Eternal Death: Lost Beneath the Surface

Lily Strange, 2007 - 504 頁

A Long-Buried Secret Is About To Surface
With her long-awaited second marriage finally about to become a reality, acclaimed novelist Terry Bruckham is besieged with painful and terrifying memories. Those most closely associated with her are also assailed by disturbing dreams and obsessive thoughts. A sinister plan is being enacted in the Earth's Dreamlands, home to the sleeping and the Earthbound dead, as a troubled spirit wrestles with the warring pieces of his own psyche for the well-being or destruction of everything that exists. Discover the world beyond the wall of sleep and its marvelous residents, both good and evil.

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I am the author, so any review I give is biased. This will be more of a brief synopsis of the book and an idea of the sorts of people who might enjoy it. I give the book four stars because it would be ... 閱讀評論全文


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