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第 51 頁 - The rebel tribe, of which that vermin's one, Have now set forward and their course begun; And while that Prince's figure they deface, As they before had massacred his name, Durst their base fears but look him in the face, They'd use his person as they've...
第 225 頁 - It was originally intended only for a prologue to a play of the nature of the Tempest ; which is a tragedy mixed with opera, or a drama written in blank verse, adorned with scenes, machines, songs, and dances, so that the fable of it is all spoken and acted by the best of the comedians ; the other part of the entertainment to be performed by the same singers and dancers who are introduced in this present opera.
第 280 頁 - It is not very natural to suppose a king of Portugal would be borrowing thoughts out of Ovid's Metamorphoses when he talked even to those of his own court ; but to allude to these Roman fables when he talks to an Emperor of Barbary, seems very extraordinary. But observe how he defies him out of the classics, in the following lines : — , ,, Why didst not thou engage me man to man, And try the virtue of that Gorgon face To stare me into statue?
第 358 頁 - But observe how he defies him out of the classics in the following lines : Why didst thou not engage me man to man, And try the virtue of that Gorgon face To stare me into statue ? " Almeyda, at the same time, is more book-learned than Don Sebastian.
第 341 頁 - Dignity with ease and complacency, the gentleman and soldier, look agreeably blended in him. Modesty marks every line and feature of his face. Those...
第 338 頁 - Is not the bread thou eat'st, the robe thou wear'st, Thy wealth, and honours, all the pure indulgence Of him thou wouldst destroy?
第 419 頁 - Some strange reverse of fate must sure attend This vast profusion, this extravagance Of heaven, to bless me thus. 'Tis gold so pure, It cannot bear the stamp, without allay.
第 340 頁 - Mark her majestic fabric! — She's a temple, Sacred by birth, and built by hands divine; Her soul the deity that lodges there: Nor is the pile unworthy of the god. Or, to describe her in a softer style with Rowe, The bloom...
第 309 頁 - This easy fool must be my stale, set up To catch the people's eyes : He's tame and merciful ; Him I can manage, till I make him odious By some unpopular act ; and then dethrone him. Enter DORAX.
第 388 頁 - I shall conclude my remarks on his part with that poetical complaint of his being in love, and leave my reader to consider how prettily it would sound in the mouth of an emperor of Morocco. The god of love once more has shot his fires Into my soul, and my whole