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the least barren hills they pasture their His Majesty first hides them very carecattle, while the goats, adventurers by fully away, and then freely permits the nature, explore the far inland solitudes search. In consequence, the delinquents for a scanty livelihood of lofty herbage. are never found, and the ships retire withMeantime, abundance of fish and an in out them. exhaustible tribe of tortoises, supply the Thus, by a two-edged policy of this adventurer's other wants.

crafty monarch, foreign nations were The disorders incident to settling all crippled in the number of their subjects, and primitive regions, in the present case were his own were greatly multiplied. He parheightened by the peculiarly untoward ticularly petted these renegado strangers. character of many of the pilgrims. His But alas for the deep-laid schemes of amMajesty was forced at last to proclaim bitious princes, and alas for the vanity of martial law, and actually hunted and shot glory. As the foreign-born Pretorians of with his own hand several of his rebellious the Roman state, unwisely introduced into subjects, who, with most questionable the commonwealth, and still more unwiseintentions, had clandestinely encamped in ly made favorites of the Emperors, at last the interior; whence they stole by night, insulted and overturned the throne, eren to prowl barefooted on tiptoe round the so these lawless mariners, with all the precincts of the lava-palace. It is to be rest of the body-guard and all the popuremarked, however, that prior to such lace, broke out into a terrible mutiny, and stern proceedings, the more reliable men defied their master. He marched against had been judiciously picked out for an them with all his dogs. A deadly battle infantry body-guard, subordinate to the ensued upon the beach. It raged for cavalry body-guard of dogs. But the three hours, the dogs fighting with deterstate of politics in this unhappy nation mined valor, and the sailors reckless of may be somewhat imagined from the cir every thing but victory. Three men and cumstance. that all who were not of the thirteen dogs were left dead upon the field, body-guard were downright plotters and many on both sides were wounded, and malignant traitors. At length the death the king was forced to fly with the repenalty was tacitly abolished, owing to mainder of his canine regiment. The the timely thought, that were strict sports enemy pursued, stoning the dogs with man's justice to be dispensed among such

their master into the wilderness of the subjects, ere long the Nimrod King would interior. Discontinuing the pursuit, the have little or no remaining game to shoot. victors returned to the village on the The human part of the life-guard was now shore, stove the spirit-casks, and prodisbanded, and set to work cultivating the claimed a Republic. The dead men were soil, and raising potatoes; the regular interred with the honors of war, and the army now solely consisting of the dog dead dogs ignominiously thrown into the regiment. These, as I have heard, were sea. At last, forced by stress of suffering, of a singularly ferocious character, though the fugitive Creole came down from the by severe training rendered docile to their hills and offered to treat for peace. But master. Armed to the teeth. the Creole the rebels refused it on any other terms now goes in state, surrounded by his than his unconditional banishment. Accanine janizaries, whose terrific bayings cordingly, the next ship that arrived prove quite as serviceable as bayonets in carried away the ex-king to Peru. keeping down the surgings of revolt.

The history of the king of Charles' But the census of the isle, sadly lessened Island furnishes another illustration of the by the dispensation of justice, and not difficulty of colonizing barren islands with materially recruited by matrimony, began unprincipled pilgrims. to fill his mind with sad mistrust. Some Doubtless for a long time the exiled way the population must be increased. monarch, pensively ruralizing in Peru, Now, from its possessing a little water, which afforded him a safe asylum in his and its comparative pleasantness of aspect, calamity, watched every arrival from the Charles’ Isle at this period was occasion Encantadas, to hear news of the failure ally visited by foreign whalers. These of the Republic, the consequent penitence His Majesty had always levied upon for of the rebels, and his own recall to royalty. port charges, thereby contributing to his Doubtless he deemed the Republic but a

But now he had additional de miserable experiment which would soon signs. By insidious arts he from time to explode. But no, the insurgents had time cajoles certain sailors to desert their confederated themselves into a democracy ships and enlist beneath his banner. Soon neither Grecian, Roman, nor American. as missed, their captains crave permission Nay, it was no democracy at all, but a to go and hunt them up. Whereupon permanent Riotocracy, which gloried in




having no law but lawlessness. Great inducements being offered to deserters, their ranks were swelled by accessions of scamps from every ship which touched their shores. Charles' Island was proclaimed the asylum of the oppressed of all

“At last they in an island did espy

A seemly woman sitting by shore, navies. Each runaway tar was hailed as

That with great sorrow and sad agony a martyr in the cause of freedom, and be

Seemed some great misfortune to deplore, came immediately installed a ragged

And loud to them for succor called evermore." citizen of this universal nation. In vain

" Black his eye as the midnight sky, the captains of absconding seamen strove White his neck as the driven snow, to regain them. Their new compatriots Red his cheek as the morning light ;were ready to give any number of orna Cold be lies in the ground below. mental eyes in their behalf. They had

My love is dead,

Gone to his death-bed, few cannon, but their fists were not to be

All under the cactus tree." trifled with. So at last it came to pass that no vessels acquainted with the char Far to the northeast of Charles' Isle, acter of that country durst touch there, sequestered from the rest, lies Norfolk however sorely in want of refreshment. Isle; and, however insignificant to most It became Anathema-a sea Alsatia—the

voyagers, to me, through sympathy, that unassailed lurking-place of all sorts of lone island has become a spot made sacred desperadoes, who in the name of liberty by the strongest trials of humanity. did just what they pleased. They con It was my first visit to the Encantadas. tinually fluctuated in their numbers. Two days had been spent ashore in huntSailors deserting ships at other islands, ing tortoises. There was not time to capor in boats at sea any where in that ture many ; so on the third afternoon we vicinity; steered for Charles' Isle, as to loosed our sails. We were just in the act their sure home of refuge; while sated of getting under way, the uprooted anchor with the life of the isle, numbers from yet suspended and invisibly swaying betime to time crossed the water to the neath the wave, as the good ship gradualneighboring ones, and there presenting ly turned her heel to leave the isle behind, themselves to strange captains as ship when the seaman who heaved with me at wrecked seamen, often succeeded in getting the windlass paused suddenly, and directed on board vessels bound to the Spanish my attention to something moving on the coast; and having a compassionate purse land, not along the beach, but somewhat made up for them on landing there. back, fluttering from a height.

One warm night during my first visit In view of the sequel of this little story, to the group, our ship was floating along

be it here narrated how it came to pass, in languid stillness, when some one on that an object which partly from its being the forecastle shouted “Light ho!” We so small was quite lost to every other looked and saw a beacon burning on some man on board, still caught the eye of my obscure land off the beam. Our third handspike companion. The rest of the mate was not intimate with this part of crew, myself included, merely stood up the world. Going to the captain he to our spikes in heaving; whereas, unsaid, “Sir, shall I put off in a boat? These wontedly exhilarated at every turn of the must be shipwrecked men.

ponderous windlass, my belted comrade The captain laughed rather grimly, as, leaped atop of it, with might and main shaking his fist towards the beacon, he giving a downward, thewey, perpendicurapped out an oath, and said—“No, no, lar heave, his raised eye bent in cheery you precious rascals, you don't juggle one animation upon the slowly receding shore. of my boats ashore this blessed night. Being high lifted above all others was the You do well, you thieves-you do benevo reason he perceived the object, otherwise lently to hoist a light yonder as on a unperceivable: and this elevation of his dangerous shoal. It tempts no wise man eye was owing to the elevation of his to pull off and see what's the matter, but spirits; and this again—for truth must bids him steer small and keep off shore out-to a dram of Peruvian pisco, in that is Charles' Island ; brace up, Mr. guerdon for some kindness done, secretly mate, and keep the light astern."

administered to him that morning by our mulatto steward. Now, certainly, pisco does a deal of mischief in the world; yet seeing that, in the present case, it was the means, though indirect, of rescuing a human being from the most dreadful

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fate, must we not also needs admit that four months' cruise in the westward seas; sometimes pisco does a deal of good ? which interval the three adventurers

Glancing across the water in the direc deemed quite sufficient for their purtion pointed out, I saw some white thing poses. hanging from an inland rock, perhaps half On the isle's lone beach they paid him a mile from the sea.

in silver for their passage out, the stran“It is a bird ; a white-winged bird ; ger having declined to carry them at all perhaps a -no; it is- it is a hand

except upon that condition ; though wilkerchief!"

ling to take every means to insure the due Aye, a handkerchief !” echoed my fulfilment of his promise. Felipe had comrade, and with a louder shout apprised striven hard to have this payment put off the captain.

to the period of the ship’s return. But in Quickly now-like the running out and vain. Still, they thought they had, in training of a great gun-the long cabin another way, ample pledge of the good spy-glass was thrust through the mizzen faith of the Frenchman. It was arranged rigging from the high platform of the that the expenses of the passage home poop; whereupon a human figure was should not be payable in silver, but in torplainly seen upon the inland rock, eagerly toises; one hundred tortoises ready capwaving towards us what seemed to be the tured to the returning captain's hand. handkerchief.

These the Cholos meant to secure after Our captain was a prompt, good fellow. their own work was done, against the Dropping the glass, he lustily ran forward, probable time of the Frenchman's coming ordering the anchor to be dropped again ; back; and no doubt in prospect already hands to stand by a boat, and lower felt, that in those hundred tortoisesaway.

now somewhere ranging the isle's interior In a half-hour's time the swift boat re —they possessed one hundred hostages. turned. It went with six and came with Enough: the vessel sailed; the gazing seven; and the seventh was a woman. three on shore answered the loud glee of

It is not artistic heartlessness, but I the singing crew ; and ere evening, the wish I could but draw in crayons ; for this French craft was hull down in the diswoman was a most touching sight; and tant sea, its masts three faintest lines crayons, tracing softly melancholy lines, which quickly faded from IIunilla's eye. would best depict the mournful image of The stranger had given a blithesome the dark-damasked Chola widow.

promise, and anchored it with oaths; but Her story was soon told, and though oaths and anchors equally will drag; given in her own strange language was as nought else abides on fickle carth but unquickly understood, for our captain from kept promises of joy. Contrary winds long trading on the Chilian coast was from out unstabled skies, or contrary well versed in the Spanish. A Cholo, or moods of his more varying mind, or shiphalf-breed Indian woman of Payta in wreck and sudden death in solitary waves; Peru, three years gone by, with her young whatever was the cause, the blithe strannew-wedded husband Felipe, of pure Cas ger never was seen again. tilian blood, and her one only Indian bro Yet, however dire a calamity was here ther, Truxill, Ilunilla had taken passage in store, misgivings of it ere due time on the main in a French whaler, com never disturbed the Cholos' busy mind, manded by a joyous man; which vessel, now all intent upon the toilsome matter bound to the cruising grounds beyond the which had brought them hither. Nay, Enchanted Isles, proposed passing close by swift doom coming like the thief at by their vicinity. The object of the little night, ere seven weeks went by, two of party was to procure tortoise oil, a fluid the little party were removed from all which for its great purity and delicacy is anxieties of land or sea. No more they held in high estimation wherever known; sought to gaze with feverish fear, or still and it is well known all along this part of more feverish hope, beyond the present's the Pacific coast. With a chest of clothes, horizon line ; but into the furthest future tools, cooking utensils, a rude apparatus their own silent spirits sailed. By persefor trying out the oil, some casks of bis vering labor beneath that burning sun, cuit, and other things, not omitting two Felipe and Truxill had brought down to favorite dogs, of which faithful animal all their hut many scores of tortoises, and the Cholos are very fond, Hunilla and tried out the oil, when, elated with their her companions were safely landed at their good success, and to reward themselves chosen place; the Frenchman, according for such hard work, they, too hastily, to the contract made ere sailing, engaged made a catamaran, or Indian raft, much to take them off upon returning from a used on the Spanish main, and merrily


started on a fishing trip, just without band, softly clasped his bride, true to her a long reef with many jagged gaps, run even in death's dream. Ah, Heaven, ning parallel with the shore, about half a when man thus keeps his faith, wilt thou mile from it. By some bad tide or hap, be faithless who created the faithful one? or natural negligence of joyfulness (for But they cannot break faith who never though they could not be heard, yet by plighted it. their gestures they seemed singing at the It needs not to be said what nameless time), forced in deep water against that misery now wrapped the lonely widow. iron bar, the ill-made catamaran was over In telling her own story she passed this set, and came all to pieces; when, dashed almost entirely over, simply recounting by broad-chested swells between their the event. Construe the comment of her broken logs and the sharp teeth of the features, as you might; from her mere reef, both adventurers perished before words little would you have weened that Hunilla's eyes

Hunilla was herself the heroine of her Before Hunilla's eyes they sank. The tale. But not thus did she defraud us of real woe of this event passed before her our tears. All hearts bled that grief sight as some sham tragedy on the stage. could be so brave. She was seated on a rude bower among She but showed us her soul's lid, and the withered thickets, crowning a lofty the strange ciphers thereon engraved ; all cliff, a little back from the beach. The within, with pride's timidity, was withthickets were so disposed, that in looking held. Yet was there one exception. Holdupon the sea at large she peered out from ing out her small olive hand before our among the branches as from the lattice of captain, she said in mild and slowest a high balcony. But upon the day we Spanish, “Señor, I buried him;" then speak of here, the better to watch the ad paused, struggled as against the writhed venture of those two hearts she loved, coilings of a snake, and cringing suddenHunilla had withdrawn the branches to ly, leaped up, repeating in impassioned one side, and held them so. They form pain, “I buried him, my life, my soul!” ed an oval frame, through which the Doubtless it was by half-unconscious, bluey boundless sea rolled like a painted automatic motions of her hands, that this

And there, the invisible painter heavy-hearted one performed the final ofpainted to her view the wave-tossed and fices for Felipe, and planted a rude cross disjointed raft, its once level logs slanting of withered sticks-no green ones might ly upheaved, as raking masts, and the four be had at the head of that lonely grare, struggling arms undistinguishable among where rested now in lasting uncomplaint them; and then all subsided into smooth and quiet haven he whom untranquil seas flowing creamy waters, slowly drifting had overthrown. the splintered wreck; while first and last, But some dull sense of another body no sound of any sort was heard. Death that should be interred, of another cross in a silent picture; a dream of the eye ; that should hallow another grave-unmade such vanishing shapes as the mirage as yet ;-some dull anxiety and pain shows.

touching her undiscovered brother now So instant was the scene, so trance-like haunted the oppressed Hunilla. Her its mild pictorial effect, so distant from hands fresh from the burial earth, she her blasted tower and her common sense slowly went back to the beach, with unof things, that Hunilla gazed and gazed, shaped purposes wandered there, her spellnor raised a finger or a wail. But as bound eye bent upon the incessant waves. good to sit thus dumb, in stupor staring But they bore nothing to her but a dirge, on that dumb show, for all that other which maddened her to think that murwise might be done. With half a mile derers should mourn. As time went by, of sea between, could her two enchanted and these things came less dreamingly to arms aid those four fated ones? The dis her mind, the strong persuasions of her tance long, the time one sand. After the Romish faith, which sets peculiar store lightning is beheld, what fool shall stay by consecrated urns, pro ted her to rethe thunderbolt ? Felipe's body was sume in waking earnest that pious search washed ashore, but Truxill's never came; which had but been begun as in somnamonly his gay, braided hat of golden straw bulism. Day after day, week after week, —that same sunflower thing he waved she trod the cindery beach, till at length to her, pushing from the strand—and now, a double motive edged every eager glance. to the last gallant, it still saluted her. With equal longing she now looked for the But Felipe's body floated to the marge, living and the dead; the brother and the with one arm encirclingly outstretched. captain ; alike vanished, never to return. Lock-jawed in grim death, the lover-hus Little accurate note of time had Hunilla


taken under such emotions as were hers, last said Hunilla to herself; “this gives and little, outside herself, served for ca me certain time to stand on; without cerlendar or dial. As to poor Crusoe in the tainty I go mad. In loose ignorance I self-same sea, no saint's bell pealed forth have hoped and hoped ; now in firm knowthe lapse of week or month; each day ledge I will but wait. Now I live and no went by unchallenged; no chanticleer an longer perish in bewilderings. Holy Virnounced those sultry dawns, no lowing gin, aid me! Thou wilt waft back the herds those poisonous nights. All wonted ship. Oh, past length of weary weeksand steadily recurring sounds, human, or all to be dragged over—to buy the cerhumanized by sweet fellowship with man, tainty of to-day, I freely give ye, though but one stirred that torrid trance, —the I tear ye from me!” cry of dogs; save which nought but the As mariners tossed in tempest on some rolling sea invaded it, an all pervading desolate ledge patch them a boat out of monotone; and to the widow that was the remnants of their vessel's wreck, and the least loved voice she could have heard. launch it in the self-same waves, see here

No wonder that as her thoughts now Hunilla, this lone shipwrecked soul, out wandered to the unreturning ship, and of treachery invoking trust. Humanity, were beaten back again, the hope against thou strong thing: I worship thee, not in hope so struggled in her soul, that at the laurelled victor, but in this vanquished length she desperately said, “ Not yet, not yet; my foolish heart runs on too fast.” Truly Hunilla leaned upon a reed, a real So she forced patience for some further one; no metaphor; a real Eastern reed. weeks. But to those whom earth's sure A piece of hollow cane, drifted from unindraft draws, patience or impatience is known isles, and found upon the beach, still the same.

its once jagged ends rubbed smoothly Hunilla now sought to settle precisely even as by sand-paper; its golden glazing in her mind, to an hour, how long it was gone. Long ground between the sea and since the ship had sailed; and then, with land, upper and nether stone, the unvarthe same precision, how long a space re nished substance was filed bare, and wore mained to pass. But this proved impos- another polish now, one with itself, the sible. What present day or month it polish of its agony.

Circular lines at was she could not say. Time was her intervals cut all round this surface, dilabyrinth, in which Hunilla was entirely vided it into six panels of unequal length. lost.

In the first were scored the days, each And now follows

tenth one marked by a longer and deeper Against my own purposes a pause de


the second was scored for the numscends upon me here. One knows not ber of sea-fowl eggs for sustenance, picked whether nature doth not impose some se out from the rocky nests; the third, how crecy upon him who has been privy to many fish had been caught from the certain things. At least, it is to be shore; the fourth, how many small tordoubted whether it be good to blazon toises found inland; the fifth, how many such. If some books are deemed most days of sun; the sixth, of clouds; which baneful and their sale forbid, how then last, of the two, was the greater one. with deadlier facts, not dreams of doting Long night of busy numbering, misery's men ? Those whom books will hurt will mathematics, to weary her too-wakeful not be proof against events. Events, not soul to sleep; yet sleep for that was books, should be forbid. But in all things man sows upon the wind, which bloweth The panel of the days was deeply worn, just there whither it listeth ; for ill or the long tenth notches half effaced, as good man cannot know. Often ill comes alphabets of the blind. Ten thousand from the good, as good from ill.

times the longing widow had traced her When Hunilla

finger over the bamboo; dull flute, which Dire sight it is to see some silken beast played on, gave no sound; as if counting long dally with a golden lizard ere she de birds flown by in air, would hasten tor

More terrible, to see how feline toises creeping through the woods. Fate will sometimes dally with a human After the one hundred and eightieth soul, and by a nameless magic make it re day no further mark was seen; that last pulse one sane despair with another which one was the faintest, as the first the is but mad. Unwittingly I imp this cat- deepest. like thing, sporting with the heart of him “There were more days," said our Capwho reads; for if he feel not, he does read tain ; "many, many more; why did you in vain.

not go on and notch them too, Hunilla ?” -“The ship sails this day, to-day," at "Señor, ask me not.”



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