Select Translations from Scaliger's Poetics, 第 26-27 卷

H. Holt, 1905 - 96 頁

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第 89 頁 - A New Study of his Life and Writings. CAROLINE LOUISA WHITE, Ph.D. $1.50. III. The Life of St. Cecilia, from MS. Ashmole 43 and MS. Cotton Tiberius E. VII, with Introduction, Variants, and Glossary. BERTHA ELLEN LOVEWELL, Ph.D. $1.00. IV. Dryden's Dramatic Theory and Practice.
第 90 頁 - PADELFORD, Ph.D. $0.75. XVI. The Translations of Beowulf: A Critical Bibliography. CHAUNCEY B. TINKER, Ph.D. $0.75. XVII. The Alchemist, by Ben Jonson, edited with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. CHARLES M. HATHAWAY, JR., Ph.D. $2.50. Cloth, $3.00.
第 69 頁 - I supplicate thee, O queen, whether thou art a goddess or a mortal ! If indeed thou art a goddess of them that keep the wide heaven ; to Artemis, then, the daughter of great Zeus, I mainly liken thee, for beauty and stature and shapeliness. But if thou art one of the daughters of men- who dwell on earth, thrice blessed are thy father and thy lady mother, and thrice blessed thy brethren. Surely their souls ever glow with gladness for thy sake, each time they see thee entering the dance, so fair a...
第 89 頁 - IV. Dryden's Dramatic Theory and Practice. MARGARET SHERWOOD, Ph.D. $0.50. V. Studies in Jonson's Comedy. ELISABETH WOODBRIDGE, Ph.D. $0.50. VI. A Glossary of the West Saxon Gospels, Latin-West Saxon and West Saxon-Latin. MATTIE ANSTICE HARRIS, Ph.D. $1.50. VII. Andreas : The Legend of St. Andrew, translated from the Old English, with an Introduction.
第 89 頁 - The Classical Mythology of Milton's English Poems. CHARLES GROSVENOR OSGOOD, Ph.D. $1.00. IX. A Guide to the Middle English Metrical Romances dealing with English and Germanic Legends, and with the Cycles of Charlemagne and of Arthur. ANNA HUNT BILLINGS, Ph.D. $1.50. X. The Earliest Lives of Dante, translated from the Italian of Giovanni Boccaccio and Lionardo Bruni Aretino. JAMES ROBINSON SMITH. $0.75. XI. A Study in Epic Development. IRENE T. MYERS, Ph.D. $1.00. XII. The Short Story. HENRY SEIDEL...
第 73 頁 - ... said that I should fill up the measure of sorrow on the deep, or ever I came to mine own country; and lo, all these things have an end. In such wise doth Zeus crown the wide heaven with clouds, and hath troubled the deep, and the blasts rush on of all the winds ; yea, now is utter doom assured me. Thrice blessed those Danaans, yea, four times blessed, who perished on a time in wide Troy-land, doing a pleasure to the sons of Atreus! Would to God that I too had died, and met my fate on that day...
第 36 頁 - I do not wish to attack this definition other than by adding my own : A tragedy is the imitation of the adversity of a distinguished man ; it employs the form of action, presents a disastrous denouement, and is expressed in impressive metrical language.
第 53 頁 - Tragedy and comedy are alike in mode of representation, but differ in subject-matter and treatment. The matters of tragedy are great and terrible, as commands of kings, slaughters, despair, suicides, exiles, bereavements, parricides, incests, conflagrations, battles, the putting out of eyes, weeping, wailing, bewailing, eulogies, and dirges.
第 90 頁 - XXIV. An Index to the Old English Glosses of the Durham Hymnarium. HARVEY W. CHAPMAN. $0.75. XXV. Bartholomew Fair, by Ben Jonson, edited with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. CARROLL STORRS ALDEN, Ph.D. $2.00. XXVI. Select Translations from Scaliger's Poetics. FREDERICK M. PADELFORD, Ph.D. $0.75. XXVII. Poetaster, by Ben Jonson, edited with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. HERBERT S. MALLORY, Ph.D. $2.00. Cloth, $2.50.
第 76 頁 - I am ODYSSEUS, SON OF LAERTES, who am in men's minds for all manner of wiles, and my fame reaches unto heaven. And I dwell in clear-seen Ithaca, wherein is a mountain Neriton, with trembling forest leaves, standing manifest to view, and many islands lie around, very near one to the other, Dulichium and Same, and wooded Zacynthus.