Oct. 1821. Ens. Lightbody. Lt. by purch.


ton, 17 F. E. C. Gregory, Ens. do.

24 do.

Capt. Schultze, from 4 F. with Capt. Spinks

12 F. Lt. Torrianno, Adj. vice Law, prom. 18 do. 72 Maclean, from 77 F. Captby purch.

Capt. Campbell, from 19 F. rec. dift. with Capt vice Fletcher, ret.


Henderson, b. p. 6 Gar. Bn. 76 Capt. Coles, Maj. by purch. vice Skerrett,

Capt. Emery, from 53 F. rec. diff. with Capta 24 do.

Young, h. p.
Lt. Ellis, from 9 Dr. Capt. by purch. do.

Lieut. Newton, from 4 Dr. with Lieut Ander 79 - Burdett from 10 Dr. Capt. by purch.

son, 87 F. vice Maj. Mylne, ret.

4 do.

Lieut. Slocock, from 4 Dr. G. rec. dift. with Lieut. -- D. Campbell, Adj. vice Cowen, res.

Beamish, h. Po
Adj. only


Lieut. Slaney, from 8 Dr. with Lieut. Murphy, 84 Ena. Hon. C. Boyle, Lt. by purch. vice

h. p. 25 Dr. Mansell ret.


Lieut. Allingham, from 11 Dr. rer. diff with Lieut.
Gent. Cadet. L. S. Demay, from R. Mil.

White, h. p, 24 Dr.
Coll. Ens by purch.


Lieut. Bailie, from 16 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. Lt. Vandeleur, from 14 Dr. Capt. by purch.

Sperling, h. p. 15 F. vice Beamish, ret.

24 de

Lieut. Proctor, from 2 F. with Lieut. M'Carthy, 85 J. Wetherall, Ens by purch. vice Moly

38 F. neux, 39 F.

8 Nov.

Lieut. Armstrong, from 15 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 86 Capt. Creagh, Maj. by purch. vice Mar

Temple, h. p. 32 F.

Lieut. Ford, from 79 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. ston, ret.

24 Oct. Lt. Bunney, Capt. by purch.


Brown, h .p. 3 W. I. Reg.
Ens. Williams, Lt.


Ensign Adams, from 34 F. with Ensign Belford

do. John Earl of Portarlington, Ens.

10 F. 87 Ass. Sur. Brown, from h. p. 24. Dr. Ass.

Ensign Jenour, from 69 F. with Ensign M. of CarSurg. vice Robson, res.

marthen, h. p. 8 W. I. R.

1 Nov. 1820. 89 Lt. O`Neill, from h. p. 93 F. Lt. vice Ware,

Surg. Edon, from 35 F. with Surg. Munro, b. p 8 14 F.

W. I. R.

18 Oct. 1891, C. Arrow, Ens. vice Norcott, dead, 16 Oct.

Assist. Surg. Bartlett, from 88 F. with Assist. 1820.

Surg. M Iver, h. p. 9 Vet. Bat.
Lt. Naylor, Adj. vice Cannon, res. Adj.

I do.

Resignations and Retirements. 91 Dunn, from 6 Dr. Gds. Capt. by purch. Lieut. Cols.

vice Gun, ret.
24 Oct 1820, Clarke, 2 Dr.

Gronow, do Gren. Gd. Buchan, Adj. vice. Scott, res. Adj. Bridger, 12 Dr. Talbot, Coldst. Grd. only,

do. Wilkinson, 13 F. Colclough, 3 F Ens. Miller. from h. p. 7 W. I. R. Qua Vandeleur, 16 F. Sutherland, do Mast. vice Manley, canc.

25 do.

Campbell, 50 F. Welsh, 5 F. Surg. Ayton, from ho p. W. I. R. Surg. Frederic, 55 F. English, 7 F. více Douglas, h. p.

do. Leach, Rifle Brig. Thaine, 10 F. Rifle B. Bt. Lt. Col. Fullarton, Maj. by purch. vice Majors.

M Donald, 19 F.
Lt. Col Leach, ret.

24 do.

Moultrie, 19 Dr. Kidd, 28 F.
Lt. Stephenson, from 1 Dr. Grds. Capt. Tallon, 41 F.

Ryan, 31 E.
by purch. vice N. C. Travers, ret. do. Boxall. 63 F.

Dundas, 39 F. - Orange, Capt. by purch. vice Fuller Mylne, 79 F.

Daniel, 55 F. ton

do. Marstoun, 86 F. Armstrong, 71 F. G. Townly, 2d Lt. by purch, 7 Nov. Captains.

Fletcher, 79 F.
20 Lt. Boilleau, 1st Lt. by purch. do. Evans, 3 Dr. G.

Beamish, 84 E.
C. Daniel, 2d Lt. by purch. vice Amherst, Stracey, do.

Gun, 91 F.
Gren. Grds.
8 do. Hoskins, 1 Dr.

N. C. Travers, Rifle 2W.I.R. Lt. Chichester, from 7 Dr. Capt. by Ilammerslay, 19 Dr. Brig.

purch. vice Eysing, ret. 27 Sept. 1821, Powell, Grea. Ga. Parsonage, ! W. I. R.

55 F.

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