The Rose of Sharon, 第 1844 卷

Sarah Carter Edgarton Mayo
A. Tompkins and B.B. Mussey, 1844
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第282页 - The power, the beauty, and the majesty, That had her haunts in dale, or piny mountain, Or forest by slow stream, or pebbly spring, Or chasms and watery depths ; all these have vanished. They live no longer in the faith of reason...
第295页 - Rather admire; or if they list to try Conjecture, he his fabric of the Heavens Hath left to their disputes, perhaps to move His laughter at their quaint opinions wide Hereafter, when they come to model Heaven And calculate the stars, how they will wield The mighty frame; how build, unbuild, contrive To save appearances; how gird the sphere With centric and eccentric scribbled o'er, Cycle and epicycle, orb in orb...
第189页 - Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! — For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul.
第189页 - Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, Is our destined end or way, But to act that each tomorrow Find us farther than today.
第16页 - Man — those fleets of hardy fishers, now chasing the whale on the other side of the globe to give light to the city mansion and celerity to the wheels of the village factory — those armies of trappers, scattered through the glens of the Rocky Mountains, each in stealthy solitude pursuing his deadly trade, whence dames of London and belles of Pekin alike shall borrow warmth and comeliness — let us contemplate these in their several classes, unmindful of the leagues of wood, or plain, or water...
第10页 - Eden; while farther on the temendous chains of the Andes, the Rocky Mountains heave up their scathed and rugged sides through the surrounding seas of verdure, as if in grim and haughty defiance to the utmost fury of the lightning and the hurricane, or in scornful exultation over the crouching •world at their feet. Soon the broad, placid surface of the vast, nnvexed Pacific presents itself sprinkled with isles of deepest emerald where flowers perennial bloom.
第303页 - Then ring out the chiming harmonies of life and nature. Then proclaim Christmas morning to the human soul. Then, then celebrate with double joy the advent of redemption. LET us not fear that the issues of natural science shall be scepticism or anarchy. Through all God's works there runs a beautiful harmony. The remotest truth in his universe is linked to that which lies nearest the throne. . . HARK ! hark ! with harps of gold, What anthems do they sing ? The radiant clouds have backward rolled, And...
第9页 - To the piercing gaze of an unfettered spirit, unmindful of space, which should scan it from the central orb of our system, this fair globe of ours must afford a spectacle of strange magnificence and beauty. Rolling on, ever on, in her appointed round, the earth must present new scenes of interest and grandeur with every hour of her revolving progress: now the swarming vales of China and Japan ; the sultry plains of...
第17页 - ... to the earth. From Age to Age have they kept apart the soil and sunshine, as they shall do no longer. Onward, still onward, pours the army of axe-men, and still before them bow their stubborn foes.
第10页 - From amid the all-embracing foliage, shine forth with steady radiance, with deep serenity, the mirror13* like surfaces of the Great Lakes — the last surpassing in size, profundity, and beauty — the slender threads of the Father of Waters and his far-stretching tributaries are seen disparting vales whose exuberant fertility has known no parallel since Eden ; while farther on, the tremendous chains of the Andes, the Rocky Mountains, heave up their scathed and rugged sides through the surrounding...