"Ten Thousand Chinese Things.": A Descriptive Catalogue of the Chinese Collection, Now Exhibiting at St. George's Place, Hyde Park Corner, London, with Condensed Accounts of the Genius, Government, History, Literature, Agriculture, Arts, Trade, Manners, Customs and Social Life of the People of the Celestial Empire

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第 110 頁 - When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice : but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.
第 155 頁 - When we turn from the ravings of the Zendavesta, or the Puranas, to the tone of sense and of business of this Chinese collection, we seem to be passing from darkness to light — from the drivellings of dotage to the exercise of an improved understanding : and redundant and minute as these laws are in many particulars, we scarcely know any European code that is at once so copious and so consistent, or that is nearly so free from intricacy, bigotry, and fiction.
第 43 頁 - Invites them forth to labour in the sun: Some lead their youth abroad, while some condense Their liquid store, and some in cells dispense : Some at the gate stand ready to receive The golden...
第 73 頁 - ... smile upon their countenance, too much under the influence of the drug to care for passing events, and fast merging to the wished-for consummation. The last scene in this tragic play is generally a room in the rear of the building, a species of dead-house, where lie stretched those who have passed into the state of insensibility the opiumsmoker madly seeks — an emblem of the long sleep to which he is blindly hurrying."* 360.
第 39 頁 - Whether or not pride and prodigality have had a place in my heart, springing up there unobserved ? Whether, from the length of time, I have become remiss in...
第 154 頁 - The most remarkable thing in this code is its great reasonableness, clearness, and consistency ; the business-like brevity and directness of the various provisions, and the plainness and moderation of the language in which they are expressed.
第 110 頁 - Unsullied poverty is always happy ; while impure wealth brings with it many sorrows." — " Petty distinctions are injurious to rectitude; quibbling words violate right reason.
第 70 頁 - There is a variety of amusing inscriptions on the scrolls hung up in the interior of some of the shops, which serve at the same time to mark the thrifty habits of the traders. A few specimens are subjoined : — " Gossiping and long jitting injure business." " Former customers have inspired caution — no credit given." " A small stream always flowing.
第 72 頁 - ... of the day are over, crowds of Chinese who seek these places to satisfy their depraved appetites. The rooms where they sit and smoke, are surrounded by wooden couches, with places for the head to rest upon, and generally a side room is devoted to gambling.
第 124 頁 - The lineal descendants of the deceased, clothed in coarse white cloth, with bandages of the same round their heads, sit weeping round the corpse on the ground, the women keeping up a dismal howl after the manner of the Irish.