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lis dread retires, the Aowing glasses add

With dire intent; bottles with bottles claih Courage and mirth : magnificent in thought,

In rude encounter, round their temples fly magin ry riches he enjoys,

The sharp-edgid fragments, down their batter'd cheeks Ind in the gaol expatiates unconfin'd.

Mixt gore and cyder flow. What shall we say vor can the poet Bacchus' praise indite,

Of rash Elpenor, who in evil hour Deburrid his grape: The Muses still require

Dry'd an immeasurable bowl, and thought dumid reglement, nor will aught avail

T'exhale his furteit by irriguous sleep, mploring Phæbus, with unmoisten’d lips.

Imprudent? him dearh’s iron-fleep opprest,
Thus to the generous bottle all incline,

Descending careless from his couch ; the fall
By parching thirst allur’d: With vehement funs Luxt his neck-joint, and spinal mırow bruis'd.
When dusty summer bakes the crumbling clods, Nor need we tell what anxious cares attend
How pleafant is ’t, beneath the twisted arch

The turbulent mirth of wine ; nor all the kinds
Of a retreating bower, in mid-day's reign

Of maladies, that lead to Death's grim cave, To ply the sweet carouse, remote from noise,

Wrought by intemperance, joint-racking gout, Securd of feverish he is! When th' aged year

Intestine store, and pining atrophy, inclines, and Boreas' spirit blufters frore,

Chill even when the fun with July heats Beware th' inclement he.vens; now let thy hearth Fries the scorch'd soil, and dropfy all-a-float, Crackle with juiceless boughs ; thy lingering blood Yet craving liquids : nor the Centaurs tale Now initigate with th' apple's powerful streams. Be here repeated ; how, with lust and wine Perpetual showers, and fiormy gusts confine

Inflam’d, they fought, and spilt their drunken souls The willing Plowoman, and December warns

At feasting hour. Ye heavenly Powers that guard To annual jollities; now sportive youth

The British iles, such dire events remove Carol incondite rhythms, with suiting notes,

Far from fair Albion, nor let civil broils And quaver unharmonious; sturdy (w.ins

Ferment from social cups : May we, remote In clean array for rustic dance


From the house, brazen round of war, enjoy
Mixt with the buxom damsels i hand in hand Our humid products, and with feemly draughts
They frisk and bound, and various mazes weave, Enkindie mirth, and hospitable love.
Shaking their brawny limbs, with uncouth mein, Too oft, alas ! has murual hatred drench'd
Transported, and sometimes an oblique leer

Our swords in native blood ; too oft has pride,
Dart on their loves, sometimes an hafty kiss

And hellish discord, and inficiate thirst Steil from unwary lasies; they with scorn,

Of others rights, our quiet discompos'd. And neck reclin'd, resent the ravish'd bliss.

Hive we forgot, how fell destruction rag'd Meinwhile blind British bards with volant touch Wide-Spreading, when by Eris' torch incens'd Traverte loquacious strings, whose folemn notes Our fathers warr’d? what heroes, lignaliz'd Provoke to harmless revels; these among,

For loyalty and prowels, met their fate A subtle artist finds, in wondrous bag

Untimely, undeserv'd! how Bertie fell, That bears imprison'd winds (of gentier fort

Compton, and Granville, dauntless sons of Mars,
Than those, which erst Laertes' son enclos'd).

Fit themes of endless grief, but that we view
Peaceful they sleep; but let the tuneful squeeze Their virtues yet surviving in their race !
Of labouring elbow rouze them, out they fiy

Can we forget, how the mad, headstrong rout
Melodious, and with sprigh-ly accents charm. Defy'd their prince to arms, nor made account
Midit these desports, forget they not to drench Of futh or duty, or allegiance sworn ?
Themselves with bellying goblets; nor, when spring Apoftate, atheist rebels ! bent to ill,
Returns, can they refuse to usher in

With seeming functity, and cover'd fraud,
The frest.-born year with loud acclaim, and store Instill’d by him, who first presum'd t' oppose
Of jovial draughes, now, when the fappy boughs Omnipotence ; alike their crime, ch' event
Attire themselves with blooms, sweet rudiments Was not alike; these triumph'd, and in height
Of future harveft: When the Gnofiin crown

Of barbarous milice, and insulting pride, leads on expected autumn, and the trees

Abstain'd not from imperial blood. O fact Discharge their mellow burdens, let them thank Unparallel'd! O Charles, O best of Kings ! Bron Nature, that thus annually supplies

What stars their black disastrous influence shed
Their vnults, and wish her former liquid gifts On thy nativiny, that thou Mould'it fall
Exhilarates their languid minds, within

Thus, by inglorious hunds, in this thy realm,
The golden me in contind: Beyond there's nought Supreme and innocent, adjudg'd to death
Of health, or pleasure. Therefore, when thy heart By those thy mercy only would have sav'd !
Dilates with ferven joys, and eager soul

Yet was the Cyder-land unftsin’d with guilt ;
Prompts to pursue the sparkling glass, be sure The Cyder-land obsequious still to thrones,
'Tis time to fhun it ; if thou wilt prolong

Abhorr'd such base disloyal deeds, and all Dire compofation, forthwith reifon quits

Her pruning-hooks extended into swords, Her empire to confusion, and misrule,

Undaunted, to ailert the trampled rights And viir debates : then twenty tongues at once Of monarchy ; but, ah! succetsless the, Conspire in senseless jargon, nought is heard

However faithful! then was no regard Bu* din, and various clamor, and mad rant :

Of right, or wrong. And this, once happy, land, Distrust, and jealousy to these fucceed,

By home-bred fury rent, long groan'd beneath And anger-kindling taunt, the certain bine

Tyrannic fway, till fiir revolving years Of well-knit fellow hip. Now horrid frays

Our exil'd King; ind Liberty restor'd. Commence, the brimming glasics now are hurlid Now we exult, by mighty Anna's care


Secure at home, while the to foreign realms

The vallies float. Great Edward thus avenged Sends forth her dreadful legions, and restrains With golden Iris his broad thield emboss'd. The rage of Kings : Here, nobly the supports

Thrice glorious prince! whom Fame with all her Justice oppress’d; here, her victorious arms

tongties Quell the ambitious: From her hand alone

For ever shall resound. Yet from his loins All Europe fears revenge, or hopes redress.

New authors of diffenfion spring; from him Rejoice, O Albion! sever'd from the world

Two branches, that in hofting long contend By Nature's wise indulgence, indigent

For fov'rin (way; and can such anger dwell Of nothing from without; in one supreme

In nobleft minds? but little now availid Intirely bleft; and from beginning time

The ties of friendship; every man, as led Design'd thus happy; but the fond desire

Py inclination, or vain bope. repaird Of rule, and grandeur multiply'd a race

To either camp, and breath'd immortal hate, Of Kings, and numerous sceptres introduc'd,

And dire revenge. Now horrid laughter reigns: Destructive of the public weal. For now

Sons against fathers eilt the fatal lance, Each polentate, as wary fear, or strength,

Careless of duty, and their native grounds Or emulation urg'd, bis neighbour's bounds

Diftain with kindred blood; the twanging bows Invades, and ampler territory seeks

Send showers of Tafrs, that on their barbed point With ruinous assault; on every plain

Al'ernate ruin bear. Here might you see Hoft cop'd with hoit, dire was the din of war,

Barons and peasants on th'embattled field And ceaseless, or short truce haply procur'd

Slain or half-dead, in one huge, ghastly heap By havoc, and dismay, till jealousy

Promiscuously amassid. With dismal groans, Rais'd new combustion. Thus was peace in vain

And ejulation, in the pangs of death Sought for by martial deeds, and conflict itern:

Some call for aid, neglected; some o'erturn'd Till Edgar grateful ( as to those who pine

In the fierce 'hock, lie gasping, and expire, A dismal half-year night, the orient beam

Trampled by fiery coursers : Horror thus, Of Phæbus' lamp) arose, and into one

And wild uproar, and desolation, reign'd Cemented all the long-contending powers,

Unrespited. Ah! who at length will end Pacific monarch; then her lovely head

This lon., pernicious fray? what man has fate Concord rear'd high, and all around diffus'd

Reserv'd for this great work ?-Hail, happy priace The spirit of love. At ease, the bards new strung

Of Tudor's race, whom in the womb of time Their filent harps, and taught the woods and vales,

Cadwallador foresaw! thou, thou art he In uncouth rhythms, to echo Edgar's name.

Creat Richmond Henry, that by nuptial rites Then gladness (mild in every eye; the years Must close the gates of Janus, and remove Ran smoothly on, productive of a line

Destructive discord. Now no more the drum Of wise heroic Kings, that by just laws

Provokes to arms, or trumpet's clangor thrill Establish'd happiness at home, or cruth'd

Affrights the wives, or chills the virgin's blood; Insulting enemies in farthest climes.

But joy and pleasure open to tbe view See lion-hearted Richard, with bis force

L'ninterrupted! with presaging skill Drawn from the north, to Jewry’s hallow'd plains ! Thou to thy own unitest Fergus' line Piously valiant ( like a torrent swellid

By wife alliance : from thee James descends, With wintery tempests, that disdains all mounds, Heaven's chosen favourite, first Britannic king. Breaking away impetuous, and involves

To him alone hereditary right
Within its sweep, trees, houses, men ) he press'd Gave power supreme ; yet still some seeds remain'!
Amidst the thickeft battle, and o’erthrew

Of discontent: two nations under one,
Whate'er withstood his zealous rage : no pause, In laws and interest diverse, still pursued
No stay of Naughter, found his vigorous arm, Peculiar ends, on each side refolute
But th' unbelieving squadrons turn'd to fight To fly conjunction ; neither feat, nor hope,
Smote in the rear, and with dishonest wounds

Nor the sweet prospect of a mutual gain,
Mangled behind. The Soldan as he fied,

Could aught avail, till prudent Anna said, Oft call'd on Alla, gnashing with despite,

Let there be union; strait with reverence dus And shame, and murmur'd many an empty curse. To her command, they willingly unite, Behold third Edward's streamers blazing high

One in affection, laws and government, On Gallia's hostile ground! his right withheld,

Indiffolubly firm; from Dubris fouth, Awakens vengeance. O imprudent Gauls,

To Northern Orcades, her long domain. Relying on false hopes, thus to incense

And now, thus leagued by an eternal bond, The warlike English! One important day

What shall retard the Britons boid defigns, Shall teach you meaner thoughts. Eager of fight, Or who futain their force, in union knit, Fierce Brutus' off-spring to the adverse front Sufficient to withstand the powers combin'd Advance refiftless, and their deep array

of all this globe ? At his important act With furious inroad pierce: the mighty force

The Mauritanian and Cathaian kings
Of Edward ewice o’erturn'd their desperate King, Already tremble, and th' unbaptiz'd Turk
Twice he arose, and join'd the horrid shock :

Dreads war from utmoft Thule. Uncontrol'd
The third time, with his wide-extended wings, The British navy through the ocean vast
He fugitive declin'd superior strength,

Shall wave her double cross, t'extremeft clinca Discomfited; pursued, in the sad chace

Terrific, and return with odorous spoils Ten thousand ignominious fall; with blood Of Araby well fraught, or ladus' wealth,

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Pearl, and barbaric gold : Meanwhile the swains Whose shrilling clang reach'd heaven's extremeft sphere, Shall unmolested reap what plenty ftrows

Rouz'd at the blast, the gods with winged speed From well-stor’d'horr, rich grain, and timely fruits. To learn the sidings come, on radiant thrones The elder year, Pomona, pleas’d, shall deck

with fair memorials, and impreses quaint With ruby-cinctur'd births, whose liquid itore Emblazon'd o'er they fate, devis'd of old Abundant, flowing in well-blended streams,

By Muliber, nor small his skill I ween. The natives shall applaud ; while glad they talk There she relates what Churchill's arm had wrought, Of balefull ills, caus'd by Bellona's wrath

On Blenheim's bloody plain. Up Bacchus rose, In other realms; where'er the British spread

By his plamp cheek and barrel belly known,
Triumphant banners, or their fame has reach'd The pliant tendrils of a juicy vine
Diffulive, to the utmost bounds of this

Around his rosy brow ia ringlets curld;
Wide universe, Silurian cyder borne

And in his hand a bunch of grapes he held,
Shall please all tastes, and triumph o'er the vinc. The entigns of the god! with ardent tone

He mov'd, that straighit the nectar'd bowl should flow,
Devote to Churchill's health, and o'er all heaven

Uncommon orgies thoula be kept till eve,
C E RE A L I A.,

Till ali were rued with immortal moust, 1706. Delicious tipple! tiat, in heavenly veins

Afimiled, vigorous ichor üred, “ Per ambages, Dcorumque ministeria

Supe.ior to Fronriniac, or Bordeaux, Præcipitandus eft liber spiritus." PETRONIUS. Or old Falern, Campania's best increases

Or the more dulcet juice the happy illes
F English tipple, and the potent grain,

From Palma or Forteventura (end.
Which in the conclave of Celestial Powers
Bred fell debate, fing, Nymph of heavenly stem,

Joy fuh'd on every face, and pleasing gles
Who on the hoary top of Pen-main-maur

Inward affent discover'd, till uprose Merlin the seer didît visit, whilft he sate

Ceres, no: blithe, for marks of latent woe With astrolabe prophetic, to foresee

Dim on her visage lour'd: such her deport Young actions issuing from the Fates Divin.

When Arethuta from her reedy bed Full of thy power infus'd by nappy ALE,

Told her how Dis young Proferpine had rapid, Darkling he watch'd the planetary orbs,

To sway his iron sceptre, and command In their obscure sojourn o'er heaven's high cope.

In gloom tartareous half his wide dornain. Nor ceas'd till the gray dawn with orient dew

Then, bighing, thus the said " Have I 10 long Impearl'd his large mustachoes, deep en conc'd Emplɔy'd my various art, t'enrich the lap Deneath his over-th dowing orb of hat,

Of Earth, all-bearing mother; and my iore And ample fence of elephantin nole.

Communicated to the unweeting hind, Scornful of keenelt polar winds, or sleet,

And ihall not this pre-eminence obtain ?" Or hail, sent rattling down from wintery Jove.

Then from bereath her Tyriin vest the took (Vain efforts on his seven-fold mantle, made

The bearded ears of grain the most admir’d, Of Caledonian rug, immortal woof!)

Which gods call Chrithe, in terrestrial speech Such energy of soul to raise the song,

Ey-cleped Barley. “ 'Tis to this, the cry'd,

The British cohorts owe their martial fame
Deiga, Goddess, now to me ; nor then withdraw
Thy pure presiding power, but guide my wing, And far-retoubted prowess, matchless youth!
Which nobly meditates no vulgar fight.

I his, when returning from the foughten field,

Or Noric, or Iberian, seam'd with scars, Now from th' en sanguin'd Ister's reeking flood (Sad signatures of many a drcadful gah!) Tardy with many a corfe of Božan knight,

The veteran, carouling, foon restores And Gallic deep ingulfi, with barbed fteeds

Puissance to his arm, and strings his nerves ! Promiscuous, Fame to high Olympus flew,

And, as a snake, when first the rory hours Shearing th' cxpanse of heaven with active plume; Shed vern?l swets o’er every vale and mead, Nor (witter from Plinlimmon's feepy top

Rolls tardy from his cell obscure and dank; The staunch Gerfaulcon through the buxom air

But, when by genial rays of summer fun Stoops on the steerage of his wings, to truís

Purg'd of his naugh, he nimbly thrids the brake, The quarry, hern, or mallard, rewly sprung Whetting his sting, his crefled head he rears From creek, whence bright Sabrina bubbling forth, Terrific, from each eye retort he shoots Runs fast a Naïs through the fowery roads, Enfanguin'd rays, the distant (wains admire To spread round Uriconium's towers ber streams. His various neck, and spires bedrope with gold : Her golden trump the goddefs founded thrice, So at each glats tie harrass'd warrior feels

Vigou: renate; his horre:t arms be takes,

And ruting faulchion. on while ample hilt * This poem is taken from a fulio enpy, 1906, Long Victory lat dormant : loon she inakes communicated from the Lambeth Library by Dr. Du- Her drowsy wings, and follows to the war, carel, in which the name of Philips was inserted in With ireed succirct, where foon his martial port che hand-writing of Abp. Tenison. It was publish- She recognizes, whilll he haur hty stands ed by T. Bennet, the Bookseller for whom « Bien- Un the rough edge of battie, and bestowe Beim was printed : another strong prefumptive proof wide torment on the seried gies, fo us’d xf this being by the same author. N.

Frequent in bold cmprize, to work lad rou“ VOL. II.


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And hivock dire; these the bold Briton mows, At Crambo merry met, and hymning tarill
D'un less as Deities exempt frorn fate,

With voice harmonic each, whilst others frik
Ardent to deck his brow with mural gold,

In mazy dance, or Ceftrian gambols skew, Or civic wrexh of ork, the victor's meed.

Elate with mighty joy, when to the brim Such is the power of ale with vinez embower'd, Chritheian nectar crown'd the lordly bowl. While dingling bunches court his thirsting lip ; (Equal to Neftor's ponderous cup, which ak'd Sullen he fits, and fighing ofts extols

A hero's arm to mount it on the board, The beverage they quzff, whose happy foil

Ere he th' embattail'd Pylians led, to quell Prolific Dovus laves, or Trenta's urn

The pride of Dardan youth in hosting dire). Adorns with wiving Chrithe (joyous scenes Or if, with front unblels'd, came towering in Crve érable gold') secure they dwell,

Proctor armipotent, in ftern deport Nor feel th' eternal snows that cloath their cliffs : Resembling turban'd Tusk, when high he wields Nor curse th' inclement air, whose horrid face His scimeter with huge two-handed (way. Scrwls like that Arctic heaven, what drizzling sheds Alarm'd with threatening accent, harsher far Perpetual winter on the frozen (kirts

Than that ill-omen'd sound the bird of night, Of Scandinavia and the Bilic main,

With beak uncomely bent, from dodder'd oak * here the young tempests first are taught to roar. Screams out, the fick man's trump of doleful doon: Srug in their straw-built huts, or darkling earth'd Thy jocund sons confront the horrid van, In cavern'd rock they live (small need of art That crowds his gonfalon of seven foot fize : To form spruce !rchitrave, or cornice quaint, And with their rubied faces stand the foe; On Parian in uble, with Corinthian grace

Whilft they of sober guise contrive retreat, Prepar'll here on well-fuel'd hearth they chat, And run with ears eredt ; as the tall ftag Whilit black pots walk the round with laughing ale Unharbour'd by the wood-man quits his layre, Surchug'd; or brewd in planetary hour,

And Aies the yerning pack which close pursue, When Much weigh'd night and day in equal scale : So they not bowly dread th' approaching foe: Or in October tunn'd, and mellow grown

They run, they fly, till flying on obscure, With seven revolving suns, the raicy juice,

Night-founder'd in town-ditches ftagnant gurge, Strong with delicirus Aavour, strikes the sense.

Soph rowls on Soph promiscuous.--Caps aloof Nor wants on valt circumference of board,

Quadrate and circular confus'dly fly. Or Arthur's imitarive, large furloin

The sport of fierce Norwegian tempefts, toit Of ox, or virgin-heifer, wont so browse

By Thrascia's coadjutant, and the roar
The meads of Longovicum (fattening soil

Of loud Euroclydon's tumultuous gusts."
Replete with clover-grass, and foodful shrub).
Printed with sprigs of rosemary it stands,

She said : the fire of Gods and men supreme, Miee: paragon (as far as great with small

With aspect bland, attentive audience gave, My correspond) for some Panchæan hill,

Then nodded awful : from his thaken locks Embrown'd with sultry skies, thin-set with palm, Ambrofial fragrance flew: the fignal given And olive rarely interspersd, whose shade

By Ganymede the skinker foon was kend; Skreens hospitably from the Tropic Crab

With Ale he Heaven's capacious goblet crown'd, The quiver'd Arabs' vagrant clan, that waits To Phrygian mood Apollo tun'd his lyre, Insidious some rich caravan, which fares

The Muses sang alternate, all carous'd, To Mecca, with Barbaric gold full fraught.

But Bacchus murmuring left th' allembled powers.
Thus Britain's hardy Sons, of rustic mould,
Patient of arms, fill quash th' aspiring Gaul,
Bleft by my boon: which when they Hightly prize,
Should they, with bigh defence of triple brass BACOHANALIAN SONG.
Wide-circling, live immur'd (as erst was tried
By Bacon's charms, on which the sickening moon

Lonk'd wan, and chewless mew'd her crescent horns
Whilft Demogorgon heard his stern beheft)

TOME, fill me a glass, fill it high,
Thrice the prevailing power of Gallia's arms

A bumper, a bumper I 'll have : Should there refiftless ravage, as of old

He 's a fool that will finch; I'll not bate an inch, Great Pharamond, the founder of her fame,

Though I drink myself into my grave.
Was wont, when first his marthald peerige passid
The subject Rhene. What though Britannia boasts

Here 's a health to all those jolly fouls,

Who like me will never give o'er, (bowls, Herself a world, with ocean circumfused? 'Tis Ale that warms her sons i assert her claim

Whom no danger controuls, but will take off their And with full volley makes her naval tubes

And merrily stickle for more.
Thunder disastrous doom to opponent powers !
Nor potent only to enkindle Mars,

* From many circumstances, I have little doubt bet And fire with knightly prowess recreant Souls: this convivial song was by the author of “ The SpienIt science can encourage, and excite

did Shilling." There was, however, an earlier poet, The mind to ditties blithe, and charming song. of both the cames of this author ; who was nephew to

Thou, Pallas, to my speech just witness bear : Milton, and wrote some memoirs of his unce, and Liow oft haft thou thy votaries beheld

several burlesque poems. N.



Drown Reason and all such weak foes,

I scorn to obey her command ; Could the ever suppose I'd be led by the nose,

And let my glass idly stand? Reputation 's a bugbear to fools,

A foe to the joys of dear drinking, Made use of by tools, who'd let us new rules,

And bring us to politic thinking.

Fill them all, I'll have fix in a hand,

For i 've triAed an age away ; 'Tis in vain to commind, the Aecting rand

Rolls on, and cannot stay.
Come, my lads, move the glass, drink about,

We'll drink the universe dry;
We'll set foot to foot, and drink it all out,

If once we grow luber we dice


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