The Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius, 第 3 卷

J. Johnson, 1795

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第 381 頁 - with civil leer, And without fneering teach the reft to fneer. Willing to wound, and yet afraid to ftrike, Juft hint a fault, and hefitate diflike ; Alike referv'd to blame, or to commend^ A tim'rous foe, and a fufpicious friend.
第 299 頁 - join'd ; By turns, a pitchy cloud fhe rolls on high ; By turns, hot embers from her entrails fly, And flakes of mounting flames, that lick the <ky;
第 404 頁 - tis a throne where honour may be crown'd Sole monarch of the univerfal earth.
第 415 頁 - they were overwhelmed by the weight and variety of new laws, which, at the end of five centuries, became a grievance more intolerable than the vices of the city. Three
第 210 頁 - motion. If any body be moved, it is either moved in the place where it is, or in a place where it is not;
第 4 頁 - I am now far advanced in the evening of life's day, and what is there in the nature of man that I fhould liken it to that of wine, feeing that old age, which recommends the
第 280 頁 - the doctrine of all the fathers of the church, all the holy martyrs, and all the chriftian world throughout all ages: whereas this is a great point in conteft, whether their religion
第 415 頁 - of Solon, and of Lycurgus.' The twelve tables were committed to the memory of the young and the meditation of the old; they were
第 328 頁 - He who fights and runs away, May live to fight another day.
第 299 頁 - by the force, come piece-meal down; Oft liquid lakes of burning fulphur flow, Fed from the fiery fprings that boil below.