Fresh Flowers for My Children

Samuel G. Simpkins, 1842 - 140页


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第21页 - ... to weep with those who weep, and to rejoice with those who rejoice : it leads us to esteem and imitate the good, and to pity and to attempt to reclaim the bad.
第84页 - CHILDHOOD OF JESUS. In the green fields of Palestine, By its fountains and its rills, And by the sacred Jordan's stream, And o'er the vine-clad hills, Once lived and roved the fairest child That ever blessed the earth ; The happiest, the holiest, That e'er had human birth. How beautiful his childhood was ! Harmless and undefiled ; O, dear to his young mother's heart Was this pure, sinless child ! Kindly in all his deeds and words, And gentle as the dove ; Obedient, affectionate, His very soul was...
第104页 - For he felt that his soul was stained with sin ; And his mother could hear him sob and cry, Because he had told her that wicked lie.
第56页 - My mother, my kind mother, I hear thy gentle voice ; It always makes my little heart Beat gladly and rejoice. When I am ill it comes to me, And kindly soothes my pain ; And when I sleep, then in my dreams It sweetly comes again.
第104页 - BOY WHO TOLD A LIE. The mother looked pale, and her face was sad, She seemed to have nothing to make her glad ; She silently sat with the tears in her eye, For her dear little boy had told a lie. He was a gentle, affectionate child, His ways were winning, his temper was mild ; There was love and joy in his soft blue eye, But the dear little boy had told a lie. He stood alone by the window within, For he felt that his soul was stained...
第135页 - Good night, little star ! I will go to my bed, And leave you to burn While I lay down my head. On my pillow I'll sleep Till the morning light ; Then you will be fading And I shall be bright.
第46页 - MAKES ME HAPPIEST? WHAT is it makes me happiest ? Is it my last new play ? Is it my bounding ball or hoop I follow every day ? Is it my puzzles, or my blocks ? My pleasant solitaire ? My dolls, my kitten, or my books ? My flowers, fresh and fair ? What is it makes me happiest ? It is not one of these ; Yet they are treasures dear to me, And never fail to please.