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第 562 頁 - At the conclusion of the trial the judge who tried the petition shall determine whether the member whose return or election is complained of, or any and what other person, was duly returned or elected, or whether the election was void...
第 562 頁 - The House of Commons, on being informed by the Speaker of such Certificate and Report or Reports, if any, shall order the same to be entered in their Journals, and shall give the necessary Directions for confirming or altering the Return, or for issuing a Writ for a new Election, or for carrying the Determination into execution, as Circumstances may require.
第 812 頁 - The directors may, with the sanction of a special resolution of the Company previously given in general meeting, increase its capital by the issue of new shares, such aggregate increase to be of such amount and to be divided into shares of such respective amounts, as the Company in general meeting directs, or, if no direction is given, as the directors think expedient.
第 846 頁 - Resolved that this House will to-morrow resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House to consider of the state of the american union.
第 668 頁 - ... Number and Extent of such Electoral Districts, and the Number of Members to be elected for each District, regard shall be had to the Number of Electors within the same, so that the Number of Members to be assigned to any One District may bear to the whole Number of the Members of the said Council, as nearly as may be, the same Proportion as the Number of Electors within such District shall bear to the whole Number of Electors within the Limits of the Province.
第 624 頁 - ... shall not relate to any prior act of bankruptcy, unless it be that at the time of committing such prior act the bankrupt was indebted to some creditor or creditors in a sum or sums sufficient to support a petition in bankruptcy, and unless such debt or debts are still remaining due at the time of the adjudication.
第 553 頁 - In such a case a question is first put, that the words proposed to be omitted, stand part of the proposed amendment.
第 885 頁 - Dillwyn to move that the bill be read a second time " this day six months
第 v 頁 - Hon. Thomas, Otago. Grace, Hon. Morgan Stanislaus, Wellington. Gray, Hon. Ernest, Canterbury. Hart, Hon. Robert , Wellington. Henderson, Hon. Thomas, Auckland. Holmes, Hon. Mathew, Otago. Johnson, Hon. George Randall, Wellington. Johnston, Hon. John, Wellington. Kenny, Hon. William Henry, Auckland (died August 17).
第 562 頁 - ... which determination shall be final between the parties to all intents and purposes...