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Viceroys, like Providence, with diftant care, Bishops who most advane'd good James's cause
Shall govern kingdoms where they ne'er appear : In church and tate, now reap deserv'd applauses
Pacific admirals, to save the fleet,

While those who rither made the Tower their choice,
Shall fly from conquest, and thall conquest meets Are stylid vrchristian by the nation's voice.
Commanders Thall be prais'd at William's coft, Avow'diy now St. David's cause they own,
And honor be retriev'd before 'tis loft.

And Vimes's votes for furnony atone. Brereton and Burnaby the court shall grace,

Archbishop Kenn Thall from Long-leat be drawn, And Howe shall not disdain to share a place.

While firm Norjurors from behind stand crouding for Forgotten Molyneux and Mason now

the lawn. Revive and shine again in Fox and Howe.

And thou, great Weymouth, to reward thy charge

Shalt fail to Lambeth in his Grace's barge.
But as they stronger grow and mend their strain,
By choice examples of King Charles's reign;

See by base rebels James the Just betray'd,
Bold Bellasis and patrio: D'Avenant then,

See his three realms by vile usurpers (way'd
One shall employ the sword, and one the pen : Then fee with joy his lawful heir restor'd,
Troops shall be led to plunder, not to fight,

And erring nations own their injur'd lord.
The tool of fiction Hall to peace invite,
And foes to union be empioyd the kingdoms to unite. O would kind heaven so long my life maintain,

Inspiring raptures worthy such a reign!
Yet ftill some Whigs among the peers are found,

Not Thracian Saint John should with me contend, Like brambles Aourishing in barren ground.


my sweet lays harmonious Hammond's mend: Somers maliciously employs his care

Not though young D'Avenant, St. John should protect, To make the lords the legiNaturs share.

Or the shrew'd Doctor, Hammond's lines correct. Burnet declares how French dragooning rose,

Nay, should Tredenham in St. Mawes compare his And bishops persecuting bills oppose:

songs to mine, Till Rochester's cool temper ihall be fir'd, And North's and Nottingham's Arang reasonings be Tredenham, though St. Mawes were judge, his laured

thould refign. admir'd. But when due time their counsels Ball mature,

Prepare, aufpicious youth, thy friends to meet; And fresh removes have made the game fecure;

Sir George * already has prepard the fleet. When Somerset and Devonshire give place

Should rival Neptune (who with envious mind To Wyndham's Bradford, and to Richmond's grace,

In times of danger till this chief confin'd) Both converts great ; when justice is refin'd,

Now send the gout, the hero to disgrace, And corporations garbled in their mind;

Honest George Churchill may supply his place. Then passive doctrines shall with glory rise, Before them hated moderation flics, And anti-christian toleration dies. Granville paļl seize the long-expected chair, HORACE, ODE III. BOOK III, Godolphin to fome country seat repair ; Pembroke from all employments be debare'de

IMITATED, 170g. And Marlborough, for ancient crimes, receive his just reward.

THE man that's refolute and juft,
France, that this happy change fo wisely has begun,

Nor hopes nor fears can blind;
Shall bless the great design, and bid it smoothly run.
Come on, young James's friends, this is the time, Not Love, that tyrant of the souls

No passions his designs control,
come on;

Can laake his teady mind.
Receive jyst honors, and surround the throne.
Boldly your loyal principles maintain,

Hedges now rules the state, and Rooke the main.
Grimes is at hand the members to reward,

Not parties for revenge engag'd,
And troops are trusted to your own Gerhard.

Nor threatnings of a court enrag'd, The faithful club afsembles at the Vine,

Nor forms where fleets despair ; And French intrigues are broach'd o'es English wine. Not thunder pointed at his head; Freely the fenate the design proclaimi,

The shatter'd world may strike him dead, Affronting William, and applauding James.

Not touch his foul with fear.
Good ancient members, with a folemn face,

Propose that safety give to order place;
And what they dare not openly dissuade,

From this the Grecian glory rore,
Is by expedients ineffe&ual made.

By this the Romans aw'd their foes :
Evin Finch and Mulgrave, whom the court caress, of this their poets fing.
Ixalt its praises, but ito power depress;

These were the paths their heroes trod,
And, that impartial justice may be seen,

These acts made Hercules a god; Conárm to friends what they refus'd the Queen. And great Nafsau a king.

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IX. Firm on the rolling deck he food,

" She hall domestic foes unite, Unmov'd, beheld the breaking food,

“ Monarchs beneath her fiags shall figét, With blackening forms combin'd.

" Whole armies drag her chain: « Virtue, he cry'd, will force its way;

“ She shall loft Italy restore, " The wind may for a while delay,

“ Shall make th' imperial eagle Toa, “ Not alter our design.

“ And give a king to Spain. V.

X. « The men whom felfish hopes inflame,

“ But know, these pomises are given, “ Or vanity allures to fame,

“ These great rewards impartial heaven “ May be to fears betray'd :

“ Does on these realms decree ; “ But here a church for succour flies,

“ That, Atrialy punishing meas fauks, “ Insulted law expiring lies,

“ You let their consciences and thougbts “ And loudly calls for aid.

-“ Rest absolutely free. VI.

XI. " Yes, Britons, yes, with ardent zeal,

“ Let no false politics confine, “ I corse, the wounded heart to heal,

“ In narrow bounds, your vaft defiga “ The wounding hand to bind :

“ To make mankind unite; “ See tools of arbitrary sway,

“ Nor think it a sufficient caufe “ And priets, like locuits, scout away

“ To punish man by penal laws, “ Before the western wind.

“ For not believing right. VII.

XII « Law shall again her force resume ;

~ Rome, whose blind zeal destroys mankind; « Religion, clear'd from clouds of Rome,

“ Rome's sons shall your compaffion find, “ With brighter rays advance.

“ Who ne'er compaflion knew. " The British fleet shall rule the deep,

“ By nobler actions theirs condemn : “ The British youth, as roys'd from sleep,

“ For what has been reproach'd in them, « Strike terror into France.

“ Can ne'er be prais'd in you. ”.. VIII.

XIII. " Nor shall these promises of fate

These subjects suit not with the lyre; • Be limited to my short date:

Muse! to what height doft thou aspire, " When I from cares withdraw,

Pretending to rehearse «« Still shall the British sceptre fand,

The thoughts of gods, and god-like king?? * Still Aourish in a female hand,

Ceasc, cease to lefsen lofty things “ And to mankind give law.

By mean ignoble veste."




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