The Sporting review, ed. by 'Craven'., 第 23 卷

John William Carleton
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第 106 頁 - Where slaves once more their native land behold, No fiends torment, no Christians thirst for gold. To Be, contents his natural desire, He asks no Angel's wing, no Seraph's fire; But thinks, admitted to that equal sky, His faithful dog shall bear him company.
第 107 頁 - Nor nearer might the dogs attain, Nor farther might the quarry strain. Thus up the margin of the lake, Between the precipice and brake, O'er stock and rock their race they take.
第 106 頁 - Lo, the poor Indian! Whose untutored mind Sees God in clouds, or hears Him in the wind; His soul, proud science never taught to stray Far as the solar walk, or milky way; Yet simple Nature to his hope has given, Behind the cloud-topped hill, an humbler heaven...
第 220 頁 - With him it mounts ; sure guide to every foe. Inly he groans ; nor can his tender wound Bear the cold stream. Lo ! to yon sedgy bank He creeps disconsolate ; his numerous foes Surround him, hounds and men.
第 220 頁 - Quick fix the nets, and cut off his retreat Into the sheltering deeps. Ah, there he vents! The pack plunge headlong, and protended spears Menace destruction : while the troubled surge Indignant foams, and all the scaly kind Affrighted, hide their heads. Wild tumult reigns, And loud uproar. Ah there once more he vents ! See, that bold hound has seiz'd him; down they sink, Together lost; but soon shall he repent His rash assault.
第 110 頁 - And hark ! and hark ! the deep-mouthed bark Comes nigher still, and nigher ; Bursts on the path a dark blood-hound, His tawny muzzle tracked the ground, And his red eye shot fire.
第 169 頁 - From a similar principle to which, though the forest laws are now mitigated, and by degrees grown entirely obsolete, yet from this root has sprung a bastard slip, known by the name of the game law, now arrived to and wantoning in its highest .vigour: both founded upon the same unreasonable notions of permanent property in wild creatures; and both productive of the same tyranny to the commons; but with this difference, that the...
第 222 頁 - Come, let us go, while we are in our prime, And take the harmless folly of the time!
第 368 頁 - Maitland, on the 26th in . the afternoon. The troops took the hornwork, which covers the suburb on the left of the Somme, by storm, with but small loss ; and the town immediately afterwards surrendered, on condition that the garrison should lay down their arms and be allowed to return to their homes.
第 52 頁 - British army has had in producing these events, and the high character with which the army will quit this country, must be equally satisfactory to every individual belonging to it, as they are to the Commander of the Forces ; and he trusts that the troops will continue the same good conduct to the last.