Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

M'Carty and Davis, 1860

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第 466 頁 - DEAR SIR, I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your letters of the 8th of January, and their duplicates.
第 384 頁 - The committee conceive it but justice to the commander in chief, to say, that, in their opinion, the failure of the late expedition can, in no respect, be imputed to his conduct, either at any time before or during the action...
第 102 頁 - No Christian shall be kept in bondslavery, villenage, or captivity, except such who shall be judged thereunto by authority, or such as willingly have sold or shall sell themselves...
第 29 頁 - decide all controversies according to the laws, customs and usages of Sweden.
第 489 頁 - ... furnace of the same capacity as the one above mentioned, was below Jones' Ferry, nearly opposite the Point, where other glass-houses now stand. Green glass was made at this factory, which went into operation in 1797. A memorandum was found among Gen'l O'Hara's papers, after his death, to this effect : " To-day we made the first bottle at the cost of thirty thousand dollars.
第 430 頁 - Dear Sir: I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 14th December last, which I have read with great interest and much satisfaction.
第 450 頁 - This will be one of the most solid, substantial wooden fortresses, •when finished, of any in the Western Territory. It is built of hewn timber, a perfect square, two stories high, with four blockhouses at the angles.
第 438 頁 - ... through the proper channels at no very distant day. I do not think there should be any newspaper notice of it yet. I will exert myself to the extent of my power for Linton if he will run. JOSEPH E. BROWN TO ALEXANDER H. STEPHENS. R. ExECUTIVE DEPARTMENT, MILLEDGEVILLE [GA.], Feby. 16th, 1863. DEAR SIR : I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your two letters, which I have read with much interest.
第 371 頁 - The poor militia, who were but three hundreds yards in front, had scarcely time to return a shot — they fled into our camp. The troops were under arms in an instant, and a smart fire from the front line met the enemy. It was but a few minutes, however, until the men were engaged in every quarter. The enemy from the front filed off to the right and left, and completely surrounded the camp, killed and cut off nearly all the guards, and approached close to the lines. They advanced from one tree, log,...
第 88 頁 - Kukarikonk," the name conferred upon the region by the Indians. It was erected by Governor Printz in 1643, and was the first water-mill built within the territory now embraced within the limits of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Printz, in his Report to the West India Company, Feb. 20, 1647, says ..." this place I have called Mondal, building there a water mill, working it the whole year along, to great advantage for the country, particularly as the windmill formerly here before I came, would...