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of-Merciless — Righteous.
ness of-Scales of-Virtue


--of All Things—Use of—a
Celestial Wing without
Wisdom ...

.....335-338 KNOWLEDGE OF SELF

Difficult-Importance of

the Prime Wisdom. .......338 KNOWLEDGE AND THINK


LEAVES—Whispering of ..346 LEISURE, Enjoyment of 347 LEISURE AND SOLITUDE 347


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LETHE, River

.347 LETTERS, Old-Treatment of -Use of


NESS, Distinction between 347 LIAR, a Coward-Reward of

.347, 348 LIARS, Character of Evil In

fluence of-Punishment of 349 LIBERTY, in Action-False

Application of-Aspirations
of-Civil-False-Genius of

Invincible - - Loss of
Love of — Necessity for —
Preservation of-Sweetness

of—True-Worship of 348, 349 LIBERTY AND SLAVERY 349 LIBRARY, Meditations on a 349 LIBRARIES, Treasures of Uses of

.350 LIE, A-Adaptability of a

Begets others-Definition of

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KINDNESS, Acts of-Appro

bation of-Consolations of
a Life-Duty-Fame of-of
the Heart-Qualities of -

Requital of-Value of......329 KING, Abdication of a-Ex

ample of a-as a Father-
Graces of 2-A Righteous

-ruleth Rightly · .330 KINGS, Anxieties of-Attri

butes of Burthens of -
Cares of-Five Special Cares
of Conduct of - Diadems
of-Divinity of-Duties of
--Example of-Faults of-
Flattery of-Impotence of
-Instability of-Loss of-
Miseries of - Neglect of-
Obligations of-Best Praise
of-Protestations of-Qual-
ities of-Rights of_Stability
of—Thoughts of_Trammels
of — Unhappiness of -

.331-333 KISS, A Devout...

.333 KISSES, Sweets of

333 KISSING (in Iceland), Custom

of-Delights of-Ecstasy of
- not a mere Expression-
Propriety of-a Mysterious

.......333-335 KNAVES, Smoothness of Worst of..

335 KNIGHT, A True

.335 KNOWLEDGE, Reasons for

Acquiring—Acquisition of
derived from Antiquity -
Aspirations after - Atten-
dant on--Benefits of-Bias
toward - Cultivation of
Desire of - Elementy of-
End of_Ends of-Enjoy-
ment of-Fluctuation of
Freedom of-of Head and
Heart-bestowed by Heaven
- Impartation of — Infinity
of-Man formed for-Plea-
sure of-Seeds of-Spiritual
-Superficiality of—Tree of



.338 LABOUR, Advantages of

Consecratedness of - Defi-
nition of-Earnestness of
promotive of Enjoyment-
Honourableness of-Inces-
sancy ofJoy in-Different
Kinds of — lightened by
Love-Necessity for-Per-
petuity of-Relaxation from
-Rest from-Utility of-in

Vain-Value of........339-341 LANDSCAPE, Beauties of the

– Depicted-An English-
An Interesting Moun-

........341 LANGUAGE, of the Eye-the

Depository of Truth .342 LARK, Habits of the - the

Messenger of Morn-Song
of the

..842 LAUGHTER, Causes

Characteristics of — physi.
cally Healthful - Different
Kinds of -- Loudness of
Unseasonable -- A Sudden
Vent of-Vulgar

.843, 344 LAW, Unjust Application of,

Dignity of - English and
Chinese Folly of Going to
-Inequality of-founded on

341 LAWS, Corrupt - of God

Restraining Influence of ..344 LAW AND USAGE..........344 LEADERS, Natural to Follow 344 LEARNING, Acquisition of

Benefits of-Deficiency of-
Emptiness of - End of -
nothing without Goodness
- with Holiness ig best-
Beneficial Influence of
Intention of-Absolute Ne-
cessity of-Overmuch-Pre-
tenders to-Right Use of
Use of—(Sacred) Use of 344-316

LIFE, Advance of- Affections

of — Different Ages of Aims of – Anxieties of Aspirations of-Early Associations of ---Autumn of Awfulness of-Business of Character in-Characteristics of - when Cheerful Christian-Close of-Consecration of-Decay of-Definition of - Duration of Just Employment of Grand Endof, Enjoyment of -Estimate of-Evanescence of-Evenness of-Evils ofVaried Experiences of — a Flower – Frailty of — A Fruitful -- Guides in-History of a--of the Homesteads -Ills of-Moral Influences of-an Interlude -- Length of-a Loan-(Pastoral) Love of-all & Mist - Making Most of-Objects of-Occupations of-Great Ocean of - First Part of-Pilgrimage of — Monitory Precepts of



Adviser of 1-Choice of a-
Description of a-Hope of a
-A Reserved

.379 LOVERS, Tongue of ........379 LOVE-TOKENS, Influence of -Lasting Spell of


Friends to- with Love -
Trials of—True


.880 LUCK, Good and Bad. ..380 LUST, Evil Effects of-Tran

siency of-Ungovernableness
of -- & Vice - Wantonness

..381 LUXURY, Evils of - Excess of

-Enervating Influence of

Slave of–Victories of......382 LYING, Supposed Apology for

Crime-Disgrace of-Gain
of-Trade of..............383

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of ........

-within the Present Protracted- Solemn Re ality-Recollection of-Re trospect of — and its Reward-Riddle of-Routine of-Bule of -- 3 ShadowShortness of-Well SpentStages of-Seven Stages of -Storms of-Stream ofSuccess in-Termination of -Trials of—True - Uncertaid_Value of–Vicissitudes of-Voyage of-Walk of Inconscious Waste of Weariness of Mingled Yarn

.....350-360 LIFE-ASSURANCE, Value of 360 LIFE AND DEATH

360 LIGHT, the First Creation

Definitions of-Ethereality
of-Offspring of Heaven-
Beautifying Influence of
Motive Power of-Purity
of-Spread of-Storing up


......361 LILY (Water), Beauties of the 362 LITERATI, Rewards of the ..362 LITERATURE, Advance of

Blessings of Definitions of
-English-Pleasures of -as
a Profession ..........

..362, 363 LIVING, Art of-in what it

Consists – in Deeds – too
High-in Moderation,Va-
rious Modes of

.363 LONDON, Description of-in

Jude-the common Resort 364
LOOKS, expressive of Anger-

Baleful-Change of-Cheer-
falness of-Dignity of-Dis-
contented-Eloquence of -
Espressive of Evil-expres-
sive of Grief-expressive of
Guilt-Influence of-Inten-
sity of-Majesty of-Wild-
Desa of.

..364, 365 LOQUACITY, Character of

Danger of— Siga of Va

nity-Torment of......365, 366 LOSSES, Enduring—Lessons derived from.....


LOVE, Activity of-for All

Ardour of-Attentions of
a Powerful Attraction -
Blessedness of-Bereaved-
Betrothed Causes of -
Characteristics of-Charms
of-Concealment of — Con-
centrated - Connubial
First Consciousness of -
Consolations of- Constancy
of-Cravings of-Definition
of-Degrees of-Demands of
Despair of-Difficulties of -
Disappointed-to the Diso-
bliging-Divinity of - Em-
blems of-End of- Equality
in--founded on Esteem
Estimation of-Eternity of
Evanescence of- Excess of
Expansibility of- Faithful
.-Filial-Flame of-cannot
be forced - Frenzy of-Heart
formed for-Hopefulness of
-Hour of —- Ideality of
Illicit – Immortality of —
Indications of — Delightful
Influence of

Influence of Transforming
Influence of-Inspiration of
-Intenseness of–Joys of -
is Life-a Second Life -
Lowliness of Marrying for

- Maternal — Mutability of
-Nobility of-Objects of -
Omnipresence ofat Part-
ing-Passion of-Paternal
-Permanency of--Perspica-
city of-Power of-Redeem-
ing Power of — Winning
Power of-Purity of-Reality
of-Revealing of - Science
of-Slighted - Song of-
Soul of-Disturbing Spirit
of-Strength of-Necessary
Subsistence of-Supremacy
of-Sympathy of—Timidity
of-True-Universality of -
- Virtuous-Winning-Wo-
man's Wonders


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MADNESS, Assumed-Causes

of-Character of-Horrors
of-Intensity of-Moody-
Pleasures of-Ravings of
Sources of-Symptoms of -
Test of

.383, 384 MAGICIAN, Power of the ....385 MAGICIANS, Spells of......385 MAGNET, The..

385 MAIDEN, Graceful

385 MAIDENS, attracted by Glare 385 MALICE, Treatment of-when

Wounding MALIGNITY, Evil Influence of...

385 MAN, Wonderful Anatomy of

- Assumptions of—a Wonderful Being-like a BookMoral Characteristics of Circumstances attendant on -affected by Climate--fitted for all Climates-Control of -Counterfeit of the Subject of Circumstance-Creation of—The Dangerousthe Framer of his own Destiny-Disinterestedness of Divinity of-Duty of-Happy End of-Enthusiasm of

- Faithless-Fallibility of True Freedom of the



.379 LOVELINESS, Appreciation

of-Completeness of LOVER, Adoration of a--Best



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GENIUS, Alliance of-Attri- GLUTTONY, Evils of-Physi

butes of- Communicative- cal Evils of-a disgusting ness of-Consciousness of Propensity...

249 requires Cultivation-Defi.

GOD, Adoration of-All in all nition of-Dicta of- Eccentricity of - Fertility of —

- Appeal to-the Fountain

of Beatitude--An Indian's Generosity of- a Gift - A Great- Haunts of - Calm

Conceptions of-Confidence Influence of-with Learning

in-Clemency of-the Crea

tor-Decrees of-Duty to--of Great Men-Mistakes

Eternity of-in Everything of-Divine Plan concerning

-Existence of-Argument - Different Qualities of

for the Existence of Nature Rarity of—without Religion -True-Wives of Men of

demonstrating the Existence Unconsciousness of .... 241-244

of-Necessity for the Exist

ence of Creation Glorifies GENIUS and CHARACTER..244 -Holiness of-Immutability GENIUS and HOME...... .244

of-Majesty and Justice of

-Kindness of-Living WithGENIUSES, Idolizing........214

out-the Creator of LightGENTILITY, Assumption of Love of Celestial Love of - with Virtue


- Universal Love of-BlessGENTLEMAN, Characteristics

edness of Loving--Beauty of of the - A Country -- An

the Name of—Omnipotence English -a rare Person

of-Omnipresence of-Om

niscience of-Presence ofQualifications of the-Requisites of the The True 245, 246

Loving Presence of-Protec

tion of - Providence of GENTLENESS..


Belief in the SuperintenGENTLENESS, Definition of dence of-Necessity for the

-in Greatness-the Divine Superintendence of-SupreSource of Greatness-Power macy of-Will of-Perfecof......

tion of the Works of-Wor

249-255 GENTLEWOMAN, Descrip

ship of...... tion of the........

.246 GODLINESS, Power of-Pro

mises of...... GEOLOGIST, Poet's View of

..255, 256 the


GOOD, when to be Done--in GEOLOGY and RELIGION. 247

Everything-from Evil ....256 GHOST, Hamlet's Address to

GOOD and EVIL, Operation of 256 the-Terror inspired by a..247 GOOD - BREEDING, AdvanGHOSTS, Fear of - Natural tages of-Caricatures of Fear of

.247 Manifestation of-Necessity GIFT, Manner of bestowing a

of-Objects of

............256 -Every Man hath received

GOOD-NATURE, the Gift of .248

Heaven-the Beauty of the GIFTS, when most Acceptable Mind-Qualities of........257 - freely Bestowed -ungra

GOODNESS, Acme of-known ciously Conferred-Failure

by Association --Awfulness of-Influence of-Useless

of-Characteristics of-ImProportionate Value of

mortality of–Joy resulting Valued

from-a Principle-Rewards GLORY, Characteristics of

..257, 258 Definitions of-Impartiality

GOOD NIGHT ... of-True

......258 GLUTTON, The-Character of GOSPEL, Grace of the-Glo

.248, 249


GRACEFULNESS, a Simile ..259
GRASSES, Uses of

259 GRATITUDE, Agreeableness

of-Aids to-Necessity of of Generous Poverty - too Profuse-Sweetness of-an Easy Virtue .....

..259, 260 GRAVE, The-Peaceful Asso

ciations of the-of the Beloved-of a Child-appears Distant- the Leveller of all Distinctions-the Lonelyan earthly Release-a Ser

mon to the Soul ......260, 261 GRAVE-DIGGER, The 261 GRAVITY, Dislike of - Laws of

-joined with Pleasantry ..261 GREATNESS, Anxieties of

Arrogance of-Cost of-a Curse-Disgust at-Duties of-Fall of-Goodness attendanton-Habits of-Human -Misfortunes of - Solemn Mockery of - Prerogative of -a Torment–True-Worth

261, 262 GREATNESS and MEAN

NESS, Distinction between 263 GRIEF, Anguish of- Avarice

of-Canker of-Depth ofEffects of-Eloquence of Excess of—The First-not to be Fostered-of the bleeding Heart-of the Young Heart-Heaviness of-Hon. ourable- Inconsolable-Intensity of -Internal - the Pensiveness of Joy

- not Lasting-difficult to Master -of a Bereaved MotherUniting Power of - Relief from-Secret — Sighs of Silent Solitude of the Voice of

of .....

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....... 248

rious Hope of the-Divine


the ..


GROTTO, A 265 HARMONY, Sweetness of....275 HEREAFTER, Man's Pleasure

in the Great

.283 GEILT, Betrayal of-Conseious. HARVEST, Description of....275 ness of-Cowardice of-De

HASTE, necessary at Times . .275 HERMIT, Habits of the filement of — Excess of

Gloomy Solitude of the ....283 HASTE and RASHNESS ....275 Fate of— Fears arising from

HERO, Character of the-the -Fury of-Manifestation of HATE, Characteristics of

Master-spirit – Triumph of -of Mind-Operations of Definition of-of Enemies.. 276


283, 284 Paags of — Presence of

HATRED, Characteristics of Progressiveness of - Punish

HEROISM, Characteristics of 284

Cruelty of - Excess of to ment of-Reproaches of

the Injured-Misery of-of

HIGHLANDS, Feelings InShamelessness of -in SickRelations—Violence of ....276

spired by the

..284 Dess-the Source of Sorrow HATS, Inconvenience of-Stu

HISTORIAN, Province of the 284, - First Step in-Terrors of -Timorousness of - Unhappidity of Modern.... 276 HISTORY, Advantages of

Imperfection of — Know. piness of .... 265-267 HAYMAKING, Description of 277

ledge of— Different Phases GYMNASTICS, Benefits deHEAD, The Human.... ..277

of-Province of-a Register rived from....


HEALTH, Blessings of-Care -Study of_Value and Use HA and AH! Difference be

of—Enjoyment of–Exercise of-Wisdom of.. ....284-286 twist.

necessary to-the Object of

HOLIDAY, in the Country

Life-& Joy of NatureHABIT, Porce of-a Law of

The First

296 Neglect of-the Greatest of Haman Nature-Persistency

Possessions - Preservation

HOLINESS, Blessings of-Deof Plague-Power of.... 267 of-Fastidious Preservation

finition of - Glory of - a HABITS, must be Conquered of-not to be purchased- Singularity

297 - Contraction of — Forma- Thankfulness for -- seldom HOMAGE, Paying

297 tion of - Importance of - Understood-Value of 277, 278 HOME, Affections of-AssociaVicions ....


tions of-Comfort necessary HAIR, The-Curious Fashions

Benefit of adhering to ....278

in a-Conduct at-Happiregarding-A Lock of 268, 269 HEART, The Broken-Chords

ness of—The Happy-InfluHAIRS, Grey—(Grey) Warning

ence of-Love of -devoid of of the-A Dauntless-Deof.... ...269

Love-of the Working Man

ceptiveness of the-Desires HAND, The-Functions of the

-Thine Own-Pleasures of of the-Falsehood of the

287-289 -Physiognomy of the 269, 270


Seen of God - A GoodHANDS (Shaking) - Various Government of the A Kind


HOMES, of England Modesof....

.270 -of a Wise Man-Nobility HONESTY, with Beauty HANDWRITING, Character

of the Sensations of the

Becomingness of — Characin-Nationality of ..... .271 Wonderful Structure of the teristics of-Doubtfulness of HAPPINESS, Characteristics

-Trial of the ........278, 279 -the best Interest-Nobility of-Cheerfulness necessary

HEAVEN, Blessedness of - of – always Preferable to Common Definitions

Brightness of-the Celestial Scarcity of-Signs of-Unof-Dependency of-of Doing City-Description of— Floral

affected- Want of ....289, 290 - Darability of — False mblem of-The Gates of - HONEY

.290 Forbearance necessary to

Glories of-the House of HONOUR, Assumption of a is Harmony with God-MO- God - Happiness of - Joys

good Brooch-Career of nad Influence of-Inlets to

of-Music of-Raptures of Characteristics of - DefiniIntellectual - the Means of - Recognition in – Song

tion of-Dignity of-False -of Others—Perfection of


.... 279-282

-Flimsiness of — Different – associated with right HEAVENS, Nature's System Kinds of-Loss of-ObligaPrinciples-Return of-Se- of Divinity - Pleasure of tion of-Personal-Pride of cret of - in the Village- Surveying the

282 -Qualities of --Sacredness synonymous with Virtue HEAVEN and EARTH. ..282

of — True — Value of - of Ways to ..............

HELL, Definition of

Woman-Worship of..290, 291


Abode of Demons-Descrip

HONOURS, Achieved - MisChoice of

tion of-Despair of-Horrors application of

292 HARLOT, Deadly Influence of of - Punishment in — Tor- HOPE, without Action-Ad

275 ments of-A Vision of 282, 283 vantage of-like the Wing


[blocks in formation]

HUNTING, Caution in-Forest

Music-Salubrious Pleasures
of .....

298 HUSBAND, Affection of aExcellencies of a

298 HYPOCRISY, Atrocity of-of

the Countenance-Danger of -Insinuations of-Looks of --of Love-Personation of -Saint-like-Servility of Speciousness of- Fiend-like Spirit of --of Vice-Villany of.

..299, 900 HYPOCRITE, Indignation

roused by the-Plausibility
of the-Detestable Spirit of
the-Villany of the-Worth-

lessness of the.. HYPOCRITES, the Devil's

Drudges the Devil's

.300, 301 HYSTERICS





sation despised - Treatment




of an Angel-Awakening of

Beauty of the Chief Blessing Blossoms of Characteristics of-Confidence in--Deceitfulness ofEnlargement of - Expectations of-Fallacy of-Flattery of-Inspiring Influence of-Sustaining Influence of -Loss of the only Medicine --Powers of--Radiancy of a joyful Ray-Reliance onSolace of-a Staff-Strength of-Swiftness of-Treachery of-Uncertainty of--Proper Use of — Wreck of

....292-294 HORROR, Effects of-Picture of......

294 HOSPITALITY, Ancient-De

finition of-of the Heart-
Invitation to of the Yeo-

.....294, 295 HOURS, Definition of-Virgin Divinities

......295 HOUSE, in Chancery (loquitur)

--Furniture of a-Haunted
-Owner an Ornament to the

-and surrounding Scenery 295 HOUSEWIFE, An Industrious 295 HOUSEWIFERY, the Study of Woman

.295 HUMAN NATURE, Charac.

teristics of-Corruption of
-Divineness of—Rational
- Treatment of

.296 HUMANITY, Definition ofDivinity of

296 HUMILITY, Advantages of

Characteristics of - Free
from Danger-& Fragrant
Flower-a Frail Flower
Hypocrisy of — Great Im-
portance of-leads to Im.
provement-our first Lesson
-associated with Love -
Merit of-Necessity for-
Pre-eminence of — always
Safe -- Summit of-True-

Virtue of-in Works . 296, 297 HUMOUR, False and True

Faults of -Good-guided by

Judgment-Pathos of. ....297 HUNGER, an Impulse to La

bour-Management of the Mother of Impatience......298

IDEA, Evoking an - Recur

rence of an-A Sublime
Vagueness of an

301 IDEAL, The

301 IDEALITY-Culture of ......301 IDLENESS, Deceit of-Dis

tress of-Effects of Evils
of— Folly of-neither Plea-
sure nor Pain-Results of -
Sin of-the Nurse of Sin-a
Sleep - travels Slowly –

Troubles of ..... .302, 303 IDOLATRY, Destruction of

Helplessness of-of Service 303 IDOLS, of the Heathen ......303 IGNORANCE, Danger of-Era

dication of- Pride of Learn-
ing-a Spiritual Poison-
Surprise caused by-Un-
teachableness of- Violence
of .

........303 ILLNESS, Recovery from ....303 ILLS, Ascribing of.

..303 ILLUSION, of the Mind.. ..303 IMAGINATION, accompanied

by Action-Activity of the
Divine Attribute of the
Characteristics of - Crea-
tions of the-not Expressible

of the--super-
seded by Reason-Shadows
of the


IMPLACABILITY, Characteristic of ...


.807 IMPRECATIONS, of Despair 307 IMPRESSIONS, Art of Ma

king IMPRISONMENT, Consola

tion in-Expenses of .307 IMPROVEMENT, Alteration

an aid to-Moral ..........307 IMPROVIDENCE, Characteristics of

..................307 IMPUDENCE, How to avoid

- Characteristics of the

Effect of Ignorance........367 IMPULSE, Religious 307 INACTION, Curse on-Evil of -Horrors of.......

308 INCIVILITY, Pride of-Rudeness of.........

308 INCONSTANCY, Error of

Littleness of-of Man INDECISION, Corrupting In

fluence of INDEPENDENCE, Glory of

Inculcated the Result of

.309 INDIFFERENCE, to false

Accusation-to Beauty 308, 309 INDIGESTION, Evils of ..309 INDISCRETION, Mischief of 309



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