vernor of Seville was recalled, and another accordingly proposed, that the Comman appointed to succeed him. Baron D'An- deries belonging to the Knights of Malta dilla proceeded to Xeres. Government, should remain to the present holders for in the mean time, were informed that the life, and that afterwards they should be inhabitants of Cadiz had determined not to applied to the payment of the national receive the new Governor, merely becausé debt. The proposition was: agreed to, he was appointed by them; this was com- and ordered to be read a second time at municated to D'Andilla, but still he was the next sitting. A discussion then took directed to proceed. The actual Gover- place as to the necessity of applying to nor of Cadiz issued circulars, in pursuance the Pope for a bull to suppress convents, of the resolution of the inhabitants, for some being of opinion that the Cortes bidding all persons within his jurisdiction were competent to proceed to such reto recognise D'Andilla, or to obey any of forms without any bull ; others, however, his orders. While D'Andilla was chan- thought that it was right in this instance ging horses at Xeres, some officers of in- to comply with popular prejudice. fantry presented themselves before him, TURKEY AND RUSSIA- The question and communicated the circular. D'An. of peace or war between these two powers dilla remonstrated in vain, and changing is still undecided ; but no ambassador has his route, he went to Utrera. This was been appointed to succeed Baron Strogoan open resistance to the authority of the noff; and a pretty confident opinion is Government, and it required to be met now entertained, that the existing differwith the greatest promptitude.

The ences will terminate in a declaration of King, accordingly, on the 26th of No. war on the part of Russia, as soon as the vember, sent a message to the Cortes, season arrives when military operations on the subject, when an animated discus. can be undertaken on the banks of the sion took place. The conduct of the Pruth. In the meantime, a great sensaMinisters was frequently attacked ; a tion has been created at Constantinople, Committee, however, was appointed to by the intelligence of war having actu. prepare an answer to the Royal Message. ally commenced by the Persians. It apAnother Committee was appointed to con- pears that a Prince of that country has sider the measures which it would be entered the Turkish dominions in Asia expedient to propose to the Cortes. The at the head of 100,000 men, and a answer having been speedily drawn up, severe engagement is said to have taken was read and approved by the Cortes place in the vicinity of Bagdad. This It evinces a firm determination, on their event is considered as deeply implicapart, to preserve equally the public liber. ting the existence of the Turkish em. ties and the prerogatives of the Crown pire, which being attacked at once by from violation. It breathes the soundest the Persians and Greeks, and at the same loyalty to the Throne, and a readiness to time menaced by Russia, is placed in a take the most energetic measures for state of danger, which calls for a greater consolidating the Constitutional regimé. degree of energy than is now supposed • The most melancholy accounts conti to belong to this degenerate power. nue to be received of the ravages com GREECE.-The accounts relative to mitted by the yellow fever. At Barce the operations of the Greeks, both by sea lona, the mortality is still great. · At Ma- and land, are very contradictory. 'l'here laga it is said to be fast spreading over have been reports of victories obtained the town, and the last accounts from Ca. by them over the Turks at the pass of diz mention that it had made its appear Thermopylæ, which seem to be confirmance at that place. Tortosa is no longer ed by recent letters from Galaxidi. · It is inhabited, every one who attempts to ell. therein stated that the Greeks were first ter the town being immediately seized attacked by an advanced guard of 5000 with the fever. ' At Port St Mary's, Ca Turks, the whole of whom, with the exdiz, the deaths from the 21st to the 23d ception of about 60 men, were killed, October were 22, and the cases on the wounded, or dispersed. The next day. last-mentioned day were 535.

the main body of the Turkish army made LISBON..The Portuguese Cortes con an attempt to force the pass, but were retinue occupied with discussing the articles pulsed with great loss. The Greeks, it of the constitution. In the sitting of the is said, took on this occasion 300 carriages 21st October, a motion was made for laden with provisions, 7 pieces of artil. abolishing the order of the Knights of lery, 17 stand of colours, a number of Malta by M. Correiro, who, at the same horses, and much ammunition. The loss time, reprobated all those religious estab on their side amounted to 1200 killed.' lişhments, by which a great class of the The, Pacha of Egypt, notwithstanding people were supported in idleness, and at his having sent a part of his naval force the expence of the productive classes. He to join the Turkish feet, has given an

asylum to some thousands of Greek fu other forts, the palace, and city, without gitives from Cyprus and other places, further resistance. By the 1st July all where they had been barbarously treated warlike operations had ceased, and the by the Turks. He had also prohibited Sultan, who accompanied the expedition, his son Ibrahim from accepting the post was quietly seated on the throne of his conferred upon him by the Porte, of brother. The deposed Prince had been Pacha, and Commander-in-Chief in Ma- conveyed a prisoner to Batavia, and it cedonia. Prince Ypsilanti, who, in conse was believed would be sent to Banda.” quence of petty jealousies among the Letters from Batavia of the 27th July Greek leaders, had retired to Hydra, had, state, that no less than seventeen thousand at the earnest entreaty of the Moreans, of the inhabitants had been carried off returned and resumed his post as Com- by the cholera morbus. The rice crop mander-in-Chief. He was making pre- had failed, and in consequence, the Go. parations for an attack on Patras.

vernment had prohibited all exportation. It is mentioned in the Paris papers, Its price on board ship was 27, and on that volunteers continue to embark from shore 244. The coffee crop was very Marseilles, to assist the Greeks, and that abundant; but, from the dreadful malady three vessels have lately set sail from now raging, a want of hands was expethat place, having on board 150 young rienced to pick it. men, chiefly Germans.

NEW SHETLAND.--The lands disco

vered in the Antarctic regions, by CapASIA.

tain Smith, of Blythe, in the brig Wil. EAST INDIES.-A supplement to the liams, have been the subject of various London Gazette of November 5th, con papers in different periodical works which tains dispatches from the Government of pay attention to such subjects. Since the Bombay, dated March 10th, and April English expedition took place, the two 9th, 1821, with inclosures ; which relate Russian frigates on a voyage in the same to the successful operations of the expe- quarter, have (we understand) circumdition under Major-General Smith, in the navigated the New Shetland Islands, for Red Sea, against the Beni Boo Ali Arabs. so they turn out to be, and also the SandThis success, however, was not obtained, wich Land of Captain Cook, thus proved we regret to add, without considerable to be another island. From the whole loss. . Capt. Parr, of the Bombay Euro- of these remarkable geographical discopean regiment, was killed in a night at. veries, it results, that a very lucrative tack which the enemy made upon the trade in seals may be carried on, as the force under General Smith, on the 10th sea absolutely swarms with these creaof February ; while Lieut.-Col. Cox, com tures, of great size, full of oil, and with manding the left brigade, was dangere the finest furs.-In other respects animal ously, and Lieutenants Watkins and Bur. existence is limited in variety, though not net, of the. Bombay European regiment, in the numbers of particular species. The were severely wounded. At the date of shores are covered with penguins, which the dispatches they were all doing well. even disputed possession with the hu. The 1st battalion of the 7th native in man visitors. There are gulls, albatrosfantry sustained a very heavy loss in the ses, and one land bird about the size of decisive action of the 3d March, and a pigeon. . The sea elephant also inhaAssistant-Surgeon Gowan, of the Ist bat- bits these dreary parts, and whales are talion 7th regiment, was killed. The fol very numerous, but excessively lean and lowing officers were wounded :-Licutenpoor. No fish were caught or seen, and ant: Madden, 65th regiment, severely ; the only conchological products on the Lieutenant Cuppage, ditto, slightly; En- shore were the empty shells of limpets. sign Malkin, same regiment, slightly ; Captain Stewart, 1st battalion, 7th regi

AMERICA. ment, severely ; and Lieutenant and Ad. PERU.-Lima, the capital of this projutant Thurnam, of the same regiment, vince, has at length fallen before the Chislightly. The loss of the enemy was lian army under San Martin. The Roxmuch more considerable. The piratical alist troops, under La Serna, evacuated tribe of Beni Boo Ali is now considered the place on the 4th July, and it was for. as effectually put down.

mally taken possession of by the republiAccounts have been received in the can troops on the 10th, to the general saNetherlands of the conquest of Palem- tisfaction of the inhabitants, who were bang, by the Dutch naval and military thus freed from the yoke of the mother forces, after a severe contest. After the country, to them the source of many opattack in the principal fortress, , which pressions. The force of the Royalists took place on the 24th June, “ the Dutch which left the place consisted of 5000 troops landed and took possession of the men, 2000) of whom, it is said, took the

route southward, and the remaining 3000 CARACCAS.- In this part of South Amemarched towards the Sierra of the Andes. rica the cause of independence is equally San Martin immediately dispatched seve- triumphant. By the Jamaica papers we ral columns in pursuit, which fell in with have intelligence of the capture of Car. three successive divisions of the Royalists, thagena by the Independent forces, on at Arequipa, Puno," and Lapas, and had the 25th of October. "On the 26th, Co. defeated them. The Royal battalion of lonel Miguel Martinez, aid-de-camp to Arequipa had joined the Republican stand. General Montilla, arrived express at Sa. ard with their arms and stores. · The vanilla, from Torbuca, 'with the intelliSpaniards who escaped on those occasions gence, and with an order for all vessels Aed towards Arica, to which province at that port to discharge their cargoes the Royal General Rameriz, who com. and proceed to Carthagena, to take the manded in Upper Peru, had also retreat governor (Gen. Torres) and the garrison ed with his army, which had been redu of that fortress to Cuba. Gen. Montilla, ced to between 1200 and 1500 men. previous to the capitulation of Carthagena,

After San Martin had entered Lima, had bombarded that city from the Popa, he addressed a proclamation to the inha and done much injury to it from the fire bitants, and another to the Free Departs of six long guns and two mortars. ments, in which he congratulates them American papers of the 11th Novemon the successful issue of his operations, ber contain further intelligence of the assures them of the best disposition of successful operations of the Patriots in himself and troops, and calls upon them the Caraccas. Cumana has capitulated to take part in the war of freedom. · He to them, and Porto Cabello is expected also charges the Spaniards with bad faith, shortly to follow. cruelty, and obstinacy.

At St Martha orders were received Private letters state, that the force with from General Bólivar to provide quarters which La Serna, the Royalist General, and the means of transport for 4000 men. evacuated Lima, was 5000 men. The The object of this expedition, which is solemn declaration of independence, by composed of the best troops of the repubthe authorities of Lima, were made on lic, is supposed to be the isthmus of Pa. the 15th; and no interruption, it is added, nama, the only part of South America of the public tranquillity had occurred. which still adheres to the mother coun

The following is an extract of a letter try, and where it appears there are two from a merchant in Lima, dated July Viceroys who hold a disputed authority. 19th 1821:

BRAZIL.The American papers also “ Yesterday Lord Cochrane made his contain important information from Perentrance into Lima. His reception was nambuco, which has been the scene of most flattering. A magnificent chariot, serious commotions. A regular plot with four cream-coloured horses, was appears to have been formed for throw. sent to Chorillos, a post about two leagues ing off the authority of the mother counfrom Líma, for his reception, accompa- try, and, according to all appearances, it nied by the Cobildo and the chief Offi is likely to be successful. With the ex. cers of State. His Lordship was recei. ample before them of the revolt of the ved by the Archbishop, Bishops, and all Spanish provinces of South America, it is the Heads of the Convents, and conduct. not to be supposed that the Portuguese ed to the palace amidst the most enthu- colonies will remain quietly under the yoke siastic shouts from the people of Viva of the mother country, from whose nar. la Patria, viva l'Almiranto,' &c. A mag row and selfish policy they have suffered nificent dinner was prepared on this most great oppression and bondage in almost memorable occasion, of which General every branch of their trade. San Martin, Lord Cochrane, and their The insurgents, who appear to be in Staff, together with the great Officers of considerable force, had attacked the adState, and all the Heads of Departments, vanced posts of the Royalists near Olinda, partook.

the chief town of the province, on the “ Nothing can exceed the enthusiasm 20 Sept. ; and at the same time the royal of the Peruvians at having gained their picquet at Affragados, a village about liberty. They naturally anticipate great three miles from Pernambuco, in an opadvantages from that intercourse with posite direction to that of Olinda, was the rest of the world which has been so fired upon out of the houses ; the women, long denied them, and appear particu- it is added, having slack lime from the larly anxious to cultivate a friendly in- windows, to blind the soldiers. Three tercourse with England, 'a facility which field-pieces, were immediately ordered the gallantry and judicious conduct of down, and a murderous cannonade kept Lord Cochrane has tended powerfully to up, for several hours, upon the houses. promote."

The slaughter was dreadful, between VOLTX


three and four hundred persons being confidence was reposed in the assurankilled. Tranquillity (if such it may be ces of the Commander in Chief. called) was then restored, and the Com.. The insurgents are led by Juan Martin, mander in Chief, Don Luiz do Rego the father of Martin who planned the Barretto, issued a proclamation next day, last insurrection, and was publicly exeinviting those of the inhabitants who had cuted, and by a priest of the name of fled from their houses, in the first alarm, Da Silva to return. It would appear, however, Their troops already amount to 3000, from the state in which the city continued and they are soon expected to be inon the 230 September-cannon planted at creased, by reinforcements, to 10,000.all the bridges and gates, with matches There are reports of a revolt to the southlighted--the soldiers under arms-the ward, near Cape St Augustine, and from houses all shut, and for the greater part' the westward, also, the accounts received abandoned by their inmates that no threaten disturbances.


The Late Beacon.-In giving some account of this Newspaper in our last Number, the following statement, taken from a London Newspaper, found its way into our columns :

“ The discovery of the bond was nearly leading to more serious consequences ; for, if report be true, Mr James Gibson, W. S. one of those who had been grossly calumniated in the Beacon, had thought proper to make such a demand upon Sir Walter Scott, as he could only be prevented from answering in a similar hostile spirit, by the interference of a common friend, Lord Lauderdale.' ”

We are now enabled, from the best authority, to state, that the report in question had no foundation in truth.


BRITISH REVENUE.-Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Brie tain, (exclusive of the Arrears of War Duty on Malt and Property,) in the Years and Quarters ended 10th October 1820, and 10th October 1821; shewing the Increase or Decrease on each head thereof.

Years ended Oct. 10.
1820. 1821.

Increase. Decrease.

Quarters ended Oct.10.
1820. 1821.

Increase. Decrease


£. £.
£. £. £.

£. Customs. 8,746,105 8,765,865 19,760

2,670,685 2,844,291 173,548 Excised 26,188,508 26,471,365

17,145 7,552,021 8,149,226 597,205 Stamps... 6,15,482 €, 146,986 31,504

1,581,204 1,625,920 44,016 Post Office 1,446,000 1,331,000

115,000 375,000 342,000

33,000 Assessed Taxes and 6,279,547 6,297,777 18,230

760,576 793,532 32,956 Land Taxes.com 1,207,630 1,217,856 10,226

174,522 207,481

32,959 Miscellaneous and 360,538 297,954

62,584 71,642 61,922

10,190 Totalmmma... 50,643,810 50,528,301 79,720 191,729 13,181,648|14,022,912 880,684 43,420 Deduct increase

79,720 Deduct Decrease... 43,420 Deerease on the year.. | 115,009 fincrease on the Quart. 857,264 Execution. On the 24th instant, Mi of the execution, when their friends sent chael MʻIntyre, William Paterson, alias them decent black clothes, with weepers Kidston, and William Dyer, who were and white gloves. The unexpected sight convicted of housebreaking and theft at of these brought tears to their eyes, and the last Circuit Court, suffered the last they knelt down and prayed; afterwards punishment of the law in front of the they became sensible of their awful connew jail, Glasgow.

dition, and shewed obvious marks of sor. The sentence of Ann Moore, who was row, alarm, and repentance. When an convicted at the same Circuit, has been the scaffold, M'Intyre and Kidston emchanged to transportation for life. The braced each other; and when the whole three unhappy criminals had been visited was ready, the handkerchief was given by several clergymen, and other pious to Dyer, and they shook hands. After persons; but to whose instructions and praying fervently for a few moments, exhortations they paid little regard-till Kidston cried, "O Lord, have mercy on eleven o'clock on the forenoon of the day Lord Jesus receive my soni ;" and

[ocr errors]


he immediately added, “O Willie, let go, _EDINBURGH.The celerity with we are all ready.” Dyer gave the signals which architectural works are undertaken and the drop fell. . Dyer belonged to and executed in this city is truly astonishGlasgow, and was about twenty-two years ing. But the most extraordinary instance old. He was bred a weaver, and main- of rapid building is that of the new Circus, tained an irreproachable character till which may be said to connect the village about five years ago, when he began to of Stock-Bridge with the New Town. In neglect his work, and fell into bad com- the space of little more than twelve months, pany, and went on in a criminal career the whole Circus, with the exception of till he was brought to the gibbet. Kid. one house, has been begun and completed, ston was born in Manchester, and was and a considerable part of it is already about seventeen years of age. · He was inhabited. In addition to the buildirigs, brought to Glasgow when a child, and the pavement of the street around the bred a ropemaker. He was convicted of Circus is nearly completed; and the ground theft at the spring circuit in 1819, and in the centre inclosed with an elegant railsentenced to twelve months imprison- ing, and tastefully plantede ment in bridewell. He was subsequently The Melville Monument is becoming a confined in bridewell, and banished the prominent feature in the outline of our city for two years. M'Intyre was born in Ireland, and was about thirty years of situation is the best that could have been

romantic city, and already proves that the age. When very young he entered the chosen, as in that part of the New Town, army. During the time he was a sol

with the exception of St Andrew's spire, dier, he repeatedly deserted ; and for this

there is no architectural ornament higher and various acts of theft he received

than the houses. about 2000 lashes. After he was discharged he came to Glasgow, and con

Equestrian Statue of George III.We nected himself with persons of the most

understand that it is in contemplation to abandoned description, and was five dif

erect, by subscription, a magnificent eques ferent times confined in bridewell.

trian statue to the memory of our late reNOVEMBER

spected Sovereign. The site proposed is, 1.-An unfortunate accident lately hap

we hear, the west end of Great King pened at Musselburgh, under the follow. Street, in the space between that street ing circumstances :--A person, who had

and the Royal Circus. absconded from Manchester, with a con The College. It is very gratifying to siderable sum of money belonging to his observe the progress which has been made, employers, was traced to a house in Mus. in the course of the season, in building selburgh, where he was apprehended by the College. The passage from the street an officer from England and assistants. to the interior of the quadrangle, upon the The prisoner was removed to Moir's inn, improved plan, has been completed, which, preparatory to being brought to Edinburgh, considering its stupendousness and mag. and having made considerable resistance, nificence, is itself a very considerable adhandcuffs were put upon him, which not vance towards the completion of the buildanswering properly, were taken off to be ing. The north side has been proceeded adjusted, when the prisoner again becom in with so much activity, that the mason ing very obstreperous, the officer was forced work may be expected to be soon finished. to fire his pistol at him ; at the instant an $o much of its inner front as was preassistant unluckily came in between, when viously built has been pulled down and the ball broke his arm, and lodged in his rebuilt, so as to accommodate it to the new side. In the confusion the culprit leaped plan, which provides the whole front with the window and escaped. The ball was the noble ornament of Corinthian pillars. easily extractcd from the poor man's side, As the south side will exactly correspond but amputation of the arm was deemed with it, a perfect idea may now be formed necessary.

of the appearance which this grand build. Stirling Bridge. In consequence of a ing will present when finally completed. representation lately made by the Magis. This is an event to which the public have trates to the Lords of the Treasury, on the long looked forward with no little anxiety ; subject of this bridge, their Lordships have and they must contemplate with much authorised the celebrated engineer, Mr satisfaction the near prospect of its acTelford, at the public expence, to examine complishment. Some time ago, as must and report whether the present bridge can be known to many of our readers, a be altered so as to afford a sufficiently range of old houses that stood on the west commodious passage over the river, or side of the Horse Wynd, immediately bewhether a new one be necessary ; and in hind the College, was cleared away, and either case to give a plan and estimate an open space formed, which has been of the expence.

planted with trees, and considerably mi.

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