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Vbt Offering of the Magi. Rev. John Todd, D.D., -
Preaching of John the Baptist. Mlc\H Asher. M.D,
The Sermon on the Monnt. Rev. John Todd, I' l'.. •
The Healing of the Leper. Rev. S. E. BRACE, -
Christ sending out the Apostles. Ret. John Todd,


Christ Curing One Sick of the Palsy. Dell Wilson,
Christ Healing the Demoniac. Ukv. Joan Todd, D.D.,
Christ and Nicodemus. Ret. John Todd. D.D.,
The Widow's Offering. Ret. Daniel March. -
Christ Feeding the File Thousand. Ret. Johsi

Todd, D.D, - - - - - 8

Christ Healing the Sick Man let down through the

Roof. Mrs. Elizadeth H. Bailet. - - S The Return ol'the Prodigal Son. Rev. John Todd, D D, S Christ Blessing Little Children. Ha:,n\h F. Gould, 8 Christ and the Pharisees. Ret. John Todd, D.D., - 6 Christ Foretelling the Destruction of the Temple.

Ret. John Todd, D.D., - - - - 15 The Woman Pouring Precious Ointment on Christ's

Head. James T. Janvier, - • -15-
The Keys of the Church. Rev. John Todd, D.D, - 151
The Widow or Nain. Mrs. J. L. Gray, - - 15!
The Ten Virgins. Rev. John Todd, D.D., - - 153
Christ at the Well. Chaeles W. Baird, - - 15S
The Annunciation. Rev. John Todd, D.D, - • 23C
The Shepherds Worshipping the Babe iu the Manger.

Ret. James Lewers, - 231
ChristCallingJamesand John. Ret. John Todd, D.D, 232
Christ's Baptism. Mrs. Louisa P. Hopkins, - • 234
The Parable of the Tares. Ret. John Todd, D.D., - 234
Christ Restoring the Ruler's Daughter to Life. Caro-
Line Mat, 235

Christ Putting to Silence the Priests and Elders.

Rkt. John Todd, D.D, - - - - 236 Christ's Message to John the Baptist. Ret. John

Todd, D.D., 295

The Woman of Canaan. Mrs. E. F. Ellett, - - 296
Christ Unhonoured by the Nazarenes. Ret. John
Todd, D.D, .....
The Lesson of the Lilies. Hannah F. Gould,
Peter Denying his Master. Rkt. John Todd, D.D., -
The Crucifixion. Ret. Rodert Datidso.n, D.D,
Christ Laid in the Tomb. Rev. John Todd, D.D, -
The House on the Rock. Rtv. John Todd, D.D,
The Transfiguration. Rev. D. March,
Christ Teaching who are his Mother and Sister and

Brother. Rev. John Todd, D.D,
The Parable of the Talents. Caroline May, -
Christ Dining with the Pharisee . Rev. John Todd,


Christ casting out the Dumb Spirit. James T. Jar.
Tier, ......

Christ Declaring who should be Greatest. Rev. John
Todd, D.D, .....


January, p. 54; February, p. 77; March, p. 149; April, p. 227; May, p. 291; June, p. 355. By Miss Henkiette A. Hadri.


Enigma for January, by Eliza L. Sproat, p. 16, solution, p. 139; Enigma for February, by Miss Sproat, p. 105, solutions by Mrs. Doer. Miss Mart A. Bancropt, and Estellr, p. 292, and by John Mackintire, and E. H. ChapMan, p. 287; Enigma for March, by Erastus W. EllsWorth, p. 209, solutions by Ella, J. W. B, op New OrLeans, Chaeles D. Gardettr, Ada Moeris, Mrs. Julia C.

R. Doer, H. Haert Browne, M s, and E. II. Chapman,

pp. 349, 350; Enigma for April, by Mr. Ellsworth, p. 240; Enigma for May, by Ernestine Fitzgerald, p. 304; Enigma for June, by Eliza L. Sproat, p. 308.


Amy, a Tale. Two Illustrationj. By Mrs. C. U.

Butler, - ID

Reminiscence of West Point. By Amy Lothrop, - 30
Two Faces under One Hood. Illustrated. By Mrs.

Emma C. Emrurt,

Biographical Anecdote. By Remrrandt Pealr,
Coincidences or Plagiarisms. By William Dowe,
Northern Lores and Legends, No. 1. By Fredrika
Bremer, ......

Governor Briggs, of Massachusetts. With a Portrait.

By J. Startwell, -
The Dark Side. By Mrs. Kirkund, -
Northern Loves and Legends, No. 2. By Fredrika
Bremer, ......

J* A Few Words about Tobacco. Illustrated. By John
Neal, ......

82 William aiid Mury Uowitt. With a Portrait By
Silverpen, -

The Wife's First Grief. With an Engraving. By
Joseph R. Chandler, ....

Napoleon and Prince Louis. With an Engraving.

By Reynrll Co\tes. M.D,
Lion Hunting. By Mrs. C M. Kirkland,
Loans. By Mrs. L. II. Sioourney, ...
The Dangerous Beauties. By F. Stolle,
The Passions. By D. H Barlow,
London Streets—Livery Servants. By Mas. C. M.
Kirkland, ------

Northern Loves and Legends, No. 3. By Fredrika
Bremer. ......

Worldly Religion. By D. H. Baelow,
Retribution A Tale. By Joseph William Bennett,
The Broken Promises By Mrs. Hughs,
Life and Writings of John Bunyan. Five Illustra-
tions. By Joseph Belcher, D.D,
Humphrey Jackmnn's Last Trip. ByREV.J. Arrott,
Horace Vernet. Two Illustrations. By Henriette
A. Hadrt, ......

Self-Esteem. By Champion Bissell, ...
The Arts of Design. Hy Propessor Mapes, -
The Old Bachelor in Prospective. By Isadel Jocelyn,
Northern Loves and Legends, No. 4. By Fredrika
Bremer, ......

The Disguised Frigate. By Chaeles J. Peterson, -
Hope. By D. H. Baelow, ....

The Ferry. A Western Sketch. By A Missionary,
Love. By D. H. Barlow, ....

Growing Old Gracefully. By Mrs. C M. Kirkland,
Aurora Borealis. By Caroline Cheserro,
The Aspen Tree. A Botanic Legend. From the
German. -

Serials and Continuations. By Champion Bissell, -
Old Maids. By Mrs. E. B. Hall,
Recent Corruptions of the English Language. By
Uneda, ... - -

Quartz Hill. Bv D. H. Baelow,
The Birthplace of Burns. By II. M. Field, -
A Visit to Moscow. By An American,
Imitation. By Champion Bissell,
The World's Fair. By Mrs. C. M. Kirkland,
The Mantuamaker. By Mrs. C. M. Stark, -
Premature Interments. By Geor.e Watterston,


American Authorship. By Champion Bissell,
Baker's Plays. By Chaeles G. Leland,
The Couchiug Lion, or a Night among the Green

Mountains. By John H. Rheyn.
True and False Nobility. A Tale. By Mrs. C. H.
Butler, ......

The Streets of Paris. By Mrs. Kirkland,

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The Seasons. With an Engravod Frontispiece. By

Erastus W. Ellsworth. ....
Literature and Art. With an Engraved Title-page.

By William P. Mulcrinock,
Brown Mantle. By Edith Mat,
My Son (Andrew M. Sigourney). By Mrs. L. H.

Sigournkt, - .....
The Blind Steed. Illustrated. By Rev. Chaeles T.

Brooks, ......

The Hoart and the World. By Augusta Browne,

Alone. By James H. Durand,

The Dream. Illustrated. By Mrs. Mart G. Hors

Pord, -
Jephtbah's Daughter. By James T. Janvier,
The Hunter's Song. Illustrated. By Alice Carey,
Milton.—A Sonnet. With an Engraving. By Anne
C. Lynch, ......

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The Ontter** Saturday Night Illustrated. By

Iuikert Davidson, D.D., - - - 51 The Mother and Child. With an Engraving. By

Mrs. Julia C. R. Dork, • - • - 56 The Pray'T of Marmaduke. A Ballad. By Mart

Iiowitt, - - 57

A Morning Song. By C. L. Whkler, - - - 97

Chant of the Dkriqs. By Uay\rd Taylor, - 98

To St. Valentine. By Erastuh W. Ellsworth, - 99 The Seasons. By Edith M At, - - - -99

The Bonnie Bairns. By L. Virhinia Smith, - - 104

A Sonnet. By Mart Spenskr Pease, - - - l05

Greeting to America. By Frkihuxa Bremer, - 117

The Poet's Prayer. By Cimii'iox lirssrLL, - - 1!7

The Resting Plane. By Marguiet Juxkix, - . 164 The Tower of Lahneck. A Paraphrase. Bv Editu

Mat, - - - - - - 175

Oh Visit Me in Dreams. By Miss E. W. Barxrs. - 170

A Chines Serenade. Illustrated. By R. II. Stoddard. !77

Snow Flakes. By II. W. Parkkr. - - - 189

A Song of the Desert. By Mas. Mart E. Hewitt, - l*!>

To the Unforgoiten. By T. Hempstead, . - 198

Judith and Holofernes. By Mus. Sarah T. Bolton, - 207 Our Little Brother. With an Engraving. By Mrs.

Sarah T. Bolton, - - - - - 208

Unrest. By Hrlen Baert, .... 2!0

The Token of Hope. By Sara II. Browxr, - - 227 The Mother's Cry. By This Author Op "tuk Broken

Bod," 237

Much Ado About Nothing. By Elizi L. Sproat, • 244 The Granite Block sent by the Swiss Government for

the Washington Monument. By William

Dowe, - - - - - - 244

Death of the British Brutus. A Dramatic Sketch.

By W. Gilmorp. Simms, - - - - 249 The Resurrection of Christ. With an Engraving.

By Cauolinr Mat, .... 262

To a Fallen Star. By Edward Pollock, - - 274 Rothcrmtd's Apotheosis of Labour. By William F.

Small, 277

Return nf a Victorious Armament to a Greek City.

With an Engraving. By Mrs. E. W. Townsend. 279

8ing to Me. Bv Sara II. Browxr, - - - 280

To Mi. By II. W. II.. 303

The Best Boon. By Mart Young, - - - 3!9

Advent of May. By Rev. Sidney Dter, - - 320

The Song ofthn Flirt. Bv II. T. Tlckerman, A.M., - 320 At Evening l ime it shall be Light. By Ret. a B.

Batch Rlder, - - - . 336

Hymn to the Alp*. By Mrs. E. C Kinxet, - - 378

The Fire from Heaven. By William Dowe, - - 300 Elijah Raising the Shunamilo's Son. By Carouse

Mat, 400


Come to the South. Words by Carpexter, music by

Perkinu, ------ 2

The Glrl Praying. From the German of Matthissox.

By J. S. Dwioht, - - - - - 134

Lay of the Imprisoned Huntsman. Words by WalTer Soott, music by Schurert, ... 216

Irene. From the German of !ipelossohh, by John S.

Dwtoht. Music by Franz Art, ... 281

Agatha. Words by John S. Dwioht, music by Franz

Art, 341

Ahl when thou art mine own. Love. Words translated from the German of Henri Heine by J. 8. Dwioht, music by Kuckex,


The Sentiment of Various Musical Composers. By

John S. Dwioht, - 132 Schubert's Songs—The Musical Season—Jenny Lind

—Opera—Classic Music. By John S. Dwioht, 213

Rossini. By John S. Dwioht. .... 282

The Muptcal Trinity. By John 9. Dwioht, - - 343

Music in Boston. By John S. Dwioht. - - 406


Floury's Picture nf Rembrandt Painting his Mother's

Portrait. By H. A. H., - - - - 71

Henry Klrke Brown, the Sculptor. By N.clrayrlaxc, 135

Ths Philadelphia Art Union. By John Sartun. - 138 Frith's Vtllage Merry-moking." and " Love's Light

Summer Cloud." By H. A. II., • - - 218 Wlnterhalter'a Picture of the Royal Family. By

H. A. II., 284

Ary ScheftYr s Weeper of Wirtemburg. By II. A. H., 344


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The Seasons. Illuminated Page. By DortirDor.T,


Literature and Art. Line. By Shaw, - Title-page.

The Mother's Pet. Mezzotint. By Sartain, - - 56

Preparing Moses for the Fair. Line. By Flemmino, 71

A Valentine. A Coloured Print. By Mcclrllah, • 73

William and Mary Howitt. Line. Bv Stepl, - 100

The Wife's first Grief. Mezzotint. By Butter, - 106

Napoleon and Prince Louis. Mezzotint. By Sartain, 109

love's Light Summer Cloud. Line. By Flemming, 145 Time Clipping thy Wings of Love. Mezzotint. By

Sartain, 218

Our Little Brother. Mezzotint. By Sartain, - 208

The Resurrect ion of Christ. Lino. By Johnson. - 262 Return of a Victorious Armament to a Greek City.

Line. By Graham, - 270

Isabel. Line. By Flamming, .... 2S9

The Weeper of Wirtemburg. Mezzotint. By SarTain, - - - - - 344

Elijah Raising the Shu nam He's Son. Line. By

Johnsox, ------ 400

Open Your Mouth and Shut Your Eyea. Mezzotint.

By Sartain, - - - - - 353

Lesbia. Line. By Flemmino, - 3o0

Tobit and the Angel. Line. By Johnson, - - 410 N.B.—The pages here given show where each Plate is to bo inserted in binding.


Scenes In The Lipe Op Christ.—January, Seven Illustrations, pp. 5-lt; February, Seven Illustrations, pp. 81-87; March, Six !llustrations, pp. 152-159; April, Six Illustrations, pp 230-236; May, Six Illustrations, pp. 295-301; Juno, Seven Illustrations, pp. 359-305.—Total, 39.

Lipe Op Max And Op The Year.—January, p i; February, p. 76; March, p. 148; April, p. 226; May, p. 290; June, p. 354.—Total, 6.

Enigmas.—January, p. 10; February, p. 105; March, p. 209; April, p. 240; May, p. 304; June, p. 368.—Total, 6.

Fashions.— January. Three Illustrations, p. 72 and cover; February, Two Illustrations, pp.143, 144; March, Four Illustrations, pp. 223, 224: April, Two Illustrations, p. 288; May, ,S-ven Illustrations, pp. 351, 352; June, Seven Illustrations, pp. 411, 412.—Total, 25. Rembrandt Palntins his Mother's Portrait, p. 4, Illustrating Art Notice, - - - 71 The Blind Steed. Illustrating Mr. Brooks's poem, - 17 Two Illustrations of Mrs. Butler's story of Amy, 19, 23 The Dream. Illustrating Mrs. Hereford's poem, - 32 Two Fares Under One Hood. Illustrating Mrs. Embury's story, - - - - 33 The Hunter's Sontr. Illustrating Miss Carey's poem, 40 Milton's House. Accompanying poem by Miss Lynch, 48 Portrait of Governor Briggs. With a Biographical

Sketch, 51

The Bonnie Bairns. With a poem by Miss L. Vir-
ginia Smith, ----- 104
The Smokers. Illustrating John Neal's article, - 03
Henry Kirke Browne, A Portrait, ... 135
Bas Relief on Mrs. Cozzens's Monument, - - 138
Village. Merry-makiug. Illustrating Art Notice on

Frith, 2!8

Chinese Serenade. Illustrating Mr. Stoddard's poem, 177 Scenes in the Life of John Bunyan. Five Illustrations, 19I-1P7

Horace Vernet. A Portrait, with a Biographical

Notice, 204

Judith and Holofernes. Illustrating article on Vernet, 20*i The Couching Lion. Two Illustrations, - - 37U

Total.—19 Plates, and 99 Woodents.

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