which was agreed to, and a verdict of THE KING'S VISIT TO IRELAND.. £.20 given to the plaintiff.-- This trial His Majesty sailed from Cowes, in the Isle excited much interest, and was produc- of Wight, on board the Royal George tive of much amusement.

Yacht, and accompanied by a suitable 30.-New Parish in Edinburgh. At squadron, on Thursday the 2d instant, in the monthly meeting of the Presbytery the afternoon ; and on Tuesday the 7th ; of Edinburgh, held yesterday, a memo the Royal squadron cast anchor at Holy. rial was presented from the Governors head, where the King went ashore to visit of Heriot's Hospital, proposing, that the the Marquis of Anglesea at his beautiful grounds belonging to that Hospital, north seat of Plasnewydd. Next day his Ma. of the Calton Hill, and situated in South jesty re-embarked, but the wind continu. Leith parish, should be erected into a ing contrary, the squadron did not weigh new parish, quoad sacra, in which the anchor till Saturday the 11th, when they Governors should build and endow a new stood over for the Irish coast; and next church, from certain funds to be levied afternoon his Majesty landed at Howth, according to a plan specified in the men amidst the acclamations of thousands of morial, and praying the Presbytery to in- his Irish subjects. terpose their authority for carrying this The King landed on the pier at Howth, proposal into effect." Dr Inglis highly at half-past four o'clock; from the Lightapproved of the motives of the Governors ning Steam-yacht, and immediately reof the Hospital, and proposed that a Com- pared to the Vice-regal Lodge in Phænix mittee should be appointed to lay the Park. The winds continuing contrary, memorial before Sir John Connel, Pro- and the weather boisterous, on a coast that curator for the Church of Scotland, for afforded no protection, his Majesty was his opinion. This was agreed to, and Dr induced to try the steam-boat, by which Inglis, Dr Brunton, and Mr David Dick means he soon reached the end of his son, were appointed a Committee, and to journey. Although his arrival was not report to next meeting of Presbytery. generally expected, yet a considerable

Loss of a steam packet by fire. The crowd had assembled, and pressed around Robert Bruce steam packet, between Lin their Sovereign with the most ardent reverpool and Dublin, caught fire on the spect and loyalty. His Majesty appeared morning of the 28th, when about thirty deeply affected at these marks of attach. miles from land, owing to a want of at- ment, and the frank and noble manner tention to the boilers. She was then be with which he returned these greetings tween point Linæs and Holy-head. Cap- of an affectionate people, has made a deep tain Carlyle immediately steered for land; and lasting impression on the ninds of and the crew and passengers employed the people of Dublin. It is worthy of reevery exertion to keep down the fire. mark, that his Majesty's landing in Ire. Providentially, in about four hours, they land took place upon his birth-day. After succeeded in running her into the creek remaining in private till Friday, his Maof Cemmies, near Almwch, where she jesty made his public entrance into the was instantly scuttled and sunk, after the capital, in the most magnificent manner, passengers, twenty-four in number, and amidst the greatest joy and enthusiasm. the crew, consisting of fourteen hands, In describing the public entrance of his with the luggage, &c. were all got safe Majesty into Dublin, one of the papers obon shore.

serves, that “ to follow the King through Inquest on George Francis, Riot, for the detail of particular incidents, which The Coroner's inquest on this individual, heightened the solemnity of this splendid who was shot by the Life Guards, in the scene, would be to attempt to delineate the riot «hich took place at the Queen's fue expressions of the individual sentiments neral, terminated on Friday night the of countless thousands engaged in univer24th instant, when the Jury brought in sal exultation-it was an embodied and a verdict of wilful murder against a Life. spontaneous ebullition of popular feeling, guards-man unknown. We regret to delightful to behold here, from the manistate, that at the funeral of this indivi- fest justice of the motive which dictated dual, and of the other unfortunate per- it-it was a grateful display of unanimity son, Richard Honey, which some factious of sentiment, hailing the approach of a individuals in London contrived should Monarch to their metropolis, who had be made a public one, another serious never ceased to inspire them with confiaffray took place between the mob and dence from the earliest period of his pubs. the Life Guards. Fortunately, however, lic life.” The city was illuminated two peace was restored, by the exertions of successive nights; and during his Majesthe civil power, before any fatal conse ty's stay, party-distinctions seemed to have quencos ensued.

been forgotten, and all classes vied with and all the various forms of Illumination. each other in celebrating the royal visit. The party invited to meet his Majesty at

On Wednesday the 22d, his Majesty Slane Castle consisted of Whigs and visited the Theatre, where he was receiv- Ministerialists without distinction. ed with the same enthusiasm which had On the 30th the new Knights of St Pamarked his entrance into Dublin. On trick gave a grand ball in honour of their Thursday he visited the Linen-hall, and installation, which was honoured by the subsequently honoured the Lord Mayor presence of his Majesty ; and on the 31st, and Corporation with his presence to din. the King left Dublin again, to witness the ner. His Majesty withdrew at ten o'clock, races at the Curragh, on the magnificent after expressing his warm sense of the plain of Kildare. On this, as on every ochospitality he had experienced : he was at casion where his Majesty made his aptended by all the great Officers of State. pearance in public, he was constantly fol. After the King had retired, the Lord lowed by the uniform and enthusiastic acMayor proposed the health of their coun. clamations of all ranks; and he never tryman, the Marquis of Londonderry, failed in expressing, in the most gracious which was enthusiastically drank. His manner, his deep and heartfelt sense of Lordship, in returning thanks, said, that those marks of affection and reverence. he had been present in England and on

SEPTEMBER the Continent at many splendid fetes and The King's RETURN.-On Monday dinners, but the present was the most de- forenoon the 3d instant, his Majesty and lightful repast he had ever witnessed the Suite left the Phænix Park, Dublin, and The hearts of Irishmen, on the present crossing the Liffey at Island Bridge, prooccasion, spoke out and beat responsive ceeded to the beautiful demense of Lord to that of their Monarch, who had honour. Powerscourt, where he breakfasted. Hav. od them that night with his august pre- ing viewed the romantic scenery of that sence. If he could read the intentions of part of the county of Wicklow, his Ma. that benign and paternal heart, he would jesty paid a short visit to Earl Meath, at venture to affirm, that this was not the Balruddery, and thence proceeded through last time that his friends and countrymen Bray, to the harbour of Dunleary. Dunwould have the happiness of seeing him leary, therefore, was the grand centre of among them the object of his Majesty attraction, and thither at a very early hour was that of making all his people happy :

flocked countless multitudes from all diand he congratulated himself as an Irish- rections. The road from Dublin, which man, on the good order, that the people, is about five English miles, was rendered from the highest to the lowest, had mani. almost impassable from an early hour : fested on his Majesty's late public entry and every vehicle of every description, into this city.

from the most splendid down to the most On Tuesday the 21st, his Majesty held paltry, was put in motion. The harbour his first levee in Dublin, at which the of Dunleary and the ofling were literally Earl of Fingal was, among others, created covered by the vessels of war, the Royal Knight of St Patrick; and the Catholic Yachts, pleasure-boats, and a vast numPrelates were received at Court for the ber of smaller vessels, gigs, luggers, cutfirst time as Bishops. These facts shew ters, &c. At the upper end of the outer the favour with which his Majesty views pier, an elegant pavilion was erected, suphis Catholic subjects, and give us the ported by five pillars, each encircled with strongest grounds to believe that the union evergreens. The descent from the paof parties, and the friendly feelings which vilion to the water's edge was also covered have been excited by the King's auspi- with carpeting, and a large platform of cious visit to Ireland, will lead to measures wood, covered with scarlet cloth, was of the greatest importance to the peace placed at the entrance to the pavilion, to and happiness of the country.

facilitate the ascent to it, and on which The King left Dublin for Slane Castle, his Majesty was to step on his alighting the seat of the Marquis Conyngham, at from his carriage. Deputations and an one o'clock on Friday the 24th. His Ma- immense multitude were waiting many jesty's journey, about 22 Irish, or 28 hours. At seven o'clock his Majesty arEnglish miles, was one continued scene rived and entered the tent ; and the Lord of rejoicing, the roads being lined the Mayor of Dublin presented an Address whole way by the inhabitants of Meath from the Citizens. Mr O'Connell, acand the adjoining counties. His Majesty companied by a Deputation, presented a arrived at Slane Castle between four and Laurel Crown to his Majesty. The Sovefive o'clock; and in the evening the whole reign was pleased to notice him in the surrounding country, as far as the eye most marked and condescending manner. could reach, was covered with bonfires, His Majesty, before descending the Royal

Slip that led to the barge, looking around der weigh, to make one more effort to him, and, apparently with great emotion, get round the Lizard, and were soon clear addressed those assembled in a manner of the land. But the night proved most the most dignified and impressive, as fol. tempestuous, blowing a gale of wind from lows:-“ My Friends ! when I arrived S.S.W. to S.W. and, dreading to encoun“ in this beautiful country, my heart over ter the heavy sea off the Land's End, “flowed with joy ; it is now depressed where the whole pressure of the Atlantic “ reith sincere sorrozo ; I never felt sensa falls into a small compass, the Squadron “ tions of more delight than since I came (when within ten leagues of the British to IrelandI cannot expect to meet any Channel) again bore up for Milford Ha.

superior, nor many equal, till I have ven, which they reached in safety about " the happiness to see you again. When- five on Wednesday afternoon. It being “ ever an opportunity offers, wherein I now determined to return to the Metro“ can serve Ireland, I shall scize on it polis, by land, at six o'clock on Thursday with eagerness. I am a man of fezo morning the 13th instant, his Majesty * words--short Adieus are best-God bless left the Royal Yacht, and landed at Mil.

you all, my Friends. God bless you ford under a royal salute from the Squa" all.—His Majesty then descended the dron, and amid the continued acclamasloping avenue that led to the barge, and tions of the populace, who crowded the with great activity jumped into it. The beach, ready to welcome his safe return Police were forced from their stations by to this Island. His Majesty bowed rethe crowd, who rushed forward with pre- peatedly, until he reached his carriage, cipitation. The Lord Lieutenant and when he drove off, continuing to acknow*suite, Lord Sidmouth, &c. &c. followed ledge the enthusiastic cheers of the inhathe King. Four gentlemen laid hold of bitants as he passed through the town. the rudder and clung to it; three fell into On Saturday the 15th, at seven o'clock, the water, and fairly swam to the shore ; his Majesty arrived at his palace in Pallthey succeeded in shaking his Majesty's Mall, in excellent health. hand. A female who appeared desirous Previous to his Majesty leaving Dubto hand the King a paper, was also forced lin, Lord Sidmouth addressed the followinto the water by the overwhelming ing letter to the Lord Lieutenant: crowd, but was speedily rescued. The Royal Barge, stretching across the har.

Dublin Castle, September 3, 1821. bour, reached the Royal George under a “ MY LORD_The time of the King's salute from the fleet, which was main. departure from Ireland being arrived, tained during the King's progress, and I am commanded by his Majesty to exanswered by the guns from the Towers, press his entire approbation of the manthe Pigeon-house, and the Park.

ner in which all persons, acting in civil The squadron immediately set sail, but and military situations in the city of Dubwere forced back by contrary winds, and lin and its neighbourhood, have performit was not till Friday the 7th, that they ed their several duties, during the period took their final departure from Dunleary of his Majesty's residence in this part of (now called King's Town,) in the hope the kingdom. of a favourable passage into the English “ His Majesty is pleased to consider, Channel. They had not long sailed, how that to your Excellency his acknowledgever, when the wind veered to the south ments are particularly due. He is conward, and it came on to blow hard, which scious how much he owes to your Excompelled the fleet to beat to windward, cellency's attentions and arrangements ; and they reluctantly took shelter in Mil and his Majesty gladly avails himself of ford Haven about noon on Sunday. Here this occasion, of declaring the high sense they remained during the whole of Mon- which he entertains of the ability, temday; but his Majesty had suffered so per, and firmness, with which your Exmuch from the voyage, that he was un cellency has uniformly administered the able to appear on deck, to the unspeak. great trust which he has placed in your able disappointment of a multitude of his hands. Loyal Cambrian subjects, who had col “ I am further commanded to state, lected from all parts of the country, and that the testimonies of dutiful and afterhundreds of whom crowded round the tionate attachment which his Majesty Royal Yacht, in boats and craft of every has received from all classes and descripdescription, in the fond hope of seeing tions of his Irish subjects, have made the their beloved Sovereign.

deepest impression on his mind, and that The wind having moderated, and come he looks forward to the period when he round more to the westward, about six shall revisit them with the strongest feelA. M. on Tuesday, the Squadron got un ing of satisfaction. His Majesty trusts

that, in the mean time, not only the spirit It has also been determined that a pubof loyal union, which now so generally lic testimonial, in honour of his Majesexists, will remain unabated and unim- ty's visit, shall be erected in Dublin, subpaired, but that every cause of irritation scriptions to execute which are rapidly will be avoided and discountenanced, mu filling up. It is to consist of a Triumtual forbearance and good-will observed phal Arch and an Emerald Crown. The and encouraged, and a security be thus first will be erected at the limits of the afforded for the continuance of that con city's jurisdiction in Sackville-street, where cord amongst themselves, which is not the barrier was raised for the King's publess essential to his Majesty's happiness lic entrance. The second will be made than to their own, and which it has been of Irish gold, studded with precious stones, the chief object of his Majesty, during and it will form the commencement of his residence in this country, to cherish National Regalia, similar to those of Engand promote.

land or Scotland, and be deposited in the * His Majesty well knows the gene Castle. The list of subscriptions is fillrosity and warmth of heart which distin- ing very fast. In Dublin alone, it already guish the character of his faithful people amounts to above £.10,000. in Ireland ; and he leaves them with a Royal Donations.—Sir Robert Shaw, heart full of affection towards them, and Bart. & Co. bankers, have received direcwith a confident and gratifying persua tions to pay the following sums, being his sion, that this parting admonition and in. Majesty's donations, in aid of the respecjunction of their Sovereign will not be tive charitable institutions in Dublin :given in vain.

Mendicity Association, . . . £.200 “ I have the honour to be,

Sick and Indigent Room-keepers, . 100 “ With great truth and regard, Magdalene Asylum, Leeson Street, 100 “ My Lord, Female Orphan School,

100 “ Your Excellency's most obedient, Lying-in Hospital,

100 " And faithful Servant, Charitable Association,

50 “ SIDMOUTH." Meath Hospital,

100 “ To his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, Richmond Institution,

50 &c. &c.Molyneaux Asylum,

50 From the effect which his Majesty's Dorset Institution,

50 presence in Ireland has had in allaying Poor of the Liberty,

100 all party animosities, and the manner in Chapelizod, Castleknock, &c. 100 which this his parting injunction has been St Werburgh's Parish,

50 received by all classes, the most happy Lock Penitentiary,

50 results may be anticipated from the Royal Meath Charitable Loan,

100 visit. At a meeting of gentlemen, of all Strangers' Friend Society,

50 sects, held in Dublin on the 7th instant, The Eye Institution, Cumberland St. 50 after the best mode of distributing copies 6.- Edinburgh. At the meeting of the of his Majesty's letter to the Lord Lieu Town Council last week, the Lord Protenant had been determined upon, Mr vost suggested the propriety of building a O'Connell proposed, and it was resolved, new church. The probable expence, it that a Club, to be called the “ Loyal was estimated, would be £.14,000; and, Union, or Royal Georgian Club,” should as the city had no funds, he laid before be established in Dublin without delay, them two schemes, which were read, and the object of which should be to carry the principle being agreed to, they were into effect the parting admonition and in remitted to a Committee, to report junction of their Sovereign : the members thereon. His Lordship produced the to pledge themselves to preserve unaba- ground plan of the proposed buildings on ted and unimpaired the spirit of loyal the Mound, with the agreement entered union amongst all classes of Irishmen; into with the trustees of the late Mr Tod. to observe and encourage mutual forbear. They had got the consent of these gentleance and good-will; and to perpetuate men to the proposed buildings upon certhat affectionate gratitude towards his tain conditions, and, among others, that Majesty King George the Fourth, which Mr Playfair's plan should be adopted, and now animates every Irish bosom. The they had only now to get the consent of Society to consist of a president, vice-pre- the feuers in Prince's Street, which he sident, committee, &c. and to dine toge- hoped would be easily obtained. After ther at least six times in the year, cloth son:e observations, the matter was remited in Irish manufacture, and in the co ted back to the Committee formerly aplours worn by the citizens of Dublin on pointed. the auspicious day of his Majesty's pub Fatal Mistake.-An unlucky circumlic entry into that city.

stance occurred off' Kerry Head, on Friday

evening the 7th instant. His Majesty's ket, and preserved from destruction ; the sloop of war Redwing fell in with the Har- other, with the mother, who was far adriet revenue cruizer, Captain Tandy, and vanced in pregnancy, was carried to the supposing it to be a smuggler, fired several Infirmary, where they soon after expired. shots into her, and continued to do so for The man's name is Bannerman; we una considerable time; it was not until the derstand he was formerly a serjeant in boats of the Redwing were preparing to the 79th Regiment, and his wife was a board the Harriet, that the mistake was native of Portugal. A boy beween eight discovered. One of the crew was killed. and nine years of age (also a son of Ban. The Harriot has been but very lately nerman), in attempting to escape from commissioned, only on her first cruize, and one of the upper stories, fell and was was formerly a French lugger, in which killed. craft she is retained, and which confirmed 14.-Libel on the late Queen. At the the Captain of the Redwing in his belief Lancaster assizes of this date, the case of her being a smuggler, having never be. of the King versus Blacow, came on for fore seen her on the coast. The firing trial. This was an information against was heard distinctly for a considerable the Rev. Richard Blacow, A.M. a clergytime off the Ballyheige shore, and upwards man of the Church of England, resident of forty shots were fired, accompanied by at Liverpool, for a libel against the late repeated cheers from each vessel.

Queen, contained in a sermon which he 10.-Calamitous fire in Edinburgh.- preached at St. Mark's Church, in LiverAbout twelve o'clock last night, a fire pool, on Sunday evening the 26th Nov. broke out in the second story of a house The Defendant appeared in person. The in the Cowgate, opposite to the Parlia Jury having been sworn, Mr Tindal openment Stairs, which, we regret to state, ed the information, and Mr Brougham was attended with destructive, and me. addressed the Jury on the part of the lancholy consequences. Before a suffi. prosecution. The Learned Gentleman cient supply of water could be obtained, professed to do little more than read the all the exertions of the firemen to subduo passage charged as libel ; and he did very the flames proved unavailing, till all the little more. building above the ground story was com Several witnesses proved the formalities pletely consumed, leaving the bare walls necessary to the case. The whole sermon in a very perilous state. The stair (un was then read by the clerk, at Mr Blacow's fortunately a wooden one) soon caught desire. Mr Blacow then read a voluminous fire, previous to which, however, all the manuscript in his defence, for about two inmates, except one family in the fourth hours and a half. It was a repulsive story, escaped to the street, many of them string of studied and frantic scurrility almost in a state of nudity. The retreat against her late Majesty, Mr Brougham, of the family which remained being cut and all friends of the Queen, or indeed off, the parents took the desperate reso. of justice, beyond any thing ever heard, lution of leaping from the windows with even at a bacchanalian feast. The intertheir children. The father, with a child ruptions by the Judge were innumer. in his arms, fortunately escaped with a able, but unavailing. His Lordship even few severe bruises ; the distracted mother, threatened to fine the defendant for his after dropping one child from the win- pertinacity in dealing out slander. After dow, threw herself from it with another Mr Justice Holroyd's charge to the jury, in her arms. The child dropt from the they retired for about ten minutes, and on window was happily caught by a person their return into court, found a verdict of present, who resides in the Lawn Mar. guilty, on the second and third counts.


1. CIVIL Aug, 17. Mr L'Amy, Sheriff-Depute of Forfarshire, has appointed Andrew Robertson, Esq. Advocate in Aberdeen, to be Sheriff-substitute of Forfarshire, in room of the late Mr Ranken.

Sept. 25. D. K. Sandford, Esq. A. B. of Christ's Church, Oxford, elected professor of Grock in the University of Glasgow.

11. Mr James Tait, preacher, appointed mints ter of the United Secession congregation at Bair. head, near Glasgow.

The Rev. Hugh Heugh to be minister of the Associate congregation in Regent's Place, Glasgos.

17. The Rev. John M.Kellar to be minister of the United Parishes of Kill-Carrow and Kilehoman, in Argiye and Buteshires, on the presentation of the King.

The Rev. Robert Brydon presented by the King to the Church and Parish of Dunscore, in Dum friesshire.

The Rev. Alex. M‘Leord to be minister of the (hurch, or Chapel, at Cromary, on the presentation of his Majesty.


The Relief congregation of Falkirk gave an unanimous call to Mr William Wcich, preacher of the gospel, to be their minister.

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