The Pilgrim's Progress: From this World, to that which is to Come: The Third Part. ... To which is Added, The Life and Death of John Bunyan, Author of the First and Second Parts; ...

C. Hitch, and L. Hawes; W. Johnston; S. Crowder, and Comp; and J. Fuller jun., 1761 - 30页

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第115页 - t was the End of the World, fell upon his knees, and with up-lifted Hands towards
第3页 - This Word made him faint and fear, and yet it kindled a Fire in his Soul: That which made him fear was, left Chrift
第7页 - much changed, and would by his Good will hear none but the Tinker
第7页 - Two-pence to hold his Horfe, faying, He was refolved to hear the Tinker prate : And fo he went into the Church to hear him. But
第92页 - take place, and then afterwards that which is Spiritual. Whereas you take a quite
第7页 - believing, and to the receiving of the Truth in the Love thereof, through his Miniftry, to the Praife and Glory of God's Grace. One remarkable
第3页 - Heart. After this, a very great Storm of Temptation Fell upon him, whereof he had fome Warning
第73页 - the Soul is occupied in verbal Prayer, it often proves little
第92页 - on yonder Mountains. For they teach you to begin at the Wrong End, and laying afide the
第7页 - I cannot omit, and that is, That being to preach in a Church in a Country Village