La Belle Assemblée, 第 1 卷,第 1 篇

J. Bell, 1806


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第 308 頁 - Now, even now, my joys run high. Be full, ye courts, be great who will ; Search for peace with all your skill ; Open wide the lofty door, Seek her on the marble floor, In vain...
第 308 頁 - To disperse our cares away. Ever charming, ever new, When will the landscape tire the view ! The fountain's fall, the river's flow, The woody valleys, warm and low ; The windy summit, wild and high, Roughly rushing on the sky ! The pleasant seat, the ruin'd tow'r, The naked rock, the shady bow'r ; The town and village, dome and farm, Each give each a double charm, As pearls upon an Ethiop's arm.
第 172 頁 - So in every human body, The choler, melancholy, phlegm, and blood, By reason that they flow continually In some one part, and are not continent, Receive the name of humours. Now thus far It may, by metaphor, apply itself Unto the general disposition: As when some one peculiar quality Doth so possess a man, that it doth draw All his affects, his spirits, and his powers, In their confluctions, all to run one way, This may be truly said to be a humour.
第 165 頁 - The purple heath and golden broom, On moory mountains catch the gale, O'er lawns the lily sheds perfume, The violet in the vale; But this bold floweret climbs the hill, Hides in the forest, haunts the glen, Plays on the margin of the rill, Peeps round the fox's den.
第 10 頁 - IF thou be made the master [of a feast], lift not thyself up, but be among them as one of the rest ; take diligent care for them, and so sit down. 2 And when thou hast done all thy office, take thy place, that thou mayest be merry with them, and receive a crown for thy well ordering of the feast.
第 50 頁 - I have seen The sky grow bright, the forest green; And many a wintry wind have stood In bloomless, fruitless solitude, Since childhood in my pleasant bower First spent its sweet and sportive hour; Since youthful lovers in my shade Their vows of truth and rapture made, And on my trunk's surviving frame Carved many a long-forgotten name.
第 26 頁 - Of the subsequent success of this lucky comedy there is no occasion for me to speak ; eight and twenty successive nights it went without the buttress of an afterpiece, which was not then the practice of attaching to a new play. Such was the good fortune of an author, who happened to strike upon a popular and taking plan...
第 323 頁 - ... of the brave ; Where the blasts of the trumpets for battle combine, And the heart was laid low that gave rapture to mine. Ye scenes of remembrance that sorrow beguil'd Your uplands I leave for the desolate wild; For Nature is nought to the eye of despair But the image of hopes that have vanish'd in air. Again ye fair blossoms of flower and of tree, Ye shall bloom to the morn, tho...
第 200 頁 - Sir, if you wish to have a just notion of the magnitude of this city, you must not be satisfied with seeing its great streets and squares, but must survey the innumerable little lanes and courts. It is not in the showy evolutions of buildings, but in the multiplicity of human habitations which are crowded together, that the wonderful immensity of London consists.
第 165 頁 - THERE is a flower, a little flower, With silver crest and golden eye, That welcomes every changing hour, And weathers every sky. The prouder beauties of the field In gay but quick succession shine, Race after race their honours yield, They flourish and decline. But this small flower, to Nature dear, While moons and stars their courses run, Wreathes the whole circle of the year, Companion of the Sun.