Imperialism, Academe and Nationalism: Britain and University Education for Africans 1860-1960

Routledge, 2016年1月31日 - 266 頁
Of all the aspects of British, 'cultural imperialism' the one which Africans found most seductive was formal Western education. Africans acquiring literacy in English were quick to realise that university education opened up prospects for economic advancement, individual attainment and dignity, and would ultimately provide the keys to political power and self-government. It is this political aspect of higher education that forms the core of this fascinating work. Using a wide range of papers from the British Colonial Office and colonial governments in Africa, the archives of several libraries and the writings of African nationalists, Dr Nwauwa examines the surprisingly long history of the demand for the establishment of universities in colonial Africa, a demand to which the British colonial authorities finally agreed, after the Second World War.

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