The hall of Hellingsley 3 vols, 第 1 卷


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第 96 頁 - I know each lane, and every alley green, Dingle, or bushy dell, of this wild wood, And every bosky bourn from side to side, My daily walks and ancient neighbourhood...
第 106 頁 - T to view ; the fireplaces are large ; and the walls are wainscoted all round, to a certain height. From this great hall, at the upper end, in the corner on the left hand, are two passages ; one opening upon the terraces in the garden, inviting the guests to refresh themselves ; and the other leading to the grand staircase, and the principal apartments above.
第 106 頁 - ... concealed every where behind the hangings, so that the tapestry was to be lifted up to pass in and out ; only for convenience, there were great iron hooks (many of which are still in their places,) by means whereof it might occasionally be held back. The doors being thus concealed, nothing can be conceived more ill-fashioned than...
第 105 頁 - Hall must have been the great public dining-room, for no other apartment is sufficiently spacious for the purpose. At the upper end is a raised floor, where the table for the Lord and his principal guests was spread ; and on two sides is a gallery, supported on pillars. From the south-east corner is a passage leading to the great stair-case, formed of huge blocks of stone, rudely jointed ; at the top of which, on the right, is a large apartment...
第 206 頁 - She put her hand in her pocket and drew out a small blue bottle, which she put on the table. " It was for that,
第 105 頁 - The high turrets of this mansion stood proudly towering on a rock, in the midst of thick woods and in a beautiful situation, looking down on the river Wye, which winds along the valley at a great depth beneath. It has undergone,