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To love, to seck, to prize

God, find them guilty; let them fall
Things false and vain, and nothing else but lies? By their own counsels quell'd;
Yet know the Lord hath chose,

Push them in their rebellions all
Chose to himself apart,

Still on; for against thee they have rebell'd. The good and meek of heart

15 Then all who trust in thee shall bring (For whom to choose he knows) :

Their joy, while thou from blame Jehovah from on high

Defend'r them, they shall ever ling Will hear iny voice what time to him I cry. And shall triumph in thee, who love thy name Be aw'd, and do not sin,

For thou, Jehovah, wilt be found Speak to your hearts alone,

20 To bless the just man ftill, Upon your vcds, each one,

As with a shield thou wilt surround And be at prace within.

Him with thy lasting favor and good-will. Offer the offerings just

Ofri hteoufness, and in Jehovah trust. Many there be that say


Pfalm vi. Aug. 13, 1653.
Who yét will show us good ?
Talking like this worla's brood;

ORD, in thine anger do not reprehend me But, Lord, thus let me pray,

; On us lift up the light,

Pity me, Lord, for I am much dejce, Lift up the favor of thy count'nance bright. 30 And very weak and faint; heal and amend Into my heart more joy

For all my bones, that ev'n with anguish ake, And gladness thou hafi put,

Are troubled, yea, my foul is troubled fore, Than when a year of glut

And thou, O Lord, how long? turn, L. Their stores doth over-cloy,

restore And from their plenteous grounds

35 My soul, O save me for thy goodness' sake: With vast increase their coin and wine abounds. For in death no remembrance is of thee; In peace at once will i

Who in the grave can celebrate thy praise? Both lay me down and floop,

Wearied I am with fighing out my days, For thou glone doll keep

Nightly my couch I make a kind or sea; Me safe where'er I lic;

40 My hed I water with my tears; mine eye A:nd in a rocky cell

Through grief consumes, is waxen old and Thou, Lord, alone in safety mak'lt me dwell. l'th' midst of all mine enemics that mark.

Depart all ye that work iniquity,
Depart from me, for the voice of my weeping

The Lord hath heard, the Lord hath heard
Pfulm v. Aug. 12, 1653.

prayer, EHOVAH, to my words give car,

My fupplication with acceptance fair

The Lord will own, and have me in his keeping The voice of my complaining hear

Mine enemies thall all be blank and dath'd My King and God; for unto hee I pray.

With much confusion; then grown red Jehovah, thou my early voice


fhame, Shalt in the morning hcar,

They shall return in haste the way they came l'th' morning Ito chce with choice

And in a moment shall be quite abalh'd.
Will rank my prayers, and watch till thou appear.
For thou art not a God that takes
In wickedness delight,

Psalm vii. Aug. 14, 1653.
Evil with the no biding makes,
Fools or madmen staad nut within thy light.

Upon tbe words of Cufo the Benjamite againsi lit. All workers of iniquity

ORD, my God, to thee I fly,
Thou hat’lt; and them unbleft
Thou wilt destroy that speak a lie; 15 Thy protection while I cry,
The bloody' and guilful man God doth detest. Left as a lion (and no wonder)
But I will in thy mercies dear,

He hastc to tear my soul asunder,
Thy numerous mercies, go

Tearing and no rescue nigh.
Into thy house; I in thy fear
Will tow'rds thy holy temple worship low.

Lord, my God, if I have thought
Lord, lead me in thy righteousness,

Or done this, if wickedness
Lead me hecause of those

Be in my hands, if I have wrought
That do observe if I tranfgress :

ul to him that meant me peace, Set thy ways right before, where my step goes;

Or to him have render'd less, For in his faltring mouth unstable

And not free'd my foe for nought;

25 No word is firm or sooth;

Let th' enemy pursue my soul Their intide, troubles miferable;

And overtake it, let him tread An open grave their throat, their tongue they My life down to the earth, and roll 15. smooth,

In the dust my glory dead,


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; he dust, and there out-spread

When I behold thy Heav'ns, thy fingers' art, Blge it with dishonor foul.

The moon and stars which thou so bright halt fet

In the pure firmament, then saith my heart, Jehovah, in thine ire,

O what is man that thou remembrest yet, thyself amidst the rage byfoes that urge like fire;

And think'st upon him; or of man begot, wake for me, their fury' afswage;

That him thou visit'st, and of him art found? gment here thou didst engage

Scarce to be less than Gods, thou mad's his lot, command, which I desire.

With honor and with state thou hasthim crown'd. l'assemblies of each nation


O'er the works of thy hand thou nad’st him Lord, furround thee, seeking right,

Thou haft put all under his lordly feet, ence to thy glorious habitation

All flocks, and herds, by thy commanding word, turn on high and in their sight.

All beasts that in the field or forest mect, ovah judgeth most upright

Fowl of the Heav'ns, and fish that thro' the wet people from the world's foundation,


Sea paths in shoals do flide, and know nu dearth, ke me, Lord, be judge in this

O Jehovah our Lord, how wondrous great tording to my righteousness,

And glorious is thy name through all the earth! id the innocence which is con me : cause at length to cease evil men the wickedness

35 d their power that do amiss.

Nine of the Psalms done into Meter, the just establish fast,

Wherein all, but what is in a different character, are te thou art the just God that tries


very words of the text, translated from the origiarts and reins. On God is cast

nal. April, 1648. J. M. defence, and in him lies,


Pfulm LXXX. him who, both just and wise,

T'HOU Shepherd that doft Ifracl keep, les th' upright of heart at last.

Give ear in time of need, • dis a just judge and severe,

Who leadeft like a flock of sheep 1: God is every day offended;

Tby loved Joseph's feed; th' unjust will not forbear, 45 That fits between the Cherubs bright,

5 sword he whets, his bow hath bended

Between their wings out-spread, I ready, and for him intended

Shine forth, and from thy cloud give light, tools of death, that waits him near.

And on our foes tby dread. les arrows purposely made he

2 In Ephraim's view and Benjamin's,

And in Manasse's fight, r them that persecute.) Behold

50 travels big with vanity,

Awake * thy strength, come, and be feen meuble he bath conceiv'd of old

To save us by aby might. 3 in a wonub, and from that mold

3 Turn us again, iby grace divine ath at length brought furth a lie.

To us, o God, vouchsafe ;
Cause thou thy face on us to fine,

IS le cigg’d a pit, and delv'd it deep,

55 And then we shall be safe. ind fell into the pic he made;

4. Lord God of Hosta, how long wilt thou, lis mischief, that due courle doth keep,

How long wilt thou declare urus on his head, and his ill trade

Thy + sinohing wrath, und angry brow I viclence will undelay'd

Againt thy people's prayer! all on his crown with ruin steep.


5 Thou feed'it them with the bread of tears, then will I Jehovah's praise

Their bread with tears they eat, According to his justice raise,

And mak'st them & largely drink the tears And ling the Name and Deity

Wberewith their ebeeks are wet. 03 Jehovah the most high.

6 A strise thou mak'st us and a prey

To every neighbour foe,
Among themselves they laugh, they play,

And || flouts at us they throw.
Pfalm viii. Aug. 14, 1653.

7 Return us, and thy grace divine,

O God of Hofts, vouchfufe; Jehovah our Lord, how wondrous great

Cause thou thy face on us to shine,

And then we shall be safe. So as above the Heav'ns thy praise to let

8 A vine from Egypt thou hart brought, Out of the tender mouths of latelt birth.

Tly free love mode it thine, Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou 5 And drov'it out nations, proud and baut, 35 Hal founded strength hecause of all thy focs, To plant this lovely vine. To tine th’ enemy, and black th’avenger's brow, That bends his rage thy providence to' oppose. * Gnorera. † Gnabanta Shalif. 1 yilgnagu



9 Thou didst prepare for it a place,

And root ie deep and salt, That it began to grow apace: And fill'd the land at lafl.

40 10 With her


shade that cover'd all, The hills were over fpread, Her bougns as high as cedars tall

Alvani'd their lofty bead. 11 Her branches on the western side

45 Down to the sea the sent, And upward to that river wide

Her other branches went. 12 Why halt thou laid her hedges low, And broken down her fence,

50 That all may pluck her, as they go,

With rudeft violence? 13 The tufked boar out of the wood

Up turns it by the roots, Wild beats there brouze, and make their food 55 Her grapes and tender

stoots. 14 Return now, God of Hofts, look down

From Heav'n, thy seat divine, Bchold us, but without a frown, And visit this tby vine.

60 15 Visit this vine, which thy right hand

Hath set, and planted long,
And the young branch, that for thyself

Thou hast made firm and strong, 16 But now it is consun'd with fire,

65 And cut with axes down, They perish at thy dreadful ire,

At thy rebuke and frown. 17 Upon the man of thy right hand Let thy good hand be laid,

70 Upon the son of man, whoni thou

Strong for thyself haft made. 18 So fhall we not go back from thee

To ways of fin and feame, Quicken us thou, then gladly we

75 Shall call upon thy Name. 19 Return us, and thy grace divine,

Lord God of Hoits, pouclfafe; Cause thou thy face on us to inine,

And then we shall be lase.

When as he pass'd through Egypt land;

The tongue I heard was strange. 6 From burden, and from flavijo toil,

I set his shoulder frce :
His hands from pots, and miry foil,

Deliver'd were by me.
7 When trouble did thee sore assail,

On me tben didít thou cali,
And I to free thee did not fail,

And led thee out of tbrall,
I answer'd thee in s thunder-deep

With clouds incompass'd round;
I try'd thee at the water sleep

Of Meriba rencan'd.
8 Hear, O my People, bearken well,

I testify to thee,
Thou ancient flock of Israel,

33 If thou wilt list to me, 9 Throughout the land of thy abode

No alien God shall be,
Nor shalt thou to a foreign God

In honor bend thy knee.
10 I am the Lord thy God which brought

Thee out of Egype land;
Ask large enough, and I, befought,

Will grant thy full demand.
I1 And yet my people would not bear,

Nor hearken to my voice;
And Ifrael, wbom I lov'd fo dear,

Miflik'd me for his choice. 12 Then did I leave them to their will,

And to their wandering mind; Their own conceits they follow'd still,

Their own devices blind. 13 O that my people would be wife,

To serve me all their days, And o that Israel would advise

To walk my righteous ways..
14 Then would I foon bring down their foes,

That now so proudly rise,
And turn my hand against all these

Tb.it are their enemies.
15 Who hate the Lord should then be foir

To bow to him and bend,
But they, lis people, focull remain,

16 And he would feed them from ite;book

With fluwer of final wheit, And satisfy them from the roc's

With honey for tbeir acat,

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Psalm LXXXI.


TO , and clear,



Sing loud to God our King', To Jacob's God, that all may lear,

Loud acclamations ring. 2. Prepare a hymn, prepare a song,

The timbrei hither bring,
The chear fud psaltry bring along,

And harp with pleasant firing. 3 Blow, as is wront, in the new moon

With trumpets' l fty found, Th’appointed time, the day whereon

Our folcmnn sealt comes round. 4. This was a ft-iute giv'n of old

For Ifrad lo cfarve,
A law of Jacob's God, to bold,

firun abence they might not faccrue. 5 This he a testimony crdain'd

1: Jolt, aut to ibang',

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OD in the * great alleinbly stands

of kings and lordiy fatet, † Among the Gods, † on both his hands

He judges and debates. 2 How long will ye i pervert the right

With | judgment falfe and wrong, Favoring the wicked by your might,

W bu thence grow bold and fireng?

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Be Setber

ragnom. Bagnadath.ele Bekerev. # Tifepbetu gases


3. Regard the weak and fatherless,

Dispatch the poor man's cause, And † raise the man in deep distress

By t just and equal laws. 4 Defend the poor and desolate,

And rescue from the hands Of wicked men the low citate

15 Of him that belo demands. 5 They know not, nor will understand,

In darkness they walk on,
The earth's foundations all are f mov'd,

And font of order gone.
6 I said that ye were Gods, yea all

The sons of God most high ; 7 But ye shall die like men, and fall

As other princes die. 8 Rife God, S judge thou the earth in might, 25

This wicked earth § redress,
For thou art he who falt by right

The nations all possess.



When at the brook of Kishon old,

They were repuls'd and pain,
IO Ar Endor quite cut off, and rollid
As dung upon the plain.

40 11 As Zeb and Oreb evil sped,

So let their princes speed, As Zeba, and Zalmunna bled,

So let their princes bleed. 12 For they amidst their pride have said, 45

By right now seize fhall we God's houses, and will now invade

* Their stately palaces.
13 My God, oh make them as a wheel,

No quiet let them find,
Giddy and reftlefs let them reel

Like stubble from the wind.
14 As wben an aged wood takes fire

Which on a fiudden frays, The greedy flame runs higher and higher 55

Till all the mountains blaze; 15 So with thy whirlwind them pursue,

And with thy tempest chase; 16 † And till they + yield thee honor due, Lord, fill with shame their face,

60 17 Alham'd, and troubled let them be,

'Troubled, and sham'd for ever, Ever confounded, and so die

With shame, and scape it never. 18 Then shall they know that thou, whose name Jehovah is alone

66 Art the most high, and thou the fame

O'er all the carth art one.

Pfalin Lxxx111. E not thou silent now at length,




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Sit thou not still, O God of strength,

e cry, and do not ceafe.
2 For lo thy furious focs now || swell,

And || itorm outrageously,
And they that hate thee, proud and fell,

Exalt their heads full high.
3 Against thy people they { contrive

** Their plots and counsels decp, If Them to insnare they chiefly strive,

# Whom thou dost hide and keep. 4 Come let us cut them off, say they,

Till they no nation be,
That Israel's name for ever may

Be loft in meniory. 5 For they consult S$ with all their might,

And all as one in mind Themselves against thee they unite,

And in firm union bind.
6 The tents of Edom, and the brood

Of scornful Ishmael,
Moab, with them of Hagar's blood,

Tbat in the desert dwell;
7 Gebal and Ammon there conspire,

And bateful Amalec,
The Philistins, and they of Tyre,

Wbose bounds the fea doth check.
8 With them greai Ashur allo bands

And doth confirm the knot:
All these bave kent their armed hands

To aid the sons of Lot.
9 Do to them as to Midian bold,

That wafled all the coafl, To Sisera, and as is told

Tbou didff to Jabin's boft,


The pleasant tabernacles are,

Where thou dost dwell fo near! 2 My soul doth long and almost die

Thy courts, O Lord, to fee : My heart and flesh aloud do cry,

O living God, for thee. 3 There ev’n the sparrow freed from wrong

Hath found a house of rell,
The swallow there, to lay her young

Hath built her brooding neft;
Ev'n by thy altars, Lord of Hosts,

They find their fufe atode,
And bome they fly from round the coasts

Toward thee, my King, my God. 4. Happy, who in thy house reside,

Where thee they ever praise : 5 Happy, whose strength in thee doth bide,

And in their hearts thy ways.
6 They pass through Baca's thirfly vale,

That dry and barren ground,
As through a fruitful watery dale

Where springs and showers abound.

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Sbipbtu-dal. + Haizdiku. # Jimmotos. © Shiptba.

Febemajun. I Fagnarimu. ** Sod. tt Jirthjag natsu gral, i ispiuneca. $$ Lev jachdau,

Neoth Elobim bears botb. They seck iby Name. Heb.


7 They journey on from strength to strength 25

With joy and glidsome chear, Till all before our God at length

In Sion do appar. 8 Lord God of Hofts, hear now my prayer; jacob's God, give ear,

30 9 Thou God our shield, look on the face

Of thy anointed dear. 10 For one day in thy courts to be

Is better, and more blest, Than in the joy's of vanity

35 A thousand days at befi. I in the temple of my God

Had rather kecp a door, "Than dwell in tents, and rich abode, With fin for evermore.

40 11 For God the Lord both fun and shield

Gives grace and glory bright,
No good from them shall be withheld

Whofe ways are just and right. 12 Lord God of Holts, that reign on bigh, 45

That man is truly blest, Who only on thec doth rely,

And in thee only rest.

9 Surely to such as do him fear

Salvacion is at hand,
And glory shall ere long appear

To dwell within our land. 10 Mercy and Truth that long were miss'a

Now joyfully are met ; Sweet Peace and Righteousness have kiss'd,

And band in hand are set.
II 'Truth from the earth, like to a flower,

Shall bud and blossom tben,
And Justice from her heavenly bower

Louk down on mortal men.
12 The Lord will also then bestow

Whatever thing is good,
Our land shall forth in plenty throw

Her fruits to be our food,
13 Before him Righteousness shall go

His royal barbinger;
Then will he come, and not be flow,

His footsteps cannot err.

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I tbee pray,

Psalm Lxxxv. I'THY land to favor graciously




Thou hast from hard captivity

Returned Jacob back. 2 Th’iniquity thou didit forgive

5 That wrought thy people woe, And all their sin, tbat did thee grieve,

Hait hid where none sball know.
3 Thinc anger all thou hadît remov'd,

And calmly didst return
From thy • fierce wrath, which we had prov'd

Far worse than fire to burn.
4 God of our saving health and peace,

Turn us, and us restore, Thine indignation cause to cease

15 Toward us, and chide no more. 5 Wilt thou be angry without end,

For ever angry thus,
Wilt thou thy frowning ire extend

From age to age on us?
6 Wilt thou not + turn, and hear our voice,

And us again † revive,
That so thy people may rejoice,

By thee preserv'd alive? , Cause us to see thy goodness, Lord, 25

To us thy mercy shew;
Thy saving health to us afford,

and life in 15 renco.
8 And now that God the Lord will speak,
I will go firait and hear,

30 Forio his people he speaks peace,

And to his faints full dear,
To his dear saints he will speak peace,

But let them never more
Prturn to folly, but jurceafa

35 To trofpals as before,

For I am pror, and almost pine

With need, and fad decay. 2 Preserve my soul, for † I have trod

Thy ways, and love the just; Save thon thy servant, O my God,

Who fill in thee doth trust.
3 Pity me, Lord, for daily thee

I call; 4. O make rejoice
Thy serváut's soul; for, Lord, to thee

I lift my soul and voice. 5 For thou art good, thou, Lord, art prone

To pardon, thou to all
Art full of mercy, thou alone

To them that on thee call
6 Unto my supplication, Lord,

Give ear, and to the cry Of my incessant prayers afford

Thy hearing graciously,
7 I in the day of my distress

Will call on thee for aid;
For thou wilt grant me free access,

And answer what I pray'd.
8 Like thee among the Gods is none,

O Lord, nor any works Of all that other Gods have done

Like to thy glorious works.
The nations all whom thou hast made

Shall come, and all foall frame
To bow them low before thee, Lord,

And glorify thy name. 10 For great thou art, and wonders great

By thy strong hand are done, Thou in tly everlasting feat

Reniaineft God alone.


• Heb. He will set bis feps to the way. + Hob. I am good, loving, a ueer of good and bij things

* Heb. The burning heat of tby wrath, + Heb. Turn to quicken we

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