Chase's Calendar of Events 2004

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""The definitive guide to all holidays and anniversaries." --"The Wall Street Journal

""In its diversity and inclusiveness, ["Chase's"] is an exhaustive guide to the country's ideals and passions." --"Washington Post

""I'm a big fan of "Chase's Calendar of Events"!" --Al Roker, "Today""

For almost 50 years, "Chase's Calendar of Events "has been the most trusted and comprehensive reference to just what's going on today. Whether it's an important historical anniversary, the phases of the moon, a sports event, the birthday of a favorite celebrity, a festival, or much, much more, "Chase's "has all the answers. This indispensable resource is perfect for people who need to be "in the know," such as: Event planners Broadcasters Librarians Advertisers . . . and others

Whether it's Valentine's Day (February 14) or Fish Amnesty Day (September 22), Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) or National Lawn Mower Tune-Up Month (March), "Chase's "covers traditional and whimsical observances of all kinds: holidays, anniversaries, sporting events, astronomical phenomena, and more. In all, it has more than 12,000 entries. There is never a boring day in "Chase's!"


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