Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment

Lotus Press, 1998 - 408页
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Illustrated by Phillip Heath Wood and Milt Adam. This is a paper on ancient Egyptian mathematics. The geometry of pyramids is thoroughly discussed, an original translation of a section of the Moscow Papyrus is given, and the structure of the earlier Pyramid of Khufu (The "Great Pyramid") is shown. In particular, it is conclusively demonstrated that the ancient Egyptians had a more than elementary understanding of quantitative science. This paper was given to Sigma Xi of Orange County in May, 2001.

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作者简介 (1998)

Lesley Tierra, L.Ac., acupuncturist, herbalist, author (including Healing With the Herbs of Life and A Kid's Herb Book), and teacher in the US and England since 1983, uses physical, spiritual, shamanic, and psychotherapeutic healing techniques. Lesley shares a clinic with her husband, Michael Tierra, in Santa Cruz, California.